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[WS] Higakama Tsutao
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By kiippon   |   Watch
Published: May 23, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 kiippon

Character Information, Statistics, Genetics and Attributes:

Full Name: Higakama Tsutao [竈 蔦夫]
Birth date: December 25, 1533
Ranking: Samurai
Way of Life: Saishi of Kantō  
Religion: Koshintō
Allegiances: Kobayakawa Yuuka
Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Half-smiles, it's never full | Pauses before entering a new room | Good posture | Walks quietly | Runs thumb over coins, beads, other small objects when holding them | Holds eye contact | Keeps hands to himself | Rubs jaw when conflicted
    Twilight | Menial labor | Yakitori | Horses | Silence | Tapestry | Mountainous regions | Beetles | Meditation
    Wasted time | Glittery or shiny detailing | Unmotivated folk | The sea | Witchcraft | Long days | Soba | Snakes | Dreaming | Crows
    Carry out all his duties | Live and retire peacefully

        Articulate | Resourceful | Bland | Flexible | Stern | Impersonal | Objective | Unhurried | Dutiful | Crafty | Mannered | Subtle
    It's up for debate whether Tsutao's career choice molded his personality, or if he chose his path because his personality suited it. He's rather disconnected, and doesn't connect to others in a way that would be deemed "normal." He keeps to himself and isn't burdened by other people's issues, and he takes information in objectively, resorting to reason and logic before anything else when it comes to a course of action. To add to his seemingly uncaring aura, Tsutao is quite stern and can't tolerate failure, be it his own or someone else's. He takes his duties very seriously, and believes others should too; he won't work twice with someone who goofs off on the job unless they are extremely capable. It's nothing against anyone personally, but he's a man who values efficiency. It may seem a tad hypocritical, as he himself is unhurried in most his actions. He firmly believes in the concept 'haste makes waste,' which displays efficiency in its own ways. 
    In truth the man has a very bland personality. He's not a dreamer, nor is he extravagant. He takes what he needs to get by, and lives humbly. However, because his base personality is so simple, it's easy to edit, and he makes a decent actor. Tsutao is crafty, using people, belongings, and events to his advantage to complete his goals, and will even pick up personality traits that aren't his own to make the process smoother should it be necessary. Articulate and subtle, he's talented at lying, dodging the question, and weaseling answers out of someone. While not truly a smooth talker by any means, he can hold his own in conversation and he's polite enough to smooth over any bumps. Tsutao finds a way to make use of anything and everything at his disposal, in some way.

    Tsutao rarely speaks of his own history, although it would be easy enough to ask around for information. He was born and raised in Kantō, an only child. Growing up in a Shintō temple that had been in his family for many years, he received a broad education from an early age, and his father groomed him to become the next shrine priest. Because of this, the boy had little time to go out and actually be a child; he knew very little of the world outside of the temple and his readings. This and his father's expectations muted his personality - although chances are he probably wouldn't have been very interesting to begin with. But family friends who came to visit would often comment on how mature the boy was, like an old soul in a young body.
    It wasn't until his teenage years that he really started to experience things outside of the temple. Although