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[OC] H. Nyansuke : Character Sheet and Profile

H. Nyansuke

For shorter: Nyansu, Nyan-kun
Real name: ??????
Character created: 2008
Gender: ♂
Birthday: Dec 21
Age: 17
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 58 kg


Original character. A 17-year-old boy who incidentally left the drawing book to appear in the real world, because he was displeased with his owner who has no responsibility for creating his additional details and backstory out of his appearance. The owner left his detailed information empty, that makes him ready to be hacked by Original Character Hacker Organization (OCHO), a group of people who try to inject their own information inside any empty OC for a purpose of brainwash and stealing. For this reason, he rarely acknowledged his owner, although outside he was still listening to his owner sometimes for security reasons.

Nyansuke is headstrong, artistic, and always wants to have his own way like a cat, but he's also friendly and be loved by friends. He is eager to find his own information and backstories to fill his empty side as much as possible, which his owner never take care of. When he likes something, he usually tries to conceal it and not to tell anyone, because of that, he cannot fill the answers in "50 Super Questions About Your OC" form to public. The way he loves to try and find everything makes him being forced by his owner to do something strange very often, example cross-dressing or trying strange recipes.

H. in H. Nyansuke stands for his real name, which is still hidden.

[For Thai translation, please click]

Finally after 9 years, I created my OC's character sheet!
If you like my OC, feel free to do a fanart of him, or ask me to do an OC art trade! (depends on whether I have free time, sorry Nana, look what I have and you dont! )

Copyright H. Nyansuke belongs to Kikansha.
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Huhu~ There is also a C version for the character :D  He does got a nice spiky hair :)
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Glad to hear that. Thank you ka! excited happy 
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Awesome looking oc
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