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Just got back from amecon 2012, at the beloved keele university, where I met DestinyBlue, whose business card reminded me that deviant art exists!

So I've added a deviant art link to my webpage, and uploaded a deviant art friendly version of November, a short story in three parts about a young man's unwillingness to commit to a career, and the violently erratic actions his misanthropy drives him to.

In Part 1 (Incarceration), the protagonist attempts to explain the monstrous nature of people to the policeman who arrested him.
In Part 2 (Violence) doubt threatens to undermine the skewed perception of the protagonist.
In Part 3 (Madness), the protagonist finally admits regret - although perhaps not in the most healthy way.

I think anyone that's ever felt, even for a moment, that the world was against them will find something in November to relate to.
I hope that you enjoy it.

Much love,

For a small price, and for those with a kindle, November is available from amazon.
For those with any other e-reader - November is available for free as an epub from my website.
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Just uploaded Quiet Town, a short story paying homage to many hours spent playing silent hill.  I hope that someone enjoys it, or if it not enjoys it is at least disgusted by it, because any reaction at all could be said to be better than no reaction whatsoever.

I have to apologise, though, for the file being a PDF: a format my contempt of which I could rant on about for much longer than any reasonable person would be willing to listen.
Unfortunately, and possibly unreasonably, deviant art has a 64KB file cap on html file uploads (no such cap exists for PDF files, I might bitterly add), and open offices xhtml export of Quiet Town comes in at 67.
Those that are familiar with the process of creating an eBook might sympathise with the evils of exporting .odt (or .doc for the horde of msoffice zombies, or perhaps even *gasp* .docX (the 'x' necessitates capitalisation, otherwise what would be the point?)), into xhtml, and it makes me wonder whether it would be preferable to word process in html from the very outset!

I wonder if any deviants find themselves familiar with such a html based word processor, and whether they could confer their experiences?

Much Love,