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[WS] Tamaruya Ibuki

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Published: May 21, 2018
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Character Information, Statistics, Genetics and Attributes:

Full Name: Tamaruya Ibuki [箭 吹]
Birth date: April 9, 1554
Ranking: Rōnin
Way of Life: Miko of Kansai
Religion: Sect Shintō
Allegiances: None
Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Pouts when making decisions | Swings legs when sitting with feet free | Prays daily | Prone to stumbling over words | Steps lightly | Fiddles with her hair ties when extremely nervous | Always leaves offerings at shrines | Very touchy | Polite and honest speech
    Rituals | Children | The sound of bells | Red | Sight-seeing | Light rain | Lanterns | Singing | Noodles | Exciting tales | Traveling | Being able to help other people | Feeling grass on bare feet | Listening to running water | Farming | Collecting wisdom from strangers
Western religion, she doesn't understand it | Blood | Seafood | Stiff people | Cloudy nights | Settling in one place | Secrets | Deep water | Revenge | Getting yelled at | Taking advantage of others | Refusing gifts | Fireworks | People who purposefully disrespect the gods
    Spread cheer and good faith to as many as she can

        Dense | Alert | Cheerful | Neutral | Determined | Magnanimous | Open | Submissive | Somewhat gullible | Uncritical | Excitable 
    A young girl with a big heart, Ibuki often goes out of her way to help others. She likes to think the acts of kindness she starts will pass from one person to the next, and will try to give aid even if she senses something's wrong or she's refused. But she's meek and mild-mannered, and will give up and pout for days if she's turned down harshly or consistently. As she's quick to step in and rather dense and gullible, she's fairly easy to take advantage of; if she actually figures it out, she usually doesn't mind and is pretty forgiving, unless it's something that really clashes with her morals. 
    She can be described as immature, but that's primarily due to her lack of life experience. Ibuki has an idealized view of the world, and while she's adept at finding the good parts of people and events, she's also easily let down. She's a neutral party who takes things in stride and listens to both sides of an argument, but uses her heart rather than logic to decide or weigh an outcome. As an open book, she's incredibly honest with her emotions, and tends to say what's on her mind no matter how ill-advised that may be. She's very in-tune with herself, and that's something that keeps her going. She's unlikely to lose touch with her true nature, and can power through even the toughest of times and situations because of it. 

    The middle child between two brothers, Ibuki grew up quite sheltered. She was born in a small farming town in Kii no Kuni, only an hour or two away from the main port city. Her father made most of his living selling produce and some livestock at port. They weren't incredibly well off, but they weren't penniless either. Ibuki grew up comfortable for the most part.
    Ibuki helped her mother manage the house for the most part. She desperately wanted to go see the sea-side city, but her father never brought her along, enlisting her older brother's aid instead. Although she still dreamed of going, the girl put the thoughts aside and busied herself instead, focusing on the tasks her mother gave her as well as lending a hand to the neighbors should they need it. She was especially fond of the tasks that took her near any of the local shrines. Ibuki was fascinated by the gods and what they represented. Even if it was incredibly small, she always made an effort to leave some sort of offering at each temple. Her constant efforts eventually seemed to pay off. As she aged she appeared to be incredibly lucky. She rarely fell ill; more than once the majority of her family became quite sick, but she didn't seem to catch any illness as she cared for them. Under her care they appeared to recover faster than neighbors with the same sickness as well. It wasn't long before Ibuki became a bit of a town luck charm.
    By the time she was a teen, she spent most of her free time at one of the larger temples, and was quickly taken on to be trained as a shrine maiden. She put in her best efforts, and for several years she was content. But as more time passed, the more restless Ibuki became, and the desire to wander became harder to quash. Figuring the gods were urging her to spread faith and kindness, she packed a few things, bade her family farewell, and hit the road.

     − Weapon 1: Bō: "Long, straight, wooden staff used for striking and disarming a foe while in battle." 180cm  3 Range 
     − Weapon 2: Chokutō"An straight sword with a double edged blade." 100cm
     − Helmet: None. 
     − Armour: None. 
     − Banner: None. 
     − Saddle: None. 
     − Trinket 1: None. 
     − Trinket 2: Not unlocked yet.
     − Trinket 3: Not unlocked yet.
     − Trinket 4: Not unlocked yet.

Personal Parameters:
     − Condition: 500 / 500
     − Limitation: 500 / 500
     − Morale: 500 / 500

Battlefield Talents: 
     − Martial Arts: 7 / 10
     − Archery Arts: 4 / 10 
     − Cavalry Arts: 5 / 10
     − Self Defense: 7 / 10
     − Proficiency: 6 / 10
     − Presence: 7 / 10

Personal Skills: 
     − Leadership: 3 / 10
     − Strategy: 3 / 10
     − Charisma: 7 / 10
     − Intrigue: 4 / 10
     − Tradition: 7 / 10
     − Occultism: 5 / 10

Alternate Artworks and Designs:
Ibuki flats2 by kii-wi  Ibuki flats by kii-wi

Significant Quotes and Sayings:
     − "Even if no one else does, I'll be the one person to forgive you!" 
     − "Sometimes when I'm tired, I like to look up at the sky and remind myself that even something so simple contains so much energy." 
     − "I can help!" 
     − "Err.. I might be a little lost. Would you be so nice as to point me in the right direction?" 
     − "I have to carry out the duties the gods have given me." 

Character/Art © kii-wi 
Please don't steal, trace, edit, etc.

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