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commission. Anokri

badass Tiefling fighter for ~
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a demonblooded fighter wielding a 1600s zweihander i like the mix of historical and fantasy 
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I love her sword.
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Awesome job!!!! :wow:
           ONIGIRI THING 
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That is a very nice Character!
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Stunning art!!!

Amazing character!!!

Five Nights at Freddy's 2- New Bonnie - Icon GIF 
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Yeah! The Eldritch Knight build makes the Fighter much more than just some MU's meat shield! More Attribute raises than any other class, and spells to boot. Sign me up! A perfect fit for High Elves.
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Oh I'd love to experiment with Eldritch Knight sometime! I went for Battle Master with all the fancy maneuvers-- the only other party members are a ranger and a rogue, so I felt like I needed to be ultra tanky/get some control over enemies. One day I'll try out a 5e druid... (It was my favorite class in 3.5!)
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Circle of the Moon Druids are (literally) combat monsters! You can turn into more powerful beasts, and use your spell slots to heal yourself in beast shape!

At third level, I took out a Hill Giant single handedly! Took all my uses of Wild Shape (Dire Wolf), and most of my spell slots, but he dropped before I did!

I miss playing so very much! But dementia isn't very RPG friendly. Even when I can speak coherently, the DM doesn't want to repeat the scene description just because I forgot it right after he said it! No, I disagree! 
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Oh I am so sorry to hear. :( Have you tried playing online or in forums? In a forum especially there's no real time constraint, and you can go back and read things as many times as you want. I know those places are usually more heavily RP-focused though. I wish you the best of luck!!
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Thank you very much!

I know that there's options out there ...but I've played with pretty much the same group since the eighties! That's a whole lot of history ...real, or otherwise.
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I can appreciate Tieflings, I also think Fighters are becoming more rare these days, so it's nice to see someone else take up the arms of ol' and give Evildoers & Malign Gods a good thrashing with some old fashioned steel.
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Haha, are they? I actually went and made a Dragonborn fighter (with the greatweapon style) in our 5e campaign. Sometimes it's just a lot of fun to be a big, meaty tank! And 5e threw in some nice bells and whistles to make playing a straight-up fighter more interesting, I think. :)
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Well, I haven't been in a group that favors the meaty physical hitters for a long while, 'closest thing we had was our paladin.
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