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cats & dogs love each other
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BIONICLE: BotE 4: Mystery of Gaea Terra (Ep. 1)
Episode 1: The Secret Garden – Part 1
Dante arrived at the Desert Café as he began his morning shift with two of the other workers, Dani and Felice. Their manager, Ross was checking in with the paperwork and reviewing the supplies needed.
“Just in the nick of time,” Dani chuckled.
“You’re normally the first one here,” Felice agreed.
“I uhhh, just had a little bump on the road,” Dante shrugged it off.
A customer walked in as she was already in a hurry for something.
“Hi, I like to get one café au latte in a medium cup please,” she spoke.
“Sure thing,” Dante said as he marked down on the order list before ringing it up on the cashier.
The Quartz Trail, McDowell Mountains
Rocko lost track of the time after walking for several miles but he walked on some steep areas of the trail. The sight of the city from these mountains were incredibly breathtaking. It was like as if he was part of somethi
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BIONICLE: BotE 4: Mystery of Gaea Terra (Prologue)
Prologue: Once Upon a Legend

As the planet of the "Great Heavens" continue to orbit peacefully around Solis Magna along with the neighborhood planets, all seemed well for the inhabitants. High above, the red star orbited around followed by a trail of Tahnok and Lehvak-Kal.
The Trees of Bota Magna encompassed with its sheer beauty of flora while the seas of Aqua Magna reflected in sapphire blue and the remaining desert and grassland of Bara Magna was balanced in resources of life. Several cities dotted across the landmass while special locations remained isolated yet in use.
The Matoran and Agori shared their cultural values while other species developed their own societies and rules. Despite the differences in beliefs and experiences, the inhabitants of both the former Matoran Universe and the former fragmented worlds coexisted with unity, duty, and destiny in their hearts.
At the sand pit inside the Great Temple of New Metru Nui, a small crowd gathered together, each r
:icongold-ignika:Gold-Ignika 6 3
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Hey everyone, sorry for not being on for a long time. Between being sick, busy, having problems on my computer and this writer's block that refused to go away. . . yeah, it's been fun. But I'm back now.

For those who have request I'm so sorry to make you wait so long, I'll finish them soon.


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United States
My name is Taryn and I hope you like my work, my art is anything that interest me. And I have a lot of interest.

Current Residence: Pennsylvania
Favourite genre of music: all kinds
Favourite style of art: drawing
Favourite cartoon character: to many to count
Personal Quote: Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness but of trust



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