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Kojou High School [BnHA fan school]

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 10, 2019, 1:23 PM

We have a discord server!

Nothing official, just something to check out and access bonds with other students.

As mentioned earlier, I made my own school for the BnHA universe! I'm working on a project/plot line and wanted to build everything from the ground up.
This school doesn't have any connection with canon other than following the same timeline, so you won't see any interaction with UA/league of villains/etc., unless they come to Hokkaido at some point.

I decided to open the school up! Yeah I'm weak.
It'll be semi-open and require approval, mostly so I can log students and check that quirks are world fitting.
If you're interested in moving an oc (or multiple) here or creating a new one, comment with the form below! 

Kojou Kōkō

[ 孤城高校 ]

Located in Sapporo’s Minami ward, Kojou High School boasts the top hero courses in Hokkaido.
As if to honor its name, the school focuses on raising students to stand strong individually, whether they go on to work solo or with an agency team.
The phrase ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ heavily drives the school’s reasoning.

All written info can be found here.

Student roster.


Kojou High uniforms by kii-wi Kojou High gym uniforms by kii-wi

I know it's not great, but thanks for looking anyway! ╭(๑ ॔ㅂ ਂ ॓)و ̑̑
If you have any questions let me know!

If you're interested in placing an oc in the school, fill out this form or dm me on discord!
(Just students, teachers aren't available, sorry!)

Name: last, first
Kanji: last, first
Gender: m/f/nb/etc
Class: 1-A, 3-G, etc
Age & Birthday: April-Dec will be the older age, Jan-March the younger
Quirk: brief description
Personality: brief description
Design: not required if new, will help sketch if you want!

[1k watchers] Raffle!!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 22, 2019, 5:16 PM

5 days left!

Thank you all so much! We did it; we hit 1k. So as promised, it's time for a raffle!

            Rules + How to Enter

  • Raffle closes in one month, on Monday, April 22nd.
  • You must be a watcher. New watchers are welcome, but please don't just unwatch afterwards - it's rude.
  • Comment to enter.
  • Advertise in a poll/journal and link proof for +1 ticket!
  • You can only win once. If you have multiple tickets and both win, the second will be passed off to the next randomized winner.
  • The winners will have a week to get me the details of their prize - otherwise I'll reshuffle for that slot.
  • Winners will be decided through



  • 1st prize will receive a full body scene!
  • 2nd prize will receive a half body!
  • 3rd prize will receive a chibi of their choice style!
                    > Prizes may be traded for something else within reason (think smaller) should the winner choose so.
                    > Prizes may be altered at any point before this raffle ends.
                    > More prizes will be added if there are more than 100 entrants!

Thank you again! And good luck ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

2019 Update

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2019, 5:22 PM

First and foremost, Happy New Year! 2018 was kind of rough, so I'm hoping to make 2019 a better one. 
I've got several things going on in my life right now and new plans for this year (I suppose you could call them resolutions).

To start - Update for those waiting on commissions! I'm going to be out of town until the 7th, and will pick up work again when I get back. However, I am still in the middle of moving and we have to be out by the 16th, so all work will be slower until after that date. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

In regards to commissions going forward - After I finish this current batch of commissions, I will discontinue the 'unlimited slots for a brief window of time' method I've been using. I will be switching back to taking just a handful of slots every couple of months. This will both lower the amount of time you have to wait for your piece, as well as decrease my workload. I kind of doubt I'll establish a waiting list, but we'll see. I'm looking to lower stress-levels this year and this is the best place to start.

Along the lines of fewer commissions, I intend to put more emphasis into personal art, projects, and fanart this year. I need to get back in the mindset where I actually enjoy art and can draw just for the sake of drawing, rather than as a money-making device. i really struggle when it comes to doing things for myself; I want to correct that. And let's be real, I've left my ocs underdeveloped and unloved and that needs to change. So I will be making time to draw them more often and show them off. Fanart I will also start dipping more heavily into (though that will go on my tumblr/maybe twitter) because there are tons of fandom characters I've been itching to draw and I lowkey dream of tabling at a couple conventions one day.

So tldr: I'll be taking fewer commissions this year and focusing more on my personal work. 
Thanks for all your continuing support, and I hope you have a great 2019!

8 Facts Meme

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2018, 10:56 PM

mochibii95 tagged me back for my other baby so here we go
(click the images for their TH links)
It's been ages since I got tagged for something, bless
Tagged by Shalquoia

Amigura Haine / Enlace

1. Enlace established her own hero agency within the past year. While her name isn't well known around the country yet, she's incredibly popular in her home town and in the surrounding regions.
2. She's a hero that specializes in rescue operations, but she's still just as capable at capturing villains.
3. Haine loves form-fitting clothes that show off her figure. 
4. She prefers light, fresh colors so that they stand out against her skin.
5. Unfortunately as a side effect of her quirk, her dexterity kind of sucks; she'd love to be able to work on small projects like origami or sewing, etc, but she sucks at it. Her hands can't handle doing small details.
6. Though she was never top of her high school class in academics, she was always popular with other students, teachers, and the heroes she interned under thanks to her charismatic and hardworking attitude.
7. Haine is allergic to most animal fur.
8. She's a free spirit and hates being told what to do. The main reason she established her own agency was so she could do her own thing.

Kyakude Kohime

1. Her name, Kohime, is written as 'coral princess' and she is very much treated as such. Both her parents and brother adore her and would not be able to cope should anything happen to her. She has not, however, had things handed to her, and she's worked very hard to get where she is now.
2. She loves the heat, but only if it's dry. High humidity is murder on both her hair and her quirk (leads to overgrowth and loss of control). Summer is still her favorite season!
3. If she wasn't trying to become a hero, she'd study marine biology.
4. Kohime took dance lessons growing up. She had to quit when she entered high school due to time restraints, but she still loves it.
5. Possibly one of the sweetest people on the planet. She's charming, demure, and never has a mean thing to say. She isn't inherently trusting though, and can actually be quite the pessimist despite her cheery disposition.  
6. She likes that Shiketsu requires students to wear the school hat with both the uniform and their hero outfits; she thinks it's cute and unique.
7. Due to the nature of her quirk, it's difficult for her to tan or burn in summer; the layer of coral polyps on her skin generally blocks out the rays.
8. She desperately wishes to get her stray eyebrows under control, but it's no use.

Fouffey - Sainoooo
mochibii95 - K a r i n a
Jaz-Saxx - sweet chameleon son

Black Friday Commission Sale

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 23, 2018, 12:17 AM



Same terms apply as with regular commissions.
My style has since changed since I made many of these examples, so they won't look quite the same.

Points also accepted, just multiply the USD value by 100.
For another person, add half the price.

Please fill out the form at the bottom and it in a note if interested!

Sketch (make their return here)
Bust 3 USD  ||  Halfbody 6 USD  ||  Fullbody 10 USD
Kyorou by kii-wi  Orisa by kii-wi  Shouen Seiu by kii-wi

Bust 6 USD  ||  Halfbody 11 USD  ||  Fullbody 17 USD
Honetani bust by kii-wi  [HZ] Surely I remember by kii-wi  [CM] Tell me you're ready to go by kii-wi

Halfbody 16 USD  ||  Fullbody 22 USD
[CM] Field of Flowers by kii-wi  [TG] We always return to fire by kii-wi  [TG] Down by the sea shore by kii-wi 

Keychain 4 USD  ||  Solid 7 USD  ||  Experimental 7 USD
Rosika kc chibi by kii-wi ||  Flipper-flap Chibi by kii-wi ||  Miyu chibi by kii-wi

Cutesy 9 USD  ||  Experimental 9 USD
[CM] Elegance by kii-wi ||  Konayuki pagedoll by kii-wi


Commission type: what you want
Character ref(s): include a little personalty and the owner if applicable
Details: what you want your piece to look like (pose, accessories, etc), or you can leave it to my discretion
Background: description for scenes
Payment: paypal or points
Email: paypal users only, for invoices

Art Trades

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2018, 1:36 PM

Hello! I'm in the mood to do some art trades, so I thought I'd set this up.

