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Hi there!

I thought I would drop in to give an update on everything. I finished the uni semester a few weeks ago which I am very relieved about, as I don't have much time for anything other than work during those 12 weeks. It's nice to be able to relax and make art again. :D I have a lot of art piece ideas as well as photoshoots I would like to do, but I only have so much and time and energy, so hopefully I can achieve at least a few of these. ^^

The weekend before last, I also attended Melbourne OzComiccon! I'll be slowly posting photos that we took over the next few months (to ensure I don't spam you all). Here's a selfie from the con though!~

My beautiful Nozomi is @ Myaru who you can find on Tumblr, or @keiarona on Instagram. <3

Our next plans for the future conventions are almost together! We cosplay together so most of our plans compliment the other. I can't wait! :D


In other news, you might have noticed that I have a straaange new logo on most of the artworks I post.

What's this all about? Well, as I study design and hope to be some form of designer, it's kind of a given that I have my own 'brand', and with that a page for people to find me! So now I have a Facebook page where I post photography, design work and a bit of artwork too.

I'd really love it if you followed me over there, but no pressure. ~Here is the link~ 


I hope to have something a bit more thrilling to talk about in the near future, so stay tuned. DeviantART appears to be very dead compared to when I last frequented the site many years ago, but I'll do my best to revive it with my whole 5 active followers. :')

Bye! <3
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Submitted on
June 20, 2016