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ehehehe sorry for leavin you all in the dark ^^;
idk how many of you have noticed yet but im not all that great with keeping up with multiple accounts x3x on that note i feel i should let you all know that im WAY more active on tumblr than i am here nowadays o:
ill still try to upload stuff here! i mean.. i really should be trying to upload stuff here.. i think ill do a few later today?? we'll see

anywaaay, uh, update, i guess?
my christmas vaca with ash was super hella nice!! i also recently visited her a second time back in july, it was so awesome ;u; still workin on that whole movin out thing tho, gettin a little sluggish on that, but thats no ones fault but my own so yea

outside of that theres... not.. really.. anything else?? uhm..
yea my life is very boring

SO, im reopening my commissions!

here’s the deal guys, atm i have one single goal, to have a super special hella awesome christmas, the best christmas ive had in years, theres just one thing i need to get to make it great:

it would be the very first time we’d meet in person and im very excited at the thought of seeing her. this has been a plan for a very very long time now, but its always been a very difficult task for me to save up money, mainly because i get used for my money by my parents. this is whats been holding me back from being able to do this any time sooner. but thankfully ive finally been able to find a way to do this without them touching any of my income.

if things go according to plan, ill have the money for the ticket by november, a little bit of extra spending money to use while there, and extra left over to help me save up to move out and eventually live with her.

**UPDATE- i managed to buy my ticket guys! im goin to cali ;u; thank you so much <33 all i need now is some spending money :'D

Now about the commissions

  • The sketch will look like these, full body sketches of whatever character you want.
  • single character sketches will be, as stated before, $10
  • extra characters will cost an extra $5
  • commissions will be posted on tumblr and deviantart unless stated otherwise

I will be willing to draw ocs and/or fanart (this includes humans, furries, and animals)

things i will not draw include: backgrounds, nsfw/nude art, gore, and mecha or anything along those lines

Heres how things will work:

  • i will be doing every batch as they come, once everything is provided for the commission it will be finished within a week
  • once i fill up and finish an entire batch of 10 they will be closed for one day, i will continue work the day after reopening
  • First come, First serve, I will not reserve slots
  • once commissioned i would appreciate reference within 24 hours
  • character limit is 2 characters
  • please do not email me unless you’re planning on getting an actual commission and you’re ready to pay within the next 24 hours, i get confused very easy. if you have questions but do not wish an immediate commission you can shoot me a message on tumblr or deviantart. you are still very welcome to ask about your commission via email
  • i will only accept paypal (information will be given via email)
  • If you do plan on commissioning me please follow this handy little guide when sending me money! I dont want to get into trouble with paypal! o:
  • when you do pay me it would be awesome to let me know when the money is sent, i will get back to you if there were any issues with your payment, but please make sure you pay correctly
  • payments will be checked at the end of the day


  1. TAKEN
  2. TAKEN
  3. TAKEN
  4. TAKEN
  5. TAKEN
  6. TAKEN
  7. TAKEN
  8. TAKEN
  9. TAKEN
  10. TAKEN

If you wish to commission me please contact me at





  • colored coms will be $20
  • extra characters cost the same as before
  • same rules apply

This is going to be my last batch before headin out!

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yoyoyoyo whats up peeps
its been a while since ive updated with you guys huh x3x for those who follow me on tumblr you mightve noticed that ive been a LOT more active over there than i have been here, sorry bout that guys! its just that... deviantarts kindaaa not that appealing anymore, like, physically, im still not a big fan of the updates theyve made to this website tbh, but meh, i still wanna keep up with you guys so ill deal

SO, first things first, COMMISSIONERS!
for those of you still waiting i just wanna say i am so sorry about it, but i am currently in the process of finishing them up, so keep an eye on your emails! once i rap them all up im gonna post em, then afterwards im gonna post the other pictures ive made these past few months theyre all gravity falls
i also plan on reopening them soon so keep an eye out for that if you want a commission as well, but im in the process of switching banks on my paypal so i need to fix that before i do anything

sooooooo yeah, i cant really think of anything else to mention

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doin more fanart
painted fanart
of this guy:
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here, as promised, a speedpaint UuU

*back online now*
WIP picture
doin a nice ttb pic, and im gonna be painting it like i did with the latest tony pic i posted c:
ALSO i'm going to be recording it, hopefully for an upcoming speedpaint maybe??