A couple ground rules/starting info:
    - Not first come first serve! 
    - I'll be taking a couple slots, which I may update when I finish the first run. I'll try to trade with everyone who comments, but there's always the chance I won't be able to, so apologies in advance if I don't pick you!
    - I'll reply to your comment if I pick you, but if not, don't fret! I may come back later.
    - I do have the right to turn you down if I feel uncomfortable, however.
    - I expect equivalent exchange, so a chibi for a chibi, a fullbody for a fullbody, etc.
    - I will let you know when my half is done, but I will not post it until you can confirm your half is also done. I don't want either party left hanging.
    - Comment with the form if you're interested!
    - Examples of art are on my commission list and in my gallery.

Your character(s):   (link me a specific character of yours, or let me pick from a collection if you want)
Kii's character(s):   (let me know if you want me to give you a specific character, a list to pick from, or if there's already someone you want to draw, pick them straight out!)
Trade:   (what you're offering/looking for, i.e. chibis, icons, screenshots, etc)
Specifics:   (add specific details here, like a scene or pose idea you want for your receiving piece - optional)
Timeline:    (about how long you think you'll need, so I can pace myself as well - doesn't have to be exact, I don't mind extensions, and there's no rush)

1. --

- Trade with extratemerca
- Trade with Soft-Vel 
- Trade with SuzakuTrip 
- Trade with SpiretDoom
- Trade with ItsNattie 
- Trade with mochibii95 
- Trade with XxYorunoHimexX 
- Trade with Katsumi29 
- Trade with Jinxaroni 

OTP Prompts Challenge

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2018, 1:33 AM

Stolen from Brookie bc I should practice me writing

Choose a ship of mine and a number from the list below and I will write a short fic! 

The prompts don’t have to be on this list! If you think of something else you would like to see me write about, feel free to comment! Even if it's non-ship related and just a prompt + an oc!
I failed to find a good shipping-themed prompt list for inktober, so I made one myself and thought I’d share. Feel free to use if you like it, were it for Inktober or just a need for a drawing/writing prompt! Most of the prompts can be easily... source

I'll also probably doodle the unused prompts and call the weird mix my Inktober for this year :'x We'll see.

Witchies - Selfie
ChiEiji - Red string of fate
HinoSumi - Flowers
YouunJi - Snow

Pro cousins - Alter egos
EiOre - Bridal carry
JiKari - Summer
KataKazu - Sorry

Blind Shipping

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 12, 2018, 5:14 PM

Hi it's bandwagon time //stolen from @/StrawberriOnTop and everyone else
I like.... making ocs


Option A: 

- we both make brand new characters

- we don't tell each other ANY details about the characters

- when we're done, we show them to each other

- we ship them afterwards!

Option B: 

- we both blindly nominate existing characters and see what chaos ensues 

Option C: 

- you suggest a pair to me and we see what chaos ensues 


no matter what, i'm sure there'll be chaos and i'm here for it //HIT 


- For Option A, I'll ask what universe/show/etc. you want to make characters for 
        - Fandoms I'm down for: Naruto, BnHA, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Hachizora/high school, anything you want to offer
- Keeping the age range for everyone in the blind options 18+ to avoid anything potentially gross! 
- Please know me at least a little if you comment //hit 

Big Ol' OC Prompt Meme

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 4, 2018, 10:57 PM

You know the drill! Pick from my OCs, stick some prompts with them, and I'll answer! 
Unfortunately I will not be doing an 'all' option this time because there are simply too many!

