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By kiiroikimono
it's been a while since i've drawn sephy. and....

well, you could see my "work in progress" in my gallery, but here's the earliest version of him i did (with the most efforts at the time):


i don't know why it has so many faves, not as many faves as i think it should have compared to other pics i've done which i feel like are totally much better.... but i do remember spending all day long for some days on that stupid pic (and i got a huge headache afterwards) :P (IT WAS A BIG DEAL THEN I WAS LIKE 12 OR SOMETHING)

and here's the other one that i kept on my front page for a while:

i don't think it deserves good comments anymore -- it's gotten pretty old now.

so uh... is this reasonable improvement in this amount of years? *sigh*

i felt like drawing the guy in pants this time. iono. just wanted to work on my many weaknesses including cloth (or clothes in general), textures, and backgrounds backgrounds backgrounds (man i suck at them) and i had no idea where i was going with the background. the colors and the scene sorta -- take a little from the forgotten capital (the whispering woods or w/e?) and the crater where sephiroth emerges right before you start fighting bizzaro sephiroth. and.... the rocks are sort of a reference to meteor (like, iono... they're sorta like, meteorites?) and the black materia... duh.


it doesn't look amazing to me though, and i do want to move on as much as i'd love to keep on working on this (took forever) and i wish i wish i were a kazillion times better >>

okay so
please, PLEASE give me crits! pointers, suggestions ANYTHING you woulda done differently or anything you think i should improve on!

because those who criticize most are those who care the most, right?!

(not that i'll take offence if you don't give me some pointers....)


i used a lot of "references" for.... iono. i stole some ideas from :iconenayla: and like, maybe :iconwen-m: and others.... obviously i wanna learn from the best heheh

sephiroth copyright squaresoft and

done with GIMP program and wacom tablet used. x)
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It's so beautiful!
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Wow this is an awsome pic of my fav character Sephiroth, i love the deatil and his sword as well :)
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Shoot! That is one awesome picture! And this time he isn't being shown making out with cloud or something!

I :heart: GIMP
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not too often you see Sephiroth portrayed as the monster he became.
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as if you cant see I LOVE Sephiroth......yeahhhhhhhh
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Something about his chest, it looks kind of weird, and mishapen. Maybe not wide enough for a muscly soldier guy that I think he is. Everything else is totally awesome, though. I love his sword pointing out at us! 8>
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awesome pic! :D
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ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! XDDDD lol i love it :3
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impressive work amazing i llove it sephiroth is my fifth favorite character in the movie LOL
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I love this concept :D
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Why are his boots so HUGE?!

This is not Kingdom Hearts, plzkthx......
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BOOTS ARE AWESOME! they deserve to be big :3
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I know you asked for crits, but I don't have any. :( I just think it's dark, twisted, and very very cool. :aww:
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There's a matter of smaller sizes, the pic looks more detailed. At the larger size (while I still LOVE it) the pic begins to look a bit unfinished. The winged arm especially, with the muscle fibers. They look a bit more "ms painted" than the rest of the pic. Shoes are huge, too..I was kind of hoping they'd be more realistic, like you've done his face. OH! and those EYES!! Heaven. that I look more closely, it's probably the shadowing seen from the shoulders down that is most distracting. It's like, all the energy was put into his face and hair, and the remainder still needs to be fine tuned.

I have no tablet experience whatsoever, though. So take anything I say with a grain of salt, as it is most definitely better than anything I could do at present :o
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ZOMG Sephiroth has no nipples! XD
Those boots are freakin awesome. And I like the feathery things coming of his arm, and the materia.
Good job!
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Omg you're right :O

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I like it. Very detailed. And it is Sephiroth.
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:omfg: OMG!!
You have nothing to worry about. This is astounding artwork. Seriously, it is utterly beautiful.

But if you really want critique ... I'll try ...

His hair is perfect. Very flowing, very free. It's not just a solid mass, which is wonderful. It's a bit too long for Sephiroth though (his only reaches his knees).

I think the legs might be a little too chunky. It doesn't really detract from the image as a whole, but you might want to slim them down a tad.

I think his face is slightly off, too - it needs to taper to a more pointed chin. He has a very angular jaw.

The only other thing I can see wrong with it is his nose. It should be slimmer. But the shading you've done gives it great depth as it is.

Otherwise ... I'm still completely wowed. It is just awesome. I felt awful trying to come up with stuff thats wrong about it. The way he seems to be turning into something monstrous - his arm - is just brilliant. Inspiring work!

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well, it certainly is a problem with his shanks, they're even thicker than his thighs! That can't be! They're like 2/3 of the thickness of his waist. Maybe you should correct that, cos it sure looks weird. And the feet are even bigger than his head! If you would've represented him tilted a little backwards, then maybe it would've worked, cos it would have been a 'racoursi' view (dunno the exact term in English), so a matter of perspective.

But this is the only problem I can see and it's still a fav to me. The composition is great and I like the Lifestream background, the darting meteors and the metamorphosis of his right hand, not to mention the shadowing, the metal ornaments and the way the folds on his pants are rendered. :thumbsup: :deviation:
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