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hiya peeps, long time no see ;u;
so, if you havent noticed by now, i have no internet
still have no internet, im just at my friends house
i dont really know exactly when im getting my internet back, my parents are saying ill get it back by the end of the month but after telling me these things for like a month and a half now i dont know what to believe u.u heres hoping i get it soon

in the mean time i havent really been doing much at all. my house is just beyond boring
ive done some stuff though, came up with a few characters and more backstories to some of my current ones. i think when i get everything back im going to post a doodle dump or something, ive doodled quite a bit. speakin of posting stuff, ive got i think 3 pics to post when i get back, as well as the finished coms i have. also i have a couple of speedpaints to post too >uo

so, uh, i guess thats it? like i said i havent really done too much, whether be drawing or otherwise. my life is just boring u3u

i guess ill see you guys when i get my internet back, till then, bye c:

also this da update looks... strange. guess ive gotta get used to it tho, oh well

'Nother stream *ofline

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 6:53 PM

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in honor of all the pnf things goin on today, im gonna do another steram c:
specifically im going to be doin pnf related stuff xD

so come on in and join c:
(k im back guys)

please note, im gonna be off at around 10 mountain time cause i told a friend of mine id watch the star wars things with him and then he also wants to watch another movie afterwards so yea

ill probably start up again later on in the night and do some late night streaming again though
probably around midnight ish

(im just gonna be doodlin stuff cause i dont really know what to draw)

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some late night streaming

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 1:49 AM

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lets see how many of you guys are up and willin to watch me doodle shit

right now im drawin some ttb

and if im still awake when i finish ill probs doodle shit

on a side note

i need to make a new journal skin

you guys have waited a long time for this and i am glad to announce that it is finally here!! 


:star:RULE: You can only ask questions to the characters that are available for asks.

:star:You need to read the story in the two posts you first see before wishing to ask questions. Sometimes, we'll have themes so it's important that you check those themes. This one is Perry's Intro Story.

:star:Check the link on the page afterwards for which characters are available, and then the other link for the list of characters that will be rotating.

in other news my commissions are also open and i might be out next week cause im getting my wisdom teeth taken out *shutter*
yoo, thanks to everyone who sent me b-day wishes and gifts! it was awesome :'D im 18 now man omg im so old
so, my bday was actually super fun >u< i spent most of my sunday and monday hangin out with my bff and thats always awesome xD
we watched like 3 hours worth of Death Note on sunday, then on monday we went to go see the new captain america movie and it was beyond perfect sweetjesus, had some ice cream cake, and then i had to take her home. i got myself about $40 from what my bro and parents gave me it was pretty cool o: and I FINALLY GOT A TALKING PERRY PLUSH OMG ITS SO CUTE IVE BEEN WANTING THE THING FOR LIKE 2 YEARS NOW. EVERY TIME I HAD MONEY TO BUY THE THING IT WASNT SHELVED BUT THIS TIME IT WAS AND IT WAS A TRUE MIRACLE
the cashiers also overheard my mom mention "birthday money" so they gave me a crown thats too small for my head and a pin with "happy birthday serina" on it lol
it so cute xD

so in all i didnt really do too much on my bday but it was super fun nevertheless and i had a fantastic day c:

i guess onto other matters now xD
my graduation is pretty much in the bag c: i just have to make sure i do well enough on my eng 4 final so that i dont fail cause that would suck x-x though i think where my current grade stands that my lowest standard on the test is pretty low xD
i graduate on the 11th and dear lord thats so close omg its literally 2 weeks from tomorrow O.O

in other news, my plannin for w.o.c is going well c: at the moment im just working on developing on the characters though xD gettings backstories and personalities down and such.
the most development so far has been on a certain 2 brothers individuals that are going to be the backbone of the entire story. as in, they're the whole reason why the story exists. this is going to be so much fun when i get the story down pat and started eue you guys might be in for a surprise >u> 
i am really, REALLY, hoping that this is going to be my final attempt at this story, ive never gotten this much progress for it done on my own before so its looking really good, lets just hope that my developments help when i get to the actual story telling xD

so yeah
i suppose thats about it o3o
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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:47 PM

