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Come check out what I'm working on!

Edit:  now offline...
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I'm in a bad way, and in some serious need of cash, asap!
If you've ever thought about commissioning me for something, now's the perfect time!

Sketches are quick and cheap, and I can usually get those done same-day.
Submit your requests through DA note, or email at

I'll do flat-rate sketches for DA-watchers for as long as I can:
$5 for super-quick, rough sketches
$10 for refined and shaded sketches
$15 for a splash of color

Paypal only for these ~ USD is my Paypal ID if you want to commission or donate.  Every little bit helps!

Any sketch requested here can be upgraded to any of my other "completion stages" at a later time.  All my regular commission info can be viewed HERE.
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Gosh darn it ~ I'm away from DA for 2 weeks and already I have a pile of over 200 messages to go through.  *sigh*

On a slightly more depressing note:
After being on the in house staff for only 5 days, my supervisor at Lisa Frank decided it "wasn't a good fit" and terminated my contract.  After weeks of them "loving" the freelance work I did for them, admiring my "talent," and moving me halfway across the country, they just up and fired me after FIVE DAYS.  They have completely unrealistic expectations of their artists and don't even give the courtesy of a 90-day probation period, unlike any NORMAL business would.  Their communication stinks, and from what I could tell, the only person that worked there that didn't like me was my supervisor.  All they want to hear is "yes m'am, it will be done," without knowing HOW it should get done, or a realistic idea of how long it takes.
I was fed nothing but lies and half-truths from management.  I was told I was coming in as "fresh perspective" to bring new creative life into the company, and get the Lisa Frank brand back into the public eye, but in reality they just wanted me for sweatshop labor.  There's nothing new or innovative coming out of Lisa Frank, and if you show any sign of "having ideas" and not being a mindless worker-drone, they show you the door.
Getting out as soon as I did was probably a blessing in disguise, but it sure doesn't feel that way after putting up more than double the relocation-allowance out of pocket to move here.  The law may be on Lisa Frank's side (Arizona is an "At Will" state), but ethics sure isn't.  I probably shouldn't say any more on the matter in "public" like this - it could get me in trouble.  If you want to talk about it, or learn more, call or text me privately.

Last thing I'm going to say is that I am personally boycotting Lisa Frank products.  You can join me if you want to.  It's not like you can actually FIND Lisa Frank products in stores these days anyway....
I got the job offer from Lisa Frank :squee:
so I'm packing up and moving to Tucson, Arizona!

It's all very exciting, and very stressful!
There are just so many things to think about and do before I have to BE there ready to work.  Aaaaagh! :faint:

Well, at least I'll have my little dog, Olie, to keep me company.
He can tell there's something going on around here, and he's very confused...
I've been doing a lot more Livestreaming lately,
and I was wondering if I took the time to announce on DA if anyone would even be interested in watching.

I've seen a few different announcement methods around:
Journal Posts & Deviation-edits seem to be the most common.
What method works best for you guys?  What time of day/night are folks available to watch?
And would anyone even bother coming?
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Just a heads up for y'all.
I've finally been able to take a minute and go through all the stuff I've done and haven't uploaded to DA since my senior year in college.  Final count is over 40 images....

Not to mention the fact that I haven't really been around DA in more than "lurk" form for the past few years, and now I'm pretty clueless about all the formatting changes.  What is this thing in my journal here?  Glugh?!  I'm going to have to play with it....

In other news:

- I graduated from Ringling College and completed Thesis without dying.  That was nearly 3 years ago D:
- My mouse, Peter, died about a year after I graduated.
- I got a puppy.  His name is Olie.  He just turned 2 in April.  I will be posting photos :XD:
- I started keeping fish.  Lots of success and fails.  Currently have a desk-tank with a blue dragon-scale betta, 3 zebra danios, and a spotty-tail guppy.  An earlier set of guppies had babies that I was able to "rescue," and they're growing nicely in a second tank.
- Since graduation, I've had several freelance contracts for various illustration projects, but nothing videogame related... yet?
- I've gotten some interest from Lisa Frank Inc, and might be taking a trip to Arizona later this summer to work with them in person for a few weeks.  *fingers crossed!*

That's about it.
I've been neglecting my online galleries for far too long, and I want to come back.
But there's soooooo much I have to update.

This is going to take... some time.

For now, let's start with bumping out that old old old old journal, eh?
haven't had time to update my journal in a while and the previous one is no longer relevant...

I'll have to make a proper update later, but the short-hand version is:
"thesis thesis, busy busy."

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My phone went through the wash a couple weeks ago, and I just got it replaced this weekend.  I was able to save and transfer a few names & numbers from my old phone to the new one, but most of my contact list was lost.

I'm now attempting to compile a new list of names & numbers I can store someplace more safe/permanent in case this ever happens again.  ^^;
If you're my friend and you'd like to be in my "phone tree" please send a note with your contact info!  Thanks :love:
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[this journal contains no spoilers]

So because I'm a huge Mass Effect fan, I had to buy the latest DLC Bioware put out for ME2.