Original source

  1. What is their favourite food?
  2. Do they have a fear of an animal? If so, what animal?
  3. What do they wear to bed?
  4. Do they like cuddling?
  5. Do they have a secret handshake with anyone?
  6. What do they look like?
  7. Do they like chocolate?
  8. What are their good and bad traits?
  9. Do they have any artistic talent?
  10. What is their favourite room to be in, in the house they live in?
  11. Do they believe in luck?
  12. Can they do magic?
  13. Do they believe in dragons?
  14. What is a pet peeve of theirs?
  15. What was the last thing they cried about?
  16. What is their sexuality?
  17. Do they have a best friend? If so, who, and what makes them their best friend?
  18. Have they ever been in a romantic relationship?
  19. What does their relationship with their family look like? Are they close? Distant? Ect.
  20. Do they have a pet?
  21. Do they have a familiar?
  22. Are they a supernatural being?
  23. How do they usually wear their hair?
  24. Can they play an instrument? If so, what instrument and what can they play?
  25. What type a high schooler are/were they?
  26. Have they ever been in a physical fight before? If so, with who? Who won?
  27. What is their favourite holiday?
  28. If they could have one wish, what would they wish for?
  29. Do they wants kids? If they already have kids, do they want more?
  30. Do they have a job?
  31. Do they know how to drive?
  32. Do they get stressed out easily?
  33. Did they ever dye their hair before? If so, to what colour? Did they like it?
  34. Have they ever broken the law?
  35. Do they own a plant?
  36. Have they ever rode a horse before?
  37. What is their favorite gif?
  38. Do they get along with others easily?
  39. Do they have any tattoos?
  40. If I wanted to draw them, what would be distinct physical features that I would have to know to draw them correctly?
  41. What is their favourite breed of dog?
  42. Do they live with anyone? If so, who?
  43. Where is their dream vacation?
  44. Do they know more than one language?
  45. Are they a quick learner?
  46. Have they ever won a contest before? If so, what for? What did they win?
  47. If the world were to end in 24 hours, where would they be and who would they be with?
  48. What does their room look like?
  49. If they could have an extinct animal for a pet, what would they have?
  50. If they got called out by someone, what would they do?
  51. Have they ever shot a gun before?
  52. Have they ever been axe throwing?
  53. What is something that they want but can’t have?
  54. Do they know how to fish?
  55. What is something they always wanted to do but too scared?
  56. Do they own their own baby pictures?
  57. What makes them standout among others?
  58. Do they like to show off?
  59. What is their favourite song?
  60. What would be their dream vehicle?
  61. What is their favourite book?
  62. Who, in their opinion, makes the best food?
  63. Are they approachable?
  64. Did they ever change their appearance?
  65. What makes them smile?
  66. Do they like glowsticks?
  67. What is something that is simple, but always makes them smile?
  68. Are they a day or night person?
  69. Are they allergic to anything?
  70. What do you, the creator of this OC, like most about them?
  71. Who is their ride or die?
  72. Do they currently have a significant other? If not, are they going to get one later one?
  73. What attracts them to another person?
  74. Who is one person that can always make them laugh?
  75. Have they ever partied too hard and their friends had to take them home?
  76. Who would be their cuddle buddy?
  77. Who would cheer them up after a long day?
  78. If they had a nightmare, who would they run to?
  79. What object to the care for the most?
  80. Do they like other people’s children?
  81. How would they react if someone broke into their home?
  82. Does anyone make them have butterflies in their stomach?
  83. What is something that they are good at?
  84. What is their neutral expression?
  85. Do they like to cook?
  86. What is something they can’t leave home without?
  87. Who is someone that they rely on?
  88. Do they liked to be tickled?
  89. Have they ever been a sword fight before?
  90. What is a joke that they would find funny?
  91. Do they have a place that can go and turn off their brain?
  92. What was their childhood like?
  93. What are they like as an adult?
  94. Do they take criticism well?
  95. Have they ever jumped out of a plane?
  96. Who do they like to make jokes with?
  97. Have you ever drawn them before? If you are comfortable with it, would you post a picture?

Personal Discord Server

Journal Entry: Mon May 14, 2018, 12:56 PM

I've had a personal server for a while, but it's time to open it up and meet new people! Please introduce yourself if you join.
I use it for art, oc talk, and general chatter! Pretty much anything goes.

Icon Trades? (closed for now)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 22, 2018, 9:12 PM

I'm looking to work on pixels and since it's about time for a new icon too, trades are a good answer.

I won't be doing festival icons at this point in time, but my other styles are game!
I can offer my cupcake style:
cupcake Yoshi by kii-wi  cupcake-Maya by kii-wi  cupcake-Meiki by kii-wi

Or my free style: 
Harusaki-icon by kii-wi  Akane-icon by kii-wi  Amiette-icon by kii-wi  [K] Let's take a trip by kii-wi

If you're interested leave a comment and some examples!

Honetani Discord server

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 4:55 PM

The Honetani Clan by kii-wi

Made a clan server both for myself and for anyone interested! 
Pop on in if you like - it probably won't be very busy, we go through spurts of activity and silence ahaha, pretty casual

Toro Holiday Signup

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 3, 2017, 12:12 PM

Everyone's doing one of these so I guess I might as well too :v


Let me know if you want to join one of my kids
I'll probably only take Kosetsu kids for Heisuke though-

W.1. Tōrōgakure Customs: Warm Graves.

