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The Members of Dethklok



... if Square-Enix had been in charge of Metalocalypse.

I've been trying to plan out a good FFVII/Metalocalypse crossover, but nothing has come out right. I'd been looking at some Sephiroth screens from Advent Children, and I decided I would do ... this. It started with Skwizzy, and then I did Toki. After that, I wanted to draw Pickles, and I couldn't leave Nate and Murderface out. If you can't tell (which is understandable), this is how they were designed:

Skwisgaar > Sephiroth
Toki > Aerith
Pickles > Reno
Nathan > Tifa
Murderface > Rude

I honestly tried to make a Nathan out of Vincent, but he's difficult to draw. (Vincent) And there really wasn't anyone else I could use as Toki, Aerith just fits so perfectly! x3

Just sketchies to pass the time, maybe once I get some more pencils I'll really finish them so they don't look so funky.

(And Murderface looks kinda skinny, but there just aren't non-bishies in the FF7:AC world, sadly enough. Although I did almost make a Cait Sith!Murderface, which is still a possibility ...)
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COOOOOL!! All of them look good, 'specially Skwisgaar.:omg: He's like the only one that looked pretty. Same thing w/ Nathan and Toki. Toki is just adorable.:love:
Gotta love METALOCALYPSE!! FTW :headbang: