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it's been a while since i've drawn sephy. and....

well, you could see my "work in progress" in my gallery, but here's the earliest version of him i did (with the most efforts at the time):


i don't know why it has so many faves, not as many faves as i think it should have compared to other pics i've done which i feel like are totally much better.... but i do remember spending all day long for some days on that stupid pic (and i got a huge headache afterwards) :P (IT WAS A BIG DEAL THEN I WAS LIKE 12 OR SOMETHING)

and here's the other one that i kept on my front page for a while:

i don't think it deserves good comments anymore -- it's gotten pretty old now.

so uh... is this reasonable improvement in this amount of years? *sigh*

i felt like drawing the guy in pants this time. iono. just wanted to work on my many weaknesses including cloth (or clothes in general), textures, and backgrounds backgrounds backgrounds (man i suck at them) and i had no idea where i was going with the background. the colors and the scene sorta -- take a little from the forgotten capital (the whispering woods or w/e?) and the crater where sephiroth emerges right before you start fighting bizzaro sephiroth. and.... the rocks are sort of a reference to meteor (like, iono... they're sorta like, meteorites?) and the black materia... duh.


it doesn't look amazing to me though, and i do want to move on as much as i'd love to keep on working on this (took forever) and i wish i wish i were a kazillion times better >>

okay so
please, PLEASE give me crits! pointers, suggestions ANYTHING you woulda done differently or anything you think i should improve on!

because those who criticize most are those who care the most, right?!

(not that i'll take offence if you don't give me some pointers....)


i used a lot of "references" for.... iono. i stole some ideas from :iconenayla: and like, maybe :iconwen-m: and others.... obviously i wanna learn from the best heheh

sephiroth copyright squaresoft and

done with GIMP program and wacom tablet used. x)
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