    - Kimura Isao: open
    - Mansei Onomi: with Eiji
    - Hibiki Hinoiri: open
    - Touhara Heisuke: probably won't do this one

W.2. Tōrōgakure Customs: A White Dittany:

    - Kimura Isao: open
    - Mansei Onomi: will probably fight you even tho she's not a man so-
    - Hibiki Hinoiri: with Tokara
    - Touhara Heisuke: open

W.3. Kōsetsumura Customs: Fast Hands; Red Hands:

    - Kimura Isao: with Kaoru
    - Mansei Onomi: with Miki
    - Hibiki Hinoiri: open
    - Touhara Heisuke: Keiichi/Kosetsu 

W.4. Kōsetsumura Customs: Daikon Hotpot:

    - Kimura Isao: with Saori
    - Mansei Onomi: open
    - Hibiki Hinoiri:  with Utaro
    - Touhara Heisuke: Kosetsu p much

W.5. Kōsetsumura Customs: Bedazzling the Bonsai:

    - Kimura Isao: open
    - Mansei Onomi: with Eiyuu
    - Hibiki Hinoiri: open
    - Touhara Heisuke: with Gakuto

Holiday Update and MissionsDecember (十二月Jūnigatsu − "Month of Priests Running."
     As this year comes to a close, we reach Jūnigatsu, The "Month of Priests Running."
The nickname of this month refers to the busy schedule of the lantern sages of Tōrōgakure,
as during the Founding of Tōrōgakure they managed most of the village's internal affairs.
This meant all preparations for the season fell upon the sages, such as cleaning the graves,
preparing supplies for winter, tending to the final harvest and preparing for spring festivals.
     There are also several practices that the villagers of Tōrōgakure celebrate during Jūnigatsu,
many of which are traditions coined by the Takashi − Shōdai Clan during the village's founding.
W.1. Tōrōgakure Customs: Warm Grav
Holiday Update and MissionsDecember (十二月Jūnigatsu − "Month of Priests Running."
     As this year comes to a close, we reach Jūnigatsu, The "Month of Priests Running."
The nickname of this month refers to the busy schedule of the lantern sages of Tōrōgakure,
as during the Founding of Tōrōgakure they managed most of the village's internal affairs.
This meant all preparations for the season fell upon the sages, such as cleaning the graves,
preparing supplies for winter, tending to the final harvest and preparing for spring festivals.
     There are also several practices that the villagers of Tōrōgakure celebrate during Jūnigatsu,
many of which are traditions coined by the Takashi − Shōdai Clan during the village's founding.
W.1. Tōrōgakure Customs: Warm Grav

800 Watcher Raffle! [ WINNERS ANNOUNCED ]

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 24, 2017, 2:33 PM

Thank you to everyone who entered! Here are the winners!

First prize:
Second prize:
Third prize:
Congratulations, and thank you again!
Please send me a note within a week detailing what you'd like for your prizes.

Thank you all so much for watching me, whether over the years or just recently! Your support means a lot to me, and I'd love to give back to you all.
This raffle will end one month from now, on November 24th!


  • You must be a watcher. New watchers are welcome, but please don't just unwatch afterwards - it's rude.
  • Favorite this journal.
  • Comment.
  • Advertising is appreciated but not required - but it will snag you an extra slot!
  • You can only win once!
  • The winners will have a week to get me the details of their prize - otherwise I'll reshuffle for that slot.
  • Winners will be decided through


1st prize will receive a half body screenshot and a chibi of their choice style!
2nd prize will receive a half body and a chibi of their choice style!
3rd prize will receive 2 chibis of their choice style!

Prizes may be altered at any point before this raffle ends.
More prizes will be added if there are more than 100 entrants!

Raffle Slots

Music Tag

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 20, 2017, 10:38 PM

Tagged by mochibii95 
This was surprisingly hard despite my short user-

Rules: "You must spell out your username and list a song beginning w/ the letter, then tag as many people as there are letters."