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haha free premium day, sweet~! :'D
gotta get meh bbys up there hehe
even tho
my style
has kinda
a lot
not too mention the fact that my bbys changed too

i love this skin and imma put it up here cB
 im gonna look into gettin a premium sometime soon tho cause i miss all the nice stuff x-x
i should really get on with the WoC stuff also
theyre kinda collectin dust lol

so since im doin this i should probs talk about stuff

A) im so close to gradutating that i can taste it ASKJFHDSKJH im freakin excited and also scared cause, ya know, ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES.
otherwise im mostly excited >u< im gonna be receivin my gown tomorrow and we're scheduled to graduate around the 11th of June so ye
also this means im getting a lot of school work x_x so if i dont draw anything for long periods of time thats most likely why
ha i still remember when i was spazzin to you guys about gettin out of middle school and onto high school xD lol wow

B) As you guys have probably noticed by now im on a pnf kick again xD mostly with me and ash's next gen bahbies aaaahhh
also: does anyone know the freakin airing schedule for new pnf eps because i cant remember it for shit like srsly i wanna watch it again so bad but i cant catch it on tv anymore and i just AUGH I WANNA WATCH IT IN GLORIOUS HD

C) heads up, once i graduate imma probs start to pummel you guys with commission announcements because imma need the money and stuff and for once in my life ill use my own paypal and my parents wont take my damn money
*rant warning*

they expect me to save my money for shit even though they end up taking almOST ALL OF MY DAMN COMMISSION MONEY
like really
they'll threaten to kick me out if i dont give them any money but i know they wont have the heart to do it

but whatever
so yeah be ready for that
and since i'll be out of school ill get my coms done a lot faster and i wont have any excuse
unless my computer dies or something but ill let you guys know if that happens of course
*knocks on wood*

D) im turnin 18 soon eue haha weee

thats all there is to say on the matter

so uh

PEACE Peace 

time for me to get desperate for money haha
ive been like, getting completely psyched about all the sweet loot that whatpumpkins been offering, but the namco high game that released today with davesprite in it has just blown my top *A*
AND my drawing drive has been sparked up again! ironically its because of my finals xD

Commission info can be viewed here ->

same rules apply as last time, so ya c:
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so like
im trying to be more active here haha
my life though hasnt really changed to much, theres nothing that im willing to spill out to you guys so ya o3o

as you all can tell, atleastihope, ive been changing my characters up

this means ive put my w.o.c comic once again on the back-burner so that i can remake it once more and add another attempt to my ever growing list. the story so far wont change, there will just be updated pages. the prologue will still be in black and white, and every page afterwards will be colored. im debating on shading, but its possible all it will accomplish would be making my part more tedious xAx
unless i manage to come up with a good story line on my own, it wont change, the only prob is that my writer has been increasingly busy with her own life and i havent had much of a chance to talk with her, much less talk with her about the story.. SO until we get back on track with that i can promise up to about 40 pages, then if nothing changes until then, the story will be put on hiatus once more. because really thats all the story i have right now o3o

small bytes is still going to be a thing though regardless, those characters havent gone through any changes other than an update on style haha
as i said long ago, i do plan on making stories for them, not one as long as w.o.c, but just several short stories. ive already come up with a few ideas but i have yet to really make anything xD i want to come up with an introduction story first before i start anything. i do have stories planned that i want to put in at certain intervals though, so keep that in mind i guess, ill be making more stories to go before the 2 i have planned to happen on their story lines c:
my plans for SB are to make parallel stories for each comic, one following the antics of Nano and Kiki, and another to follow along with Tiffany and Greg, ill try to make them in a way where both stories would have the same central themes. it might be a little hard, but ill find a way to manage it. SB will probably become a thing whenever i put w.o.c on hiatus, just to be something to have in the background i suppose c:

these babies are my pride and joy so i can promise you all that you will actually manage to see the ending of woc some day and what i have planned to follow after, as well as getting the chance to see the sb kiddos be dorks 'n shit lol

so ya
those are my plans c:
hope you all like them o:

aside from those, ill be trying to get more art to you guys since i actually kinda feel like my art block is lifting a little YAY my motivation for a lot of things still needs some work though xD i have plenty of stuff to show you all in my sketchbook..s but i havent felt like fussing too much with my complicatedly stupid scanner xAx
anyways ya there you guys go
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im just gonna
get that depressing journal off
btw, we got my dogs ashes back so now she's back home and sitting in the living room

anyway, i think im going to finally have time to work on my commissions, for real this time like legit im workin on them right now
this year just hasnt been my year, way too many depressing moments and difficulties all over the place, i cant wait for this year to be over and i cant wait to graduate omg
everythings just stressful and shit gah

also, my creativety and motivational levels are at an all time low and have been for a few months now and this really freakin sucks
and i learned its cause of my house OTL
like, i dont have the privilege to move around the furniture in my room, the way my room looks right now is how it has looked since i was 6 like no joke.
and then im at school or a friends house and im just goin crazy with ideas and want to draw so bad but i cant do anything major cause y'know
its school

when i do draw though ive realized that ive gotten more fond of drawing on paper so i think im going to be doing traditional pencil-work on my pics for a while after my coms are finished up with. i would do some traditional coloring too but i dont have anything good to color with U-U

so ya
theres hows my lifes been pretty much
school and stress x~x
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i appologize for not being as active as i promised to be
i've just been really stressed

i lost my oldest dog yesterday and its really hard to adjust to her not being here anymore
i think my other dogs are starting to realize that she's not coming home too

so yeah, haven't had the best week, hopefully though ill get everything that i need done, done this weekend
thats my goal anyway

so ya, just thought i'd update you guys

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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 16, 2013, 4:11 PM

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i  forgot to tell everyone
that i was gone for the week

cause i went to cali
oh god it was FUN
we did a whole bunch of stuff and then i got sore ha

but im back now, and im running on like
2 hours of bad sleep that i got in the car ksjdfnksjdfnvsdt
but i have to wait until its like 9 ish so that i can get my sleeping schedule in order for school

aside from my loopiness right now
i feel freakin awesome
and ready to draw~
well sorta, ill draw when i get sleep cause my minds going wacko on me
so that means im gonna try to get shit done this week
because damn i havent been doin shit lately

anyway yeah
it looks like im losin my membership in time for school too xDD
eh, thats what i get for being a lazy ass

did i mention that i go back to school next week
well yeah i do
which is partially the reason why im gonna try to get shit done this week and crap



i feel like
making a new journal skin
since i got me some new
artistic skillz braj

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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 4, 2013, 4:08 AM

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so as you might have noticed by now
i have not been here as often as i used to
i've been over on my tumblr xD

my imagination and motivation has run dry
it's like the freakin sahara desert up in there
and i dont know why

and it sucks srs balls
im tryin to get serious shit done though its just
i dont wanna draw much of anythin anymore

anyway, my summer has been boring as shit
i did a few fun things though
i think like, the second week of summer, me and a couple of friends tried doin that 24 hr comic thing
and we made a dire mistake
we started at midnight
of course that didnt last very long we managed to power though until like 10 am and we all just kinda conked out
it was fun though
id consider posting what i did but the longer we stayed up the crappier the story got so yeah, no, that ain't happenin

i also spent the day with them last week, it was really fun, we went to the zoo and shit o:
and then i somehow buised myself when we were playing frisbee???
idk how it happened i just kinda found the thing later that night
it was really weird
but whatever shit like that happens a lot xD

and lets see
oh yeah
there was summer school
i almost completely forgot

that was the shit
the first time i go to summer school and we used freakin ipads and went outside and made a garden and shit
holy damn it was fun
i suppose the only downside was the fact i didnt get the classes i wanted for it and instead got the class i was hoping to retake during school but whatevs it didnt change much
all it did was make my senior year 10 times harder
im going to die

i also got into Attack on Titan and Free!
ya know
those 2 new animes that came out?
i never expected to like a fanservice anime like free so much
but i mean come on those guys are freakin sexy
haha what who said that

i'd draw fan art but i cant give the characters justice U-U
and then theres the whole imagination and motivation shit goin on so yeah

i found the acoustic ep of midsummer station that owl city released
aaah omg these songs im in love

i suppose that's all for now

now i shall continue to bitch slap this mosquito flying around
cause im too lazy to bother killing it

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