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8 Facts Meme

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2018, 10:56 PM

mochibii95 tagged me back for my other baby so here we go
(click the images for their TH links)
It's been ages since I got tagged for something, bless
Tagged by Shalquoia

Amigura Haine / Enlace

1. Enlace established her own hero agency within the past year. While her name isn't well known around the country yet, she's incredibly popular in her home town and in the surrounding regions.
2. She's a hero that specializes in rescue operations, but she's still just as capable at capturing villains.
3. Haine loves form-fitting clothes that show off her figure. 
4. She prefers light, fresh colors so that they stand out against her skin.
5. Unfortunately as a side effect of her quirk, her dexterity kind of sucks; she'd love to be able to work on small projects like origami or sewing, etc, but she sucks at it. Her hands can't handle doing small details.
6. Though she was never top of her high school class in academics, she was always popular with other students, teachers, and the heroes she interned under thanks to her charismatic and hardworking attitude.
7. Haine is allergic to most animal fur.
8. She's a free spirit and hates being told what to do. The main reason she established her own agency was so she could do her own thing.

Kyakude Kohime

1. Her name, Kohime, is written as 'coral princess' and she is very much treated as such. Both her parents and brother adore her and would not be able to cope should anything happen to her. She has not, however, had things handed to her, and she's worked very hard to get where she is now.
2. She loves the heat, but only if it's dry. High humidity is murder on both her hair and her quirk (leads to overgrowth and loss of control). Summer is still her favorite season!
3. If she wasn't trying to become a hero, she'd study marine biology.
4. Kohime took dance lessons growing up. She had to quit when she entered high school due to time restraints, but she still loves it.
5. Possibly one of the sweetest people on the planet. She's charming, demure, and never has a mean thing to say. She isn't inherently trusting though, and can actually be quite the pessimist despite her cheery disposition.  
6. She likes that Shiketsu requires students to wear the school hat with both the uniform and their hero outfits; she thinks it's cute and unique.
7. Due to the nature of her quirk, it's difficult for her to tan or burn in summer; the layer of coral polyps on her skin generally blocks out the rays.
8. She desperately wishes to get her stray eyebrows under control, but it's no use.

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mochibii95 - K a r i n a
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