K: Kings and Queens and Vagabonds - Ellem
I: I Can't Fall in Love Without You - Zara Larsson
I: I Am Not a Robot - Marina and the Diamonds
W: Windswept - Crywolf
I: I'm In Here - Sia

Zyea, Jaz-Saxx, StrawberriOnTop, Taminki, luluopp 

Request Box

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 30, 2017, 12:06 PM

[This box is currently CLOSED]

Since I can't do digital right now, let's do some traditional sketches right?

Terms & Info
    - Please don't cause a fuss if you don't get picked.
    - You must be a watcher of mine to be chosen.
            - New watchers are welcome, but don't just unwatch me after/if you don't get picked; that's incredibly rude.
    - I can do OCs or canon characters, I don't mind.
    - These will be traditional sketches, I will not be touching them digitally in any way.
    - You may however line over them as you wish, or toss me a tip to do it for you.
    - I am liable to change the terms or close this journal at any time.

How to Request
Post a comment with this info!
Chara Description: (brief personality or smth)

Torogakure is open for apps!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 19, 2017, 5:01 PM

:iconhiddenlanternvillage: :iconhiddenlanternvillage: :iconhiddenlanternvillage:

Looking for an RP group with ninja shenanigans, an amazing community, and sweet plot?
Then this is the place for you!

Applications are open, and we're currently looking for:

Group B (21-22 y/o) or Group E (15-16 y/o) Post timeskip Shinobi
Kitsune: 2 males
Branch House Asukai: 1 female, 1 male
Aoki: 1 male, 2 either gender
Mansei: 5 either gender
Kosetsumura: 4 males

More or less! 
If you're interested in joining I'm more than willing to help with your app and art ; v ;
Hoping to see some new faces!

Commissions [Full]

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2017, 9:57 PM

All slots claimed

Things may be added/removed/changed at any time.


- I'll get work done as soon as I can, but it may take several weeks depending on life situations. If you need your commission by a certain time/date, please let me know.
- Please don't send payment until I confirm your order and tell you where to send it.
- If I haven't gotten past the sketch and you need to cancel your order, you'll be refunded. If I have completed the sketch (or further) we'll talk about it.
- I have the right to refuse any order if I am not comfortable with it, or for other reasons.
- The commissioner can use their finished piece as they please as long as I am credited. I retain the right to post the finished piece in my gallery unless asked not to, as well as to use it as an example.
- I also accept points, with the conversion rate of $1 = 100 points.
- Will do:
  - Humanoids
  - Some monsters and light furry, pets
  - All the pairings (canon, ocxcanon, ocxoc, straight, gay, etc)
  - Fanart
  - Mild violence
  - Mild NSFW
- Won't do:
  - Full furry or mecha
  - Extreme gore
  - Extreme NSFW

What's Available

* for another person, add 3/4s the price.


    > Bust || 10 USD
    > Half body || 20 USD
    > Full body || 28 USD 

     bust by kii-wi  [AT] Sunflower, sunflower by kii-wi  [CM] Tell me you're ready to go by kii-wi  [CM] So let it go, let it fly by kii-wi


    > Bust ||  18 USD
    > Half body || 28 USD
    > Full body || 40 USD 

     [AT] Soft morning sunlight by kii-wi  [TG] The fox in the snow by kii-wi  [TG] We always return to fire by kii-wi

Limited Palette

    > Bust only || 16 USD
    > You can link me a palette, give me a single color to go off of, or let me pick
  jenguu by kii-wi  palette 1 by kii-wi  Palette com by kii-wi


    > Experimental ||  12 USD
     Shalquoia chibi by kii-wi  [CM] Chasing more desires by kii-wi  [CM] We may fall in love every time by kii-wi

    > Keychain || 8 USD
     Torotober 3 by kii-wi  Torotober 8 by kii-wi  Torotober 11 by kii-wi


    > Experimental pagedoll  || 15 USD
      Konayuki pagedoll by kii-wi  Estrella-Angel by kii-wi   samiemack by kii-wi 

    > Cutsey pagedoll || 15 USD
     [CM] Baking by kii-wi  [CM] Elegance by kii-wi 

    > Festival icon || 6 USD
        > Alternate form
     partay-Kagura by kii-wi  partay-Ari by kii-wi  partay-Miki by kii-wi  partay-Sora by kii-wi  partay-Kazuha by kii-wi

    > Free style icon || 10 USD
        > Some form of animation guaranteed
        > No couples please
      Akane-icon by kii-wi  Kana-icon2 by kii-wi   Amiette-icon by kii-wi  [K] Let's take a trip by kii-wi  Hisako-icon by kii-wi

    > Cupcake icon || 7 USD 
        > 6 USD for non-blinking
  cupcake-Maya by kii-wi  cupcake Yoshi by kii-wi  cupcake-Meiki by kii-wi


    > Not at this time

How to Order

Send a note!

