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Hi there!

I thought I would drop in to give an update on everything. I finished the uni semester a few weeks ago which I am very relieved about, as I don't have much time for anything other than work during those 12 weeks. It's nice to be able to relax and make art again. :D I have a lot of art piece ideas as well as photoshoots I would like to do, but I only have so much and time and energy, so hopefully I can achieve at least a few of these. ^^

The weekend before last, I also attended Melbourne OzComiccon! I'll be slowly posting photos that we took over the next few months (to ensure I don't spam you all). Here's a selfie from the con though!~

My beautiful Nozomi is @ Myaru who you can find on Tumblr, or @keiarona on Instagram. <3

Our next plans for the future conventions are almost together! We cosplay together so most of our plans compliment the other. I can't wait! :D


In other news, you might have noticed that I have a straaange new logo on most of the artworks I post.

What's this all about? Well, as I study design and hope to be some form of designer, it's kind of a given that I have my own 'brand', and with that a page for people to find me! So now I have a Facebook page where I post photography, design work and a bit of artwork too.

I'd really love it if you followed me over there, but no pressure. ~Here is the link~ 


I hope to have something a bit more thrilling to talk about in the near future, so stay tuned. DeviantART appears to be very dead compared to when I last frequented the site many years ago, but I'll do my best to revive it with my whole 5 active followers. :')

Bye! <3
Hi there!

On the 29th of April, I celebrated my 20th birthday. I'm no longer a teenager, it feels so weird to think about that, haha. :D

To celebrate my birthday, I had a picnic yesterday (30th) with a few close friends in the botanical gardens. We ate lots of snacks, saw lots of good doggos, and played some intense Uno. It was such a lovely and relaxing day to catch up with friends and chat endlessly - we are all pretty busy people but I'm so happy that we were able to come together. ^^

Here's a picture of my outfit from the picnic - I also wore a similar print on my actual birthday, but only managed to get a mirror selfie. :P I'm wearing Bodyline's Fancois Polkadot JSK. Sadly I could not find the original Innocent World one in time, but at least I can touch all the dogs in this one without fear of damaging a more pricey item. :)

I think my fondest memory of being a teenager was, in fact, the good old days of me being a cheerful 14-15-16 yearold who spent so much time on DeviantART and drawing endlessly every day. Tragically, my commitment to education meant I did leave that behind, but I'm still glad that drawing still means a lot to me even though it is not in essence the path I have exactly taken in life (design is in fact just suffering and typography ;n; ). I'll still keep drawing regardless, and maybe even pursue my dream of tabling at a convention in the near future. Till that day comes though, I'll keep working hard. ;v;

Thank-you all so much for your kind birthday wishes, they mean a lot to me! <3 Life can only go upwards from here. :D

- Bonnie-Jane
Hi there!

My my, has it been a while! I've made a few failed attempts to come back here but now I think I'll do better. I believe most of my many followers have since left this website too, but I sometimes come back here to look at my old art and get so emotional about how dedicated I was, so I can't leave this behind just yet! ;A;

A few life updates as I have done a lot since 2012, which appears to me the last time I did a lot on this site:

- I finished high school in 2014.
- My photography work was exhibited in the National Gallery of Victoria, which I might upload some time soon as it has probably been the biggest achievement of my life to be in a gallery next to incredibly renowned artists! *U*
- I do photography, something I picked up only a few years ago and instantly fell in love with! <3
- I am now studying Communication Design in University. I begin my second year next week.
- Although I haven't had basically any time to pursue personal art adventures, I really do want to do my best to get back into art for myself. That's why I've been filling a sketchbook with a drawing a day since December, hoping to get back to where my skills left me back when I was like 16 ;ww; I still love drawing, don't get me wrong! I just focused a lot on my studies because I wanted to do really well in education~

I also don't really go by this username on my other social medias anymore, however for memories sake I can't bring myself to change it despite the capabilities to. 
I have a lot of new features on this site to catch up on, but I'm confident that with my new motivation to do things for myself that I can make this happen.
If any of my old-time friends still frequent the site, I'd love to stay in contact with you, even if we have many years to catch up on slowlllyyyyy~

Let's make this happen! It's been 4 years but we can do it! :D

Take care, and keep your eyes peeled!
- Bonnie-Jane

Hey! + Melbourne Supanova!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 6, 2013, 10:17 PM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Tumblr

Yo yo yo

It's been a while hey? How are you all, I hope you're all well. (:
SORRY for being dead on here for a million months, I'm super lazy and busy all at the same time [and I reside on tumblr much more because I'm really slow to draw things, so I feel bad lurking around here with nothing to show for it. Ehh

Anyway I am attending Melbourne's Supanova Festival next weekend [13th and 14th of April]! I would love love LOVE to meet up with anyone if you're coming!!!!!! I will be going for both days as the following:
Saturday: Meulin Leijon from Homestuck.

