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Happy Neko

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i found this it really cute i just had to put it up AWW so kawaii!!
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Looks like my OC. :3
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:iconohmygoskjackfrost: Look at this!
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your friend Morgiesgotitgood introduced me to this, and I think she is absolutely adorable, may i have your permission to draw her?
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Hey, don't we look similar? Hello, cutie *pets her*
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SO F**KING CUTE!!!!!!!
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It's actually a dog-girl from a gal game.  :3 
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I've seen this character around the internet
What game is it?
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Oh, she's from this game right here:…

I've never actually played it, but I've had this icon for a reaaaally long time and some friends of mine in a chat told me where it came from.  ^-^  She is a pretty cute inu-girl.  :3
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Thank you! Very helpful, I've been wondering for ages heh.
And she is. I prefer dog girls than neko ones hahaha
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Yeah, I never knew until my friends told me. XD  I tend to like Inus more than Nekos as well. :3  Although, both have their cute side!
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Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3  Happy Neko Happy Neko Happy Neko Happy Neko Happy Neko emocion Rolling La New Avatar 
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promishon to youze it as an avatar.... pwease... Pwease :pwease: Puppy Eyes 
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way cute monkey thank you so much for creating this
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You shouldnt post things that arent your in your DA account, its against the rules of the website. You can stick a link in your journal or artist comments if you just want to share the cuteness, but it shouldnt go in your gallery. :)

If it stays up, someone will eventually report it.
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its so cute i wish i could use that as a emote con or can you?
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