  Commission type: what you want
  Character ref(s): include a little personalty and the owner if applicable
  Details: what you want your piece to look like, or you can leave it to my discretion
  Background: color or transparent etc. for regular, or scene for screenshot
  Payment: paypal or points
  Email: paypal users only, for invoices


  1. causticsugar
  2. pumpkincookie 
  3. sulpiciaa
  4. Celebae 
  5. Jaz-Saxx 

12 Questions Tag

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 2:18 PM

Got tagged by NoIntegri-Tae  this time!
Again not tagging people sorry screw the rules

1. You have to post ALL the rules.
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
3. Choose 12 people.
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people.
5. You can't say you don't do tags.
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED.

1. If you had to live with one of your OCs for a month, who would it be and how screwed are you.
    I want to live with Ine; she doesn't have room for me but we'll make it work, otherwise I think we'd be pretty well off! Helps when your oc is rich-
2. What does drawing make you feel.
    Mixed emotions. If I'm inspired I feel great, but if I have art block or something drawing can be a real pain.
3. What are your favourite foods.
    I will never ever turn down salmon, rice, or noodles. 
4. Least favourite Nardo character.
    I probably could have answered this easily way back when, but I'm kind of neutral to everyone now? I'll say Zetsu though, never really was a fan.
5. Uchiha or Senju?
    Senju because Uchiha is overrated :v
6. Do you get sad often?
    Heck yeah I do.
7. Are 'Bad OCs' really bad?
    Depends on what 'bad' means in this context: as in antagonistic or poorly made? Neither are necessarily 'bad.'
8. How long have you had your characters?
    I think I made my first character around 6th or 7th grade... so like 9 or so years?
9. Were you a 'bad kid'?
    Lmao yes.
10. Am I hard to approach?
    Naw I don't think so.
11. What's the hardest part of writing your OCs?
12. How did you get into the nardo fandom?
Uhhh honestly I don't really remember, it was either through my sister or a friend.


Tagged by eszart a while ago!

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must share 13 things about them
3. Answer the 13 questions the tagger gave you and then invent 13 of your own
4. You must legitimately tag 13 people 
5. Tagbacks are allowed!
6. You must make a journal entry

1. If I can get a table at Kuronekocon this year I'll be pumped >'C
2. I wear long sleeves pretty much all year round.
3. I was blonde once.
4. Very likely that I'll be moving soon, so if I disappear in the next couple month's you'll know why :')
5. I cosplayyy
6. My room is a complete mess.
7. I'm really not the person you want to go to for emotional support.
8. I have like no life experience rip.
9. I really want another cat.
10. You can't make me watch horror films - I'll turn your life into a horror film first.
11. Life is great when you're antisocial and have no friends.
12. I only go to campus on Tuesdays/Thursdays.
13. I hate tagging people B')

1. What are some nicknames you have?
Kiwi, Kii, Chibi
2. What do you like to do other than drawing? Any different hobbies?
Cosplay? I do sudoku a lot too.
3. Did something good happen to you this week? Maybe, something bad? (maybe, nothing at all...)
I went to the movies and found a hilarious name in the credits lmao.
4. What is your favorite show\movie\other that you recommend to watch? And why? (no spoilers please!)
I don't actually have anyone to recommend things to so I don't :')
5. Favorite games atm? Do you recommend it?
Tbh I only ever play Pokemon or Fire Emblem so sure.
6. Who are some artists that make you want to draw more and MORE?
Don't have anyone like that.
7. Are you studying something? If yes, what? How it is going? (If you're still stuck in high school like me- please be free to share the pain- or maybe joy?)
Just getting my art's associates at community college right now.
8. What to you plan on drawing in the future?
9. Do you have any projects that you're working on? If yes, what?
Always doing things for HiddenLanternVillage and Hachizora :')
10. What is the one color that rules your closet? (mine blue for some reason...)
Gray/various shades of black and white
11. Digital art or traditional art? Why?
Either or, I like certain aspects of each.
12. What was your dream to do as a kid? Did it come true?
Um tbh I've never really had "dreams" of what to do with my life or whatever.
13. What is your favorite animal? And why?
Don't really have one.