I'll be most likely walking around with my radical Kurloz just in case there are like 50 Meulins ahah~

Sunday: Aradia Megido [Alive] from Homestuck.

Once again if there are many of them, I will be the one with a Sollux (:

SO PLEASE COME SAY HELLO if you're coming, just tell me who you are and who you'll be cosplaying and I'll keep a lookout for you too uVu ♥

I'm super duper pumped ahhhhhh~

ANYWAY not much more to say, but I promise I'll be a

Bye 4 now! ♥

Skin created by (c) r0se-designs

Manifest 2012 is here [almost] !!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:42 AM
I will indeed be attending Manifest this year on Saturday!! Yay! I'm so excited and have been counting down the days for a long time. Now that we're at 2 days left I thought it would be smart to make some notice about it. (:

Since I do not have a table this year it might be a little difficult for anybody to find me, however I will most likely be with a relatively large group of Homestuck cosplayers, and if not thennnn I will not be far :'D
I will be cosplaying as Roxy Lalonde from Homestuck: ROXY Lalonde by Kiki-Myaki (I drew her at the start of the year yiss)
Because that proooobably isn't very helpful, here's a little photoset of when I did a test for her a while back:

I have a lot more little details added nowadays however it gives you the basic idea~

Please don't be afraid to come up to me and say hello, I love to make new friends ♥ I'll be more than welcome to give you hugs and cuddles or whatever floats your boat :3c

I hope to see you there! If you tell me who you're going as I will try to keep a lookout for you too [though I'm really bad at finding people usually SIGH];;


I think the hardest part about art...

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2012, 5:30 AM coming up with a title.

That's all I had to say, carry on my precious babies ♥

For your information

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 5, 2012, 10:03 PM

My Kiriban is literally one pageview away.


EDIT: Too late I caught it myself. (:

I guess I'll hold another one in the future, yes?

Hahahahahahaha what is being active

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 18, 2012, 1:26 AM

Haven't written a journal for EVER so I thought why not do one now while I'm achieving a grand total of NOTHING. (:
Finished my exams the week before last, did really well so I'm super happy! Yay!!!!! :heart:
Also got my sister's husband's old iPhone 3GS since he got the iPhone 4 or something like that, yeahhhh. SCOOOOOORE!!!! :'D It's so so so so cooooool, I just love to hold it and look important at school uhuhuhuhu~

Comiccon is in less than two weeks, and I'm so pumped!!!! I'll be attending on Saturday as God Tier Nepeta. Although her canon design is not released I'm creating it myself since it should be fun, yeah! ♥
I've got the makeup + wig but everything else is just either not even started or half done or bought and in need of editing, BUT I am sure if I just spend all my life on it I can get it done. TuT Having major problems finding a shirt the right colour for it though, anybody got suggestions on where to buy one? :C ?

School has been hectic not only with schoolwork but with other people's stupidity, immaturity and common belief that if you aren't as pretty as someone else or if you're a bigger flirt you obviously are not right in a situation and should shut the hell up. ._.
Like seriously, what?

BUT it's cool, I'm pretty sweet all up here <3
That's not what my tumblr says OOPS

OKAY GOSH Let me tell you about my German Penpal I have through school and how absolutely ADORABLE she is and her english ubububububu~
She is probably so ashamed by my German that she cries for nights on end but I TRY HARD and hope she undersTANDS WELPP;;
But for my exam I got the same score as the really really smart boy who, whenever the teacher asks a question, he's always answering with perfect German sentences and blhbliblahbliblah~~ MAYBE just MAYBE I'm smarter than I thought...


AND YEAH I don't really know how to write proper journals anymore because WHAT IS JOURNAL WRITING and how does one talk about emotions and upcoming events without just keyboard smashing in hopes that the reader understands everything you are trying to portray?
HOW? This is totally all over the place and totally does not contribute to your life in the slightest, really really.

