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CatchTheFog|Student Digital Artist
Geez teach me your style xPPP jkjk
I just love your works
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...the happiest of birthdays to you...hope all is well for you and yours...=3
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Happy Birthday
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:ArizonaSunFlower: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :Lavender:
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TFomegastar|Hobbyist Digital Artist
happy birthday catch my cake Cake Face Markie (Emoticon Gif) 

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[HANEUL COLLEGE APP] - Lee Jaeyoung by Iyuni   A typical anime style college student. :) (Smile)  
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Sorry for being very babyish like this. I just joined this site this week(first time on computers since the 90s). I support real life LGBTQ children. I am a young 22 year old with high functioning autism with Native American ancestors who loves women more than men on any level. I love the commercialism in Nostalgic Marketing........but I grew up, and moved on to more adult-friendly places for now. Someday, I want to have children created on a test tube created by my dream partner. I love Yullen and AllenXLenalee more in my partner(especially a hardcore Yullen fan to the max xinfinity). I love Stevie from “Fleetwood Mac” and The Heart sisters from classic rock genre of music. I would love to go to “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with my partner in crime to people watch. I love hippie art festivals and want to volunteer at Gay Pride Parade and other quirky, out of the norm parades that are quite over stimulating even for me....... But, I want to take my kids to Japan at a very young age(and other East Asian Countries for the culture,food, and everything else). I would love to go to Sweden and other countries in Europe with my dream family for the same thing. I’m also vegan part-time and vegetarian in other parts of the time.I’m looking for vegan-friendly recipes to cook for my future family on Japanese tables and have tea ceremonies at the dinner table with my family that I created on the floor. ( I’m still at the most darkest, goth behavior in my life,a phase, and my oddest obsessions over cartoons that need to stop). I’m looking for lesbians on this site for the most adorable anime drawings influenced by children’s books like Ramona and Beezus and everything Beverly Cleary of 1960s literature, and influences of Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Dracula type Halloween horror stories,etc. I grew up with films like E.T. and other films that have a Foreign Language Film influence in art and story and everything else in those films to give pointers and flaws on even everything in life.The real world has flaws...... you have to accept that real life is better than fiction and nonfiction in any form of media and technology. Take a break from your device, and go to restaurants that you know by heart..... and meet people in person(Oh, The Places You’ll Go.... logical for children of all ages). There are soooooo many life lessons in children’s literature to express kindness in people and awesome manners to say “Please and Thank You” around real life strangers. Children can have adult language that can beat most older adults in maturity. I love children, and children are my friends. Goodbye. Peace.
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