1. Why don't you ever do things when you're tagged?

Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey Fouffey 

(this is an inside joke don't mind me)
(also like I said I hate tagging people so sorryyy)

Torogakure RP Tracker

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 18, 2016, 6:54 PM

It's break, so I might as well get my RP game back together right?
Please let me know if you want to bond!
A mix of a relationship/RP tracker tbh

I prefer Skype as my main platform, but I'm willing to try something else!

[TG] Kimura Isao by kii-wi  [TG] Isao Kimura - Untouchable by kii-wi  Kimura Isao

      [ Asukai Shinya ]
      [ Kitsune Inui ] - TBA
[Other Relationships] 
      [ Minawa Tadashi ] - A fellow Tiger member with similar views, and they get along decently.
      [ Yamita Miki ] - A childhood friend and acquaintance as their mothers hang out a lot. He finds her outlook on life very fresh, and she's a good person to have around.
      Shirogane Aya ] - TBA
      [ Furukawa Kiryuu ] - TBA
         CURRENTLY RPING: Back in the academy...

[TG] Mansei Onomi by kii-wi  [TG] Onomi Mansei - Talented Chuunin by kii-wi  Mansei Onomi

      [ Shirogane Shishito ]
 - Someone she's butt heads with since even before the academy. They may not always get along, but Onomi trusts him and considers him a friend.
      [ Asukai Karigane ] - The newest team member and the best to create mischief with. He's the only cool Asukai and the only other Dim Lantern who's "not a pussy."
[Clan Members] - AKA the fucking nonexistent family
      [ Mansei Chiasa ] - Should probably be revisited.
      [ Mansei Shinji ] - TBA
      [ Mansei Nori ] - TBA
      [ Mansei Anzu ] - Her direct cousin and one of the best people to hang with. Mischief seems to follow them everywhere.
      [ Mansei Kotone ] - Should probably be revisited.
[Other Relationships] 
      [ Minawa Ren ] - Gross, a Minawa. He's alright, but he's still a jerk and a pussy.
      [ Koizumi Eri ] - A long time friend as well as rival, but they don't see each other much anymore.
      [ Asuaki Kaoru ] - TBA
         CURRENTLY RPING: Get in the festival.
      [ Kitsune Kohaku ] - TBA
         CURRENTLY RPING: This is a mess.

[TG] Hibiki Hinoiri by kii-wi  [TG] Hinoiri Hibiki by kii-wi  Hibiki Hinoiri

      [ Hibiki Ari ]
 - Close friends, they practically grew up together. They can be a pretty mishievous pair when put together.
         CURRENTLY RPING: Welcome to the team.
      [ Tatsuyoshi Jun ] - TBA
[Clan Members]
      [ Hibiki Takumi ] - She's essentially adopted him as a forth younger brother. She enjoys teasing him, but is always there for him when he needs it.
      [ Hibiki Hakai ] - Her little brother! Relationship needs to be expanded.
      [ Hibiki Jinta ] - He's fun to be around, but trouble seems likely to follow a pair of Hibiki.
          CURRENTLY RPING: We're totally "shopping."
      [ Hibiki Moyura ] - TBA
         CURRENTLY RPING: Tea has derailed our entire deep conversation.
[Other Relationships] 
      [ Minawa Tokara ] - Her current girlfriend ♥ They bond over a mutual liking of shiny, valuable, and pretty things.
      [ Kaname Chouyou ] - Old friends and sort of neighbors, they used to walk to the academy together.
      Aoki Tamie ] - A fellow tea enthusiast, she sometimes gives her dating advice.
      [ Asukai Harumi ] - An ex-girlfriend. They actually hooked each other up with new dates.
      [ Asukai Shinya ] - They've dated in the past.