Okay I'm done :heart:

All this name-changing mischief...

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2012, 8:54 PM
I personally think it's a great idea. (: A lot of people switch accounts because of their username not being what they want it to be, so this should hopefully stop a lot of that.

I'm not going to change my username though, I'm known as Kiki and always will be. I'm much too attached to this name, even though it probably does sound a bit weabooish ;p So don't worry about me and name changingness, because won't happen for a long time, if at all. (: I don't really have any other name that attracts to me other than Bonniviwii, but that's just stupid and more personal anyway ouo

I guess I'm going to have a lot of trouble working out who some of you people are, since half of the deviantART population has changed their name...this is going to be like when people change their url on Tumblr for me...OTL

OKAY that's my opinion. Ollies Outie~

Melbourne Supanova!! C:

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 12, 2012, 6:25 AM
Hello everyone, I hope you've been doing well <333

Melbournes' Supanova festival begins tomorrow! :party:
I'm extremely excited, I can't believe it's finally made its' way here~ I didn't think I'd be able to make it but it seems everything has moved itself out of the way and made room for it~

I'll be attending on Saturday as Rose Lalonde w/ her scarf (It's probably going to be cold so it's not just for looks! :D):

If you are attending on Saturday, I would love to know who you are so if I see you I can come over and say hello if for some reason I get over my fear of socialising to others ehh;;

If you see me don't be afraid to introduce yourself! I'd love to chat with you and make friends~ (:

Well this was a short journal, but I just wanted to get it out there that I am indeed going and to see if anybody else out there is coming too.

Bye for now! :wave:

Let the holidays begin! + Heavy Webcam amusement

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 31, 2012, 3:32 AM

How have you all been? I hope you are well! <3

Bonnie is finally on school holidays, yay!
I have been eagerly awaiting them since the first week of Term One . . . /terrible student OTL/  I'm so glad they finally made it. :3

I haven't achieved very much yet, however that is to be expected since I'm a lazy piece of shi- it's only the first day, of course. <:
However, to be fair, yesterday I attended my sisters' wedding! Oh my goodness it was absolutely incredibleee eeeee~ We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful, stunning day. :heart: Pictures next journal uhuhu~
I was her one and only Bridesmaid, as we only had 10 guests including the bride + groom [His mother, father, sister and uncle, plus my mother, father, auntie and myself]. :3 Since the location was very far away there we decided it was best for only a small, intimate wedding to be held. :nod:
The location was absolutely magnificent, I wish I lived there;; :love:

OKAY I'll save the fdaklsfjsdgjfdl about that till my next journal <3

Today I also finally got myself Facebook. After many long discussions with my parents who are totally against it, they agreed to let me have it (under guidelines such as: telling them if I get bullied, adding my sister, and being in the living room when using it only) :) I really understand nothing about it whatsoever, however I guess I will learn slowly as time progresses. :meow:
OH MY GOODNESS I had the most fun ever trying to take pictures! Along with me pulling stupid faces myself, my webcam program has all of these incredible effects, so of course I chose to take advantage of them. >:'DD

I swear I am a normal, sane person. I warned you.

Started off being normal and actually attenting to get a good shot, however . . .


. . . then I realised you could put yourself in different sceneries . . .


Okay, a normal pic so you don't think I'm permanently that ugly looking

Every time I go through these photos, I crack up so so so much. My mum laughed too so it MUST be funny! . . .or not.

Okay enough photos, I am never ever posting this many at a time ever again. I'm sure you would prefer normal pictures in the future anyway!! :lol:

And yeah, I chose a very normal-appearing photo out of all of them. C: I am sure I would have none of my friends accept my requests if I had one of these. XD

ANYWAY I am certain your judgemental mind is questioning whether to unwatch me and through your laptop into a burning pit of fire in order to erase your memory of this particular journal, and that is fine, however, you can not say you haven't done this before. Or never will. You can't. Not


And yeah. Goodbye! <33333

An entry~

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2012, 11:50 PM

So yeah, I decided that it would be indeed wise to make a new journal entry since I promised to not only be artistically active but also socially active. (:

What's happened recently in life? Ummmmm . . . /think time/
Okay, I started school on February 2nd, explaining the long-ish period of time between each piece of art;; Not much has happened since then, other than homework, homework, and oh what's that? HOMEWORK. OTL
I strongly believe that teachers have this strange idea that we have absolutely no lives whatsoever, giving us sufficient time to do all this work.



