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for the fangirls by Kiki-ishtar for the fangirls by Kiki-ishtar

left -> right: hades, zeus, poseidon
(btw, poseidon's supposed to be rally tan, like brown tan :D )
isn't hades so cute? :heart: no wonder sephy loves him, he's so loyal :D (p.s.: someone, PLEASE help me find another word for loyal DX )

as for zeus, that's why everyone loves him (i mean, c'mon. who wouldn't love that [literally] godly body :XD: ) well, unless some girl out there wants a committed relationship with him. (sorry, hera...) otherwise, every girl loves him lol

poseidon refuses to be part of the fight between zeus and hera, lol :D
eh, i guess more on poseidon: easy going, deals with life's problems as they come, etc. also relatively loyal. (kinda in between hades and zeus)

okay, other comments...
hades: wearing dress pants with a non-dress pants belt :XD: i messed up on his pockets though DX
zeus: wearing jeans with some random belt i thought up of (couldn't resist designing the belt buckle that way :D )
poseidon: wearing either board shorts or swim trunks. take your pick. (drew it too wide though D: )

edited pic to make it obvious that zeus is standing in front of them all (originally, you could see zeus standing in front of just poseidon, and hades was standing on the side...)

didn't do much cleanup ^^;
you can color, just tell me and link back :D
hmm, would this need a mature warning...?

hades, zeus, poseidon (c) me

questions, comments, concerns, critique please :D

edit: i found out why i wasn't getting a lot of comments (usually i get at least one "lol" from someone i don't know). I SPELLED POSEIDON WRONG :( posiden--> poseidon ugh i suck DX well, it should be changed now... lol ^^;
EnshroudedVixen Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Another word for loyal would be devoted, faithful. :D Check the thesaurus!
And as if to the mature content filter. XD It's all fine! They came out shirtless, whatever ;) And hot, too. lol, well done ^^
Kiki-ishtar Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
lol, thanks. devoted sounds good :D
go shirtless gods 8D
EnshroudedVixen Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Okay ;) No problem ^^
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August 2, 2009
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