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By kiki-doodle
Someone asked me for these in a comment, and rather than type it out a lot (since it took so long to compile) here's a list of some of my FAVORITE inspirations.
I could name a hundred more, easily, but these are the few where pretty much with EVERY upload, I'm just floored.

On deviantart:
:iconailah: for her gorgeous lighting!
:iconoxboxer: For her amazingly stylistic lineart and sense of color and form.
:iconpascalcampion: for his amazing lighting and composition as well as how prolific he is.
:iconbetteo: for some wonderful colors and how they utilize shape as design
:iconaguaplano: for their beautiful children's book illustrations, and their ability to utilize simplified shapes in design.  Also, their texture painting.
:icondavidsdoodles: for his wonderful creature design
:iconibenkrutt: always for their colors <3
:iconjunglejulia314: Their composition and design are just eye candy!
:iconpikaole:  Her design and color work is astonishing!
:iconluve: Her animals are designed with so much love and character to them (and when I got to sit by her for a weekend, she was also a lovely lady)
:iconmegprk:for her character design and color
:iconpettryb: for their design and graphic line quality
:iconphobs::iconphobs0:  Their character design and expression are wonderfully done
:iconxdragonflyx: for their line quality and design work
:icontir-ri: for their gorgeous watercolor and shape design.

Blogspots: For the design and color Her design work is gorgeous! I love how he designs and simplifies characters gorgeous design and wonderful backgrounds
elsasketchportfolio.blogspot.c… for her creature and character design for her gorgeous painting skills and style wonderful use of shape and color in illustration THe use of color and design here is gorgeous! amazing background paintings the style and shapes are wonderful! For wonderful creature design! very inspiring color and style!

tumblr/other: WONDERFUL shapes! Just great character design… for line quality and animals wonderful sense of design and color for color and lighting for shapes and character design for gorgeous character and animal work For their character design for her color and storytelling (also: ) for shape and design work (not his actual blog)  his lines and design! for their shapes for her wonderful animals.
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*watching people and people and people, silently mouthing curses*
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I'd try and highlander their skills away, but I'm afraid of jail.
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you don't have to go to jail if you don't get caught
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Added journal to faves, I'm going to watch gallery of every listed person, when I will have some free time :meow:
I love this kind of journals - they're always so much inspiring!
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Hey, thank you so much for the mention! :) I'm honored to be a source of inspiration to you!
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This was awesome to find all these amazing artists :) Thank you :)
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At first I was going to go to bed, but now I have to go through all these galleries for the next 2 hours. I've already added about 5 or  more artists to my watchlist.
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Now I have art to look at when I'm supposed to be studying! =D
(but really, thanks for the list! i love finding new awesome artists from awesome artists I already know)
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I just followed a bunch of these people. Thank you for this list!
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You're welcome!  Feel free to share any of YOUR influence, too!
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A couple of the people you listed I really liked already, but a few people not on your list (that I can think of right now, anyway) that I am influenced by are:
Maren Marmulla for her paintings, environments, and studies - I just love her brush work
Ann Marcellino for her fluid and simplified 'flat' style - Also her compositions
Hannah Christenson for her compositions and color palettes
James Fenner for his fluid compositions and the mood he sets with his work
Christina Chua for her style and the way she handles paint, digital and traditional
It's hard to think of this stuff off the top of my head. There are just way too many awesome artists out there. My list never stops growing. :)
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Thanks for sharing!  The first three I actually almost added to this list, but I tried to reduce it near the end, because otherwise I'd have like... 50 names per category x333
mondays-noon's avatar
I understand. Really, a list like this should be near-endless with all the amazing artists out there, but, yeah, you have to draw the line somewhere unfortunately. XD
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You realize that I'm not going to have to spend an hour looking through this artists, right? You've probably just added at least 20 new artists to my watch list!
kiki-doodle's avatar
hahaa now it's time to enjoy your art filled Saturday :p
ThomClyma's avatar
Probably end up being Sunday night. Today is already packed with projects, and tomorrow afternoon, a theater in Sacramento is playing White Christmas on the big screen so...GOTTA GO!!!
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