It's not like that.


Okay, well I'm quite certain I'm actually overreacting, as I know for fact that all of my friends doing scientificy subjects and alike have ten thousand tons more. >U<
I honestly WOULD have chosen to do Chemistry and gotten that much homework too, BUT Chemistry was paired with Physics, and thats, um, kind of math-related, and we all know my feelings towards mathematical-related things: Just because I'm good at it, it doesn't mean I like it.:U

Ohhhkay I don't know where this journal is going anymore, so following the tradition I created last entry have some photos from a few weeks ago of me loving my Munna plushie my awesome friend theknical bought for me for Christmas!! :33
(sorry for weird wavy hair dropping, it was really curly in the morning however my hair just loves being straight and stupid >.>)

Oh! And I got a note from a lovely person asking to see the plushies in the background!! <3 Conveniently, someone asked about them on Tumblr, so I shall copy+paste the image here~

I swear I have a life and am not 3 years old. ._.

OKAY I SHALL STOP BEING A PHOTO WHORE NOW thank-you thank-you thank-you for reading this pointlessness. (:

Returned *BIG journal, read if you love me!*

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2012, 3:23 AM

Gosh I feel so awkward being on DeviantART for more than 2 minutes a day.

If you didn't notice (I don't blame you if you didn't) I have been extremely anti-social on dA for many months. If I count correctly, from the start of September all the way to now has been a big hole of *nothing* from me. I really really REALLY apologise for that! TAT

Yeah, so what's your excuse for this, silly girl?!
Eeek, umm, welllllll, I kind of needed to get some space from here.

What kind of space? Do you hate us all secretly? >:U
OH MY WHAT- NO. I love you all very muuuuuch, and I really sacrificed so many friendships on here for my own selfish needs, I'm so sorry! ;A;

Honestly, I was finding that drawing was becoming more of a task rather than something I did for fun. It was consuming so much of my life (including precious study time 8A8). I just felt that I really needed a break from it all since it also frustrated me when I couldn't draw something. Plus the neverending list of owed art just put me off and stole any motivation, in any, I managed to gather. . .
It also kinda felt like I was obliged to post art every few days or so, reply to all my messages, comment, fav, be social, etc, when really I just wanted to get through things at my own pace :C
Plus with irl drama constantly bothering me there was just no end to this feeling of "WHAT DO I DO NOW?!?!" ಥ_ಥ Since I am the type of person who doesn't stop thinking or worrying about things all that was on my mind was a big soup filled with "You need to finish this!" "You need to talk to that person!" "You need to be a better friend!" "You need to do that assignment!" "DO ALL THE THINGS!!!" etc etc~
My mind never seemed to rest! QAQ

A real person (you, hopefully!) knows that this was definitely not healthy. It certainly took me a while to realise, however once I did I knew what I had to do.

That is why I had to disappear.

There was no longer enough time in the day to fulfil every expectation. I had to cut back on something, and one thing was certain: It wasn't going to be my homework. :\

So yah.

