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Splatters stock. Credits are not required but appreciated. If you use, leave me a comment here with a link to your creation, I would love to see what you have done with it! :D

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Does anyone know where I can download these as brushes for Photoshop? The download only brings up a JPEG.
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You could make them in to brushes using Photoshop itself. But long ago Kikariz did make some PS brushes on the old (now deactivated) account and I think I recognize some of these in the "Splatter Brushes" set.

The set can still be found around the web though such as:…

(Not' sure though because I haven't used Photoshop in ages. At the very least those are some splatters for you to use.)

Kikariz also made some "Space Water" brushes:…

But I don't think any of these splats were in it. "Maybe" the 30 and 7 brush were ones from here, but I don't think so.
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Wow, thank you so much for this awesome resource!! :tighthug: I will definitely use these!!
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Will be using this - I'll give ya the link when it's uploaded. :3
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Prolly will use this a crap ton. ill watch/add to fave :3
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Hi. I did credit you under this image before (Old name lhamai) but I just re opened a new account and transferred all my images to the new one. So here is the link where I used your great stock. many thanks

used here: [link]
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omg, it helps so much!!!
would you mind I use it for my artwork???
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Thanks for making these, helped a lot in: [link] :)
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May I ask what software you used to make these? And how? I need to know how to make blood splatters for a webcomic of mine xDD
(I just realized how morbid that sounded o..o)
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Thanks for sharing. I used some of the splatters in this piece [link]
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thank you so much, these are wonderful splatters.
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[link] U rock! :D It was just what I needed. Thanks!!!
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