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[WS] Mizushima Otohiko
By kiippon   |   Watch
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Published: May 23, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 kiippon

Character Information, Statistics, Genetics and Attributes:

Full Name: Mizushima Otohiko [水嶋 乙彦]
Birth date: September 2, 1550
Ranking: Samurai
Way of Life: Buke of Chūbu 
Religion: Shingon Buddhist
Allegiances: Ii Naotora
Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Scratches cheek when sheepish | Grins a lot | Apologizes a lot for nothing | Has a habit of cracking like every bone in his hands when he's raring for a fight | Speaks in a lazy drawl | Attempts to be polite to everyone, but ends up being pretty lax | Cocks his head when confused | Claps his hands together twice when delivering good news    
    Dogs | Fireside chats and stories | Fighting | Singing | Taking naps | Helping those in need | Simple meals | Making friends | Children | Making really bad puns and jokes | Being outdoors | Fishing | Taking up challenges | The sound of things smashing under his hammer | The smell after it rains | Wet grass | Festivals | Good sake
    Getting sick | Snoring | Violence without a real reason | Being too far from his weapon | Uptight pricks | Not having something to do | Being mocked or insulted | Extremely tense situations | Dull or dark colors | Seeing his loved ones get hurt | Squeaky, high-pitched noises | Riding in a wagon or anything with wheels
    Get a dog | Do his best for his Daimyō | An exciting death

        Friendly | Lazy | Easy-going | Loyal | Apologetic | Simple-minded | Competitive | Reflective | Stable | Passive
    Otohiko possesses a heart of gold beneath his somewhat intimidating exterior. He is very easy-going and especially friendly, and would never harm an innocent person. Cheerful but still pretty mellow, he's always a steady presence even in rough situations. He follows his heart, and is extremely loyal to those he respects and to those he believes hold similar values to his own. Despite having a lazy streak, Otohiko dislikes not having anything to do, and will content himself by doing even the most simple task, whether it's cleaning, helping someone out, or taking a quiet fishing break. He prefers personal satisfaction over material rewards, although he would never turn anything of the sort down.
    Although he hates violence spawned from whim, Otohiko certainly loves fighting or brawling of any kind. He'd never turn down a challenge or competition if he could help it, but he usually doesn't go out of his way to find a scuffle; he takes opportunities when they present themselves. He riles up on the battlefield and becomes surprisingly bloodthirsty, enjoying the feeling of power smashing things with his hammer gives him, even if he leaves a trail of apologies in his wake. The man loves the rush of adrenaline battle gives him. He does understand the consequences of his actions, even if he seems to brush them off or appears oblivious to them.

    The son of a fisherman, Otohiko grew up on the coastline of Mikawa. His father was never very successful, so the family was usually poor. Otohiko did his best to help, performing lots of small tasks for people all over their small village, often receiving food in return. Other boys who were better off would ridicule and even attack him for it, so Otohiko learned to fight and defend himself from a young age. He never caused too much damage though, preferring to lightly pummel the boys until they learned their lesson before running them off, which wasn't extremely difficult due to his larger stature and rather intimidating face.
    Otohiko's mother gave birth to his sister when he was nine. She insisted they find a more profitable lifestyle, so that they would have an easier time raising their daughter in a relatively safer environment. So Otohiko's father gave up on being a fisherman and moved the family farther inland with the intent to become a merchant. He was unsuccessful for the first couple of years, but eventually business caught on, and the Mizushima family was no longer in desperate need of money. Otohiko became devoted to his baby sister, helping to raise and teach her, as well as defend her from bullies as she grew older. 
    When he turned sixteen, Otohiko decided it would be better to support his family by doing what he did best - fighting. He searched out the nearest general under the Ii's service and insisted upon training under him. After a little over two long years of following the general around, Otohiko determined that, while of course he could improve, he was strong enough to fight officially, so he packed up his things and traveled to the Daimyō's castle to enlist in her service directly. With the general recommending and certifying his talent, he found himself rising through the ranks at a decent pace. The first time Otohiko officially met Naotora, he swore his allegiance to her and her cause without hesitation, and now operates under her orders. He continues to send a large part of his earnings back to his family.

     − Weapon 1: Ōtsuchi: "A sturdy Mallet or Hammer designed for use in two hands and crushing blows." 120cm − 2 Hand
     − Weapon 2: Wakizashi: "A shorter single edged, curved short sword. Traditional sword. " 60cm
     − Helmet: None. 
     − Armour: None. 
     − Banner: None. 
     − Saddle: None. 
     − Trinket 1: None. 
     − Trinket 2: Not unlocked yet.
     − Trinket 3: Not unlocked yet.
     − Trinket 4: Not unlocked yet.

Personal Parameters:
     − Condition: 500 / 500
     − Limitation: 500 / 500
     − Morale: 500 / 500

Battlefield Talents: 
     − Martial Arts: 7 / 10
     − Archery Arts: 2 / 10 
     − Cavalry Arts: 7 / 10
     − Self Defense: 7 / 10
     − Proficiency: 6 / 10
     − Presence: 7 / 10

Personal Skills: 
     − Leadership: 7 / 10
     − Strategy: 3 / 10
     − Charisma: 4 / 10
     − Intrigue: 3 / 10
     − Tradition: 7 / 10
     − Occultism: 5 / 10

Alternate Artworks and Designs:
Otohiko flats by kii-wi

Significant Quotes and Sayings:
     − "Nuthin' better than a drink and a nap in the sun!"
     − "Ya don't got anythin' ta drink on ya, do ya?"
     − "Er.. no thank ya, I'd rather walk. Wagons.. I don' trust 'em."
     − "Dogs are real cool, ya know? Loyal and honest, like a good person."
     − "I'm not good at much but.. I gotta good teacher!" 

Character/Art © kii-wi 
Please don't steal, trace, edit, etc.

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luluoppStudent General Artist
I love his goal to get a dog ;o; what a sweetie
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kiipponHobbyist Digital Artist
Thankss he's but a simple boy
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pumpkincookieStudent Traditional Artist

He looks and sounds so good man, Naotora's so lucky to have this good boy:heart:
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kiipponHobbyist Digital Artist
Uhuhu thank youuu
Pls I'm p sure it's the other way around
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pumpkincookieStudent Traditional Artist
please she is so lucky to have this good boy :U
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