Yeah, okay, so what did you do in the months you were gone?
I'll make a giant list right here to fill you in: (not in any order)
♥Went to Manifest 2011 ♥Disappeared off the face of the planet ♥ Caught up in Homestuck ♥Did endless amounts of homework ♥Did endless amounts of assignment and assessment tasks ♥Got a new phone ♥Deco-ed that phone to death ♥allowed my Lolita wardrobe to GROW ♥Studied for exams ♥Passed all exams! ♥EVEN MATHS ♥Had a party by myself for passing maths ♥Got married ♥Lied about getting married :b ♥Visited Nursing homes and Dementia Daycares and talked to the kind elderly people there ♥Got kissed on the cheek by a sweet old lady who mistook me for her great granddaughter! XD ♥Made a scrapbook about me and a 48 page storybook about Dementia to show the people. (: ♥Visited a Hungarian Citizens club ♥Witnessed the most amazing reaction from a group of Hungarian people when they found out I was part Hungarian ♥Ate lots of yummy foods ♥Fought with friends ♥Regained friends ♥fought again ♥forgave (stupidly) again :\ ♥Got 2 awards (howdidthishappen) ♥My name in the newsletter whuuuut:… ♥ Completed Year 9! 8DD ♥Got food poisoning ♥Right before Christmas! ♥My christmas wish was to be better for Christmas day~ ♥It came true! ♥Got a 3DS Weeee~ ♥Got a Laptop, however it wasn't an X-mas presents, rather a necessity as my old computer was blue-screen-of-deathing ♥Went to my friend Claire's house, however she did not warn me there were going to be water balloons . . . ended up like a dead soak sewer rat . . . ♥Visited her house another time to say goodbye to Xenoccultus who is currently overseas ♥Achieved many successful things at her house such as this:… ♥Yes there is a 4th person under both beanbags . . . ♥ Probably drank over 30 cans of Chrysanthemum Tea over the whole time I was away ♥ Bought a lot of stuff ♥Got so excited when it was finally Summer ♥Waited for it to get hotter ♥And waited . . . ♥And waited . . . ♥And watched the rain while snuggled in 50435943 blankets . . . ♥Committed suicide over the fact that it was freezing in the middle of SUMMER ♥Realised today was actually nice weather! ♥Over the whole time I was gone felt so guilty that I was gone ♥Drew stuff ♥Ate stuff ♥Drank tea ♥LIVED. <3

Yeah, there is probably so much more but I suffer from this disease called I-dont-actually-care-because-I-tried-to-remember-as-much-as-I-can-so-be-happy-you-selfish-troll-itis. (:

Excuse me, I have one last question! I saw you were actually kinda active on other sites such as Tumblr and Twitter. What's your excuse this time? :b
Well, I do admit, I was still fairly active on both of those sites, especially Tumblr. However, let me put it this way:
Which of the following would you prefer to wake up to finding? This:

Or something a little less threatening like this:

Yeah, if you were thinking correctly you would have chosen the non Photoshopped one the one without a billion messages. :b
I found it almost...threatening to look at all my dA messages. I honestly just wasn't in the mood to spend my time looking through all of those instead of just being able to enjoy art and photography like I should have been. It was nice to sit back. C:

But, I did come back right? That is all that matters, right? Now I can be happy AND active, as well as fully energised and ready to start drawing more again~


Okay...I had something I know you needed to explain but now I forgot.

Yus. This is the part were you can say hello!, ask me anything, punish me, etc etc~ I will take any of these with pride! 8D I'll try my best to reply in a reasonable amount of time <3

Okay, time to depart now! This surprisingly took like an hour and a bit to write out, geeeeeeez;;  
If you got this far in the journal, CONGRATULATIONS! Have this silly group of photos I made for my friend of me and my Chrysanthemum Tea :giggle: The straw wasn't working (or rather, the person operating it wasn't . . .) and she wanted to see what happened to my face in the process of me getting it working (Ignore derpy faces and messy room, I was sleepyyyy~) We even added captions!
"Look! It's my tea!"

"Can't wait to have my first si-"


. . . And then I realised I accidentally got a straw with a cut in the side.

So then I enjoyed my tea happily.

The end~

Okay, I warned you that it was ridiculous. And I was derpy. I WARNED YOU.

*Crawls off to hole*

Hiatusness~ *A*

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 31, 2011, 9:00 PM

H-hullo!! ouo ♥

If you haven't noticed, Bonnie has been very inactive for the past few months. :C
Unfortunately this is going to continue until late December...

Why? Because I have exams coming up! And also I've forgotten how to colour sooo I have like 50345398534 linearts and owed art wips lingering around in my files...

I promise I will come back with art though, really!! <33

Bye Bye for now, I'll see you when I come back next~ ♥

P.S: Maths must burn <:

Hello to my new watchers!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 6, 2011, 12:23 AM

H-hello!! ouo ♥

Eeeeee, thank-you all very much for watching me! <3 As much as I'd like to thank you all individually there were a whole 31 of you and I just don't have enough tiiiiime to do so TnT;;

I hope you like my future artwork (if you can call it that OTL) and to chat to you soon! :>


Whoawhoawhoa thanks so much for the incredible response of love to my MEIKO drawing, it's much appreciated! ^^ I never expected this to happen, oh gosh!! XD

Thanks again ;U; ***<3

Manifest in 7 days + Hiatus ene,,

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 20, 2011, 4:09 AM

Manifest! 8D

Ufufufuuuuuu, Manifest is in 7 days time! I'm so exciteddddd!!! :iconspazzdanceplz:
I've done the finishing touches to my Rin Kagamine costume, shoes and wig. Now I'm all set and very ready for the amazing day to come next Saturday! ouo!!

