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*~Fall to the Finish~* -speedpaint-

By kiki-kit
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this was what that practice was for

expect a speedpaint soon, it is currently in the making here it is~

took me nearly 15 straight hours so finish (all recorded, and all streamed)
and it was so worth the pain ;u;
god im so proud of this
few screwups here and there, and the background is rather lazy (but of course by that time i had already done, what, 13 hours of shading? lol), but i don't care, i love this

enjoy this rather summery pic for december

I'm totes open for critiques guys
Ties that Bind [c] KicsterAsh and Me
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© 2014 - 2021 kiki-kit
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This is just awesome 
marnoandcass's avatar
What if he darts himself to the grass?
traumateamfan101's avatar
what a bunch of motherfuckers
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This came out on my birthday 🎂 in 2014!
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Kiki and Ash ROCKS!!

these kids are cute :D
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Ooooohhh not so easy with a triangular head lol
ineedsomemorejs's avatar
Where's the story ties the bind? I can't seem to locate it
WheresPerry3's avatar
It's a blog on tumblr
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Haha! Tony, you doofus. :D :D :D

Loving this.

PJ's expression...

rofl rofl rofl 
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Eeesh! Poor Tony, the grass in the braces.
NeonStarFlower's avatar
Ouch that's got to hurt badly :(
KaleBishop's avatar
Tony: *After rolling down the hill* I'm Okay! I meant to do that actually! :D.
PJ: Not.
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I can see Tony flipping off his face in the near future.  
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this is too perfect for words~~
Loverbirds's avatar
Anthony you nerd XD
Lovesosa1's avatar
Legs why you fail on me? XD
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I had a dream about this show, where Phineas and Ferb left their kids with a bland world where there's nothing to do or invent, because it's all already been done.

In the same dream, Candace finally got to bust her brothers by having her mum seen an old table the boys built. It was on her 18th birthday and after that she decided to get into fashion again.
Also, in an alt universe where Candace didn't get to bust her brothers, she become a corrupt fashion-indulged authority figure.
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I love this. That's all I can sayLove 
altairVXsub115's avatar
aaaah childhood Wink/Razz 

were did it go

and thats coming from an 18 year oldSweating a little... 
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The most amazing pic you've ever made *0* the details and the colores are so pretty *^* you've done an amazing job on this one ^^

Hehe Tony XD ...
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No summer anymore :(
But cool :) 
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