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Dance in the sunset

I was inspired...I love dancing people
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I love this fandom

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The Racoons are planning an attack at 12:00 AM

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Where is Me, Chef, and Blaineley?

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No matter what AU is this Izzy will still be Izzy XD

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Anything but Scottney and Gwuncan ok?

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I love how you used the OG couples! I love this drawing!

I really like your Total Drama Fantasy AU.

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I like how tdri are kids since they are supposed to be younger than the 22 original ones I like Scott's design
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Their all sooo cute! Look at mike and Zoey! Awww

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Kinda like the scene in Rapunzel! Duncan is Flynn the their and Courtney is Rapunzel!

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Duncan and Courtney, together again as they should be.

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When are going to continue this comic?
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Do you mind if I write something based off this AU on Wattpad? If not, that's fine.
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Hey I don't see Owen anywhere in this pic what happened to him
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He ate himself accidentally.

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Everything about this drawing is stunning. The colors and the dancing and all the wonderful characters from the show. I love looking at your art, and this is just one of the many pieces you've done that I find beautiful. I'm in love with this, and I love the clothes and the time period it's set in.
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I see brick and jo... Yay... Oh wait lighting.

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I love it!
could I make a story about this? 
I promis I will credit you, and I might use some art.
i will only do this with your permission.
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pleaseee im begging you to follow this 😍 im so obsses with it
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hey, um, if it's okay with you, can make a written story out of this?
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Absolutely beautiful! I love dancing people to it's just so enchanting to see people dance this way.
Also I'm a sucker for fantasy!
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People dancing? Now if we could just get a disco ball and some strobe lights . . .
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And a dancing Squidward...
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