Only took me about 2 hours to get through it, which almost lead me to the disappointing conclusion that it couldn't possibly be worth the 10 bucks I paid for it.
However, I decided to look at it as if I were buying a part of a book series I like, or a DVD sequel.
So with that in mind, yes, it was definitely worth the price.

I had fun playing it, and the story was (well, what can I say) excellent as always.
If you've played Mass Effect from the beginning (and enjoyed it), then I would definitely recommend this downloadable expansion.

That is all!
Now I must get back to work!! D:
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testing out the Livestream Procaster update
and I'll be zsphere sketching while I do....

if you want to come watch and chat while I work, be my guest
hope to see ya there  :3

>>>>> …;<<<<<
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Thesis production begins tomorrow, I guess.

I am terrified.
but excited...

There are so many things I wish I had finished over break, and now it's too late.
Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Even if I was working 12-hour shifts at Activision the last two or three weeks before getting back here. Psh... who needs vacation?

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So if you've read my previous journal, you'd know that my sis :icontherru-chan: talked me into sneaking some pet mice home under our parent's noses. (They still haven't found out, btw.)  But having mice is definitely not the same as having rats... and that's really what I was missing.

So then on Wedensday I was "in the neighborhood" of a local petstore and just decided to go for it and brought home a rat.  He looked a lot like P-chan except a bit different shade of beige, and he was very sweet.
But unfortunately I had to take him back yesterday since he was causing me extremely severe asthma & allergies because I forgot to do the necessary checks in-store before I bought him.

I didn't even name him yet, so I don't know why it was so difficult to give him up... I guess it just felt like I was losing P-chan all over again... *sigh*

So here's a note to myself that the next rat I get absolutely cannot look like P-chan, or else I will constantly be comparing them.

My plan was to sneak the new rat into my dorm next year and just keep him under wraps for as long as I could, but now the more I think about it, the more idiotic that plan sounds in my head...

just got to keep reminding myself there's only 1 more year...... *sigh*
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Me and my sis went to the petstore today to just window shop for the fun of it, and ended up coming home with 3 pet mice...
They are so pretty and adorable, I really wish I could find pet rats in such marking/color variety.

We brought home one silky fawn, I've named Peter, one chestnut brown, my sis named Paul, and one white and silver speckled we've named Pip.  The cage we had at home wasn't as big as we thought, so we'll probably have to go back to the store later this week to pick up a bigger tank...

Or if anybody has a bit bigger, but still light-weight, plastic tank we could borrow for the summer - lemme know!

I say we need a "light weight" cage because our parents don't know about this yet, and we need to be able to move it around relatively easily.... >.>''
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man, oh man, oh man...
I cannot believe it's already been a week and a day since I've been home.
TIME FLIES!! This is crazy D:

I've gotten nothing constructive done and I feel like poop!!
Just because I feel like I've done nothing but waste time... ugh...

well... at least I got a start date for Activision...
June 14th, day shift (8-5) - that's gonna me way different for me
not sure how that's going to go, anyways

So that gives me a month to GET STUFF DONE!! RAAAAWRGH!!
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Semester ends on Monday, and I'll be officially entering my Senior-Thesis summer.  

Buddy from school is hookin' me up with a super-sweet computer to do some Thesis work on over the break, and I've got a spot lined up back at Activision for game testing starting in June.  So my May is going to be free and open to work on my out-standing commissions, art trades, and designing/modeling work for Thesis.  Even though that seems like a lot of "free time," in reality it's still probably going to be pretty tight.

Oh yeah, our second Prepro pitch passed, and that's the one we're bringing in to Senior year.  It's a fantasy point-and-click adventure with a visual style inspired by Alphonse Mucha.

My Thesis partner is :iconskullmuffin:
and it's going to be so pretty...

I know I haven't uploaded any of that concept art yet, but I will soon enough...
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just a bump because I'm feeling better now...

We're getting into a little animation for our last 3D project of the semester (guh! finally)
and I'm using Charlie Chaplin for inspirational reference.

classmates keep calling me crazy...
I call it fun

we'll see who's right in the end

Lastly - Prepro is coming along well
I'm on a team this time with a good friend
and we're making an Art Nouveau style game

... it's going to be so pretty........
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Who am I trying to impress?
What am I trying to prove?
Why am I even trying?

I just don't know right now...
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I'm excited about the whole "historic moment" thing,
but I wish the actual bill was less than 1990 pages long so I could actually read and understand it before I form my opinion about it...

Here's a PDF of the actual bill in all it's glory:…
And here's a condensed version for the layman:…

I'm going to read them so I can have a strong foundation for whatever opinion I end up having.  I'd be lying if I said others shouldn't do the same,
but at the same time... reading all the ignorant opinions based on 2nd-hand info has been too full of lawls to pass up :XD:
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Just a heads up for what to expect from me over the next few weeks:

I'm doin a variation of the Felicity idea for the second pitch of Prepro.
It'll be an "E" rated "point-and-click" style story game inspired by bedtime stories my dad used to tell my sister and me when we were little.

Except the variation I'm doing will be less of my dad's story verbatim, and more just roughly inspired by them.

Anyways... the next few weeks will be full of concept art for this stuff.
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