Will you be attending? I /thiiiiink/ I've done a journal about this before, but now I'd like to confirm it~ Don't be afraid to tap me on the shoulder and say hello if you see me, I don't bite XD
I also mentioned that I'll be wearing this:… backpack so you'll be able to tell me apart from the other Rins. ^^ I know there are a few other people coming as Rin so I want to make your job easier~

Unfortunately my mother only gave me permission to order contacts last week, but I chose against getting them as I knoooooow they won't come in time unless I spend $597833745439573 on express postage..>.> So please do not mind my lovely BROWN eyes. ;o; Also note I gave up on fake eyelashes b/c my eyelids are folded when I close my eyes and it makes it so hard to put them on. /cries/
BUT I DO NOT CARE, I don't think I have the patience to be checking that they aren't falling off every few minutes *A* I'm a lazy person, you know. :giggle:

Ohhhh, did I mention that I'm only going on Saturday? D: I'm realllllllly sorry from the bottom of my heart to everyone who asked if I was going on Sunday, but unfortunately that's impossible for me to do. ;n; I will need Sunday to Play more DS with Elana (:iconsalacberry:)after sleeping at her house that night rest. 8'D and do homework as that's all my life has been for the past 2 months. TnT

I hope to see you there! As  for those who either can't make it Saturday or can't make it at all, I wish to meet you another time maybe!! When I'm older and rich and can spend money on going to other states/countries. *nods*

Hiatus!! ;A;

ene;; Unfortunately due to the fact that school is taking over my life I am on hiatus until further notice. :< I'm sorry if it takes so long for messages to be answered but I don't get time like I used to.

And yeah...

That's all I have to say, really. ^^; Hope to talk to you soon! Auf wiedersehen! ♥

Haven't updated forever b/c I am dead :

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 14, 2011, 2:44 AM

Oh gosh, haven't written a journal in agesssss~ I have no time for anything nowadays *even though it's school holidays TnT*
How are you all? I hope like is treating you well. :> I am currently working on a personal piece, plus the other art I owe, however that may be a bit late as I have a lot to do right now. /sulks/

I'm currently only lurking on DeviantART, so replying to comments and posting is at a minimum for the time being. ;n;
I have to finish my 'Melbourne' art canvas. Basically it is supposed to show some aspect of Melbourne. I've highlighted basically the attractions, beaches, ocean, celebration stuff and transport, but It's so hard to stay motivated when you're forced to make it look artistic skills are very opposite, haha. ^ ^

The rest of my canvas group have nice ideas, such as the tree with all of the different...things hanging off the branches and the little tophat man walking past. XD I thought that was pretty cute. *U*


ALSO My order from Bodyline with black-kitti, Salacberry and Bounceyflaaffy came about a week ago. I LOVE EVERYTHING 8DDD!!
Plus I've ordered my Rin Kagamine wig for Manifest and it should arrive in about 3 weeks latest. :> If it doesn't I have the full Satoko cosplay and wig ready as backup. But only if it gets to that stage, which it shouldn't. Moemall Cosplay looked trustworthy and they were really kind and helpful when I was asking them questions about where pick-up was available and if they did Bank Deposit (which they did as the owner of the site lives in Australia 8D). Even though they had an Ebay account my mum chose to do it through their website because it was easier to...whatever my mum said. :>
Oh! Here is a picture of the wig:…
Unfortunately, the amazing headset doesn't come with this, but that is to be expected. ^^

A-And why do I end up talking about totally uninteresting stuff? OTL

Oh yes...Are you coming to Manifest?
I would just looooove to meet you if you are! C8 Comment and tell me who/if you are cosplaying so I can hunt you down. >:3 Or of course you can hunt me down~ I'll be wearing this backpack:… (the fluffy sleeping thing. It is a backpack *U*)
Also ignore messy desk, I never clean it. XD
I also have some fake eyelashes I bought at Daiso. Tempted to try them but I will save that for closer to the date. <:

P.S. Only attending Saturday, sorry about that. ^^;

asdkhdsakdhksa whatelsewhatelsewhatelseeeeeeeee eneeeee;;;...
Only 3 more days of holidays then school starts. *A*!! I haven't really achieved much but Idk, it was more of a relaxing holidays, not drawing. :nod:
I'm actually pretty glad school is starting again because I miss my friends and classmates. :< Just I hope the teachers lay back on the hw...>.>

dflkjskaldjfkdl-whatelsetotype-ldfksfjsldfdjsfldsjf- I think I should go now before I fall behind in life again~
Good night! ♥

At this very moment, I am crying QAQ

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2011, 5:49 AM
...ANOHANA, WHY ARE YOU SO SADDDDDDDDDDDD?!?!?! :iconcryforeverplz:
I haven't cried for such a long time, and now I have tears all down my cheeks and on my pj's. QAQ;;
I didn't even THINK I was going to cry but MY GOSH it was too intense and I just can't believe it's overrrrr TnT /sobbbbbbs/

S-s-s-so can I have a virtual hug please? *clings to*

But srly, how can any person create something so sad? It's worse than the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game!! *I cried at the end of that OTL*

/runs away sobbing eyes out/

A-A-and my 100,000 Kiriban is around 1,000 away, you can catch it if you want but RIGHT NOW I'M CRYING so yeah. QAQ

Some exam results~ QAQ

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 16, 2011, 5:24 AM
H-Hallo!! ♥

I had a topsy-turvy day today, but I won't explain, it's too weird, hehe. XD

Anyway, I got my results back for 3 of my Exams! 8DDDDD
For my Art exam I got a 9, which means somewhere in the nineties (90%+) ;3;
I'm so happy about that, I only wrote like three lines for the essay (seriously, there wasn't enough time) so she must have taken that into account when she was markig.
I LOVE YOU MS. HILL!!! *huggles art teacher*
For my Humanities I got waaaaay more than I expected~ 91%!! :iconhappyblueplz:
She also took off the last 25 marks because nobody actually got to them. O.o;;
Oh, and on Tuesday I got my science results, 90% OOH YEAHHHHHHHH~ :party:

My good day ended about there.

My maths teacher told me just before I started my English exam that I did terribly in my Maths exam.
She said that it was very close to 45%. just a bit over.
I was nearly ready to burst into tears!! It's still a pass, but by what, 3 or 4%?!?!?! She said it gets rounded up to a 5, meaning it was over 47%, but GOSH, I'VE NEVER GOTTEN SO LOW EVER.


The second lowest I've ever gotten in a test is 60%. NEVER IN THE FORTIESSSSS!! ;n;
So yeah, it just proves I suck at Maths so badly. So. Badly.
She said that if I want to remain in High-Achievers (a class for smart people *why am I in it lol*) I have to really improve next term OR ELSE. >:U

I'm pretty sure that I'd be the one that chooses to move down before she tells me to. Seriously.

I've just found that her teaching is very...pushy, and she expects you to know what to do as soon as she says it.
I'm more of the type that likes to do it a few times, go over it, and do ONE exercise of it. Not FIVE, ONE.

Anyway, I haven't failed a test in class so that should show something. :>

I hope she sees in my report that for every subject, EVERY SUBJECT, I get 9's and 10's for everything, and that Maths is just a flukey-dodgy subject of mine. >.>

//sorry for ranting, it's just really annoying knowing you suck at maths so badly that it hurts. OTL

Hackers everywhere, and how I fell for it *A*

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 15, 2011, 5:26 AM

Firstly, read this:…

Secondly, if you clicked a link from a journal like that, change your password immediately!! ;A;
You would have seen I was hacked and 2 of those type journals were posted. O.o If you clicked one of those change your password please! ene

It might look like an innocent thing to check out, but MY GOD IT ISNTTTTTTTT QAQ
I clicked it because my friend posted a journal about it she usually posts links to funny pictures and stuff.
I was a littttttle suspicious of the link being "bestbuy" or "easybuy" or something dodgy, and my suspicions were right. eAe

...So now my password is like 50235890348255698069680596980 characters long, (even though it doesn't matter how long the password is :<) just in case they try to get in again. <3

So yeah, I'd type more but I'm freaking the crap out here lol. D8
I'm happy that it was only like a spam hack one and not just one person trying to get into my account. That would like, kill me. orz;;

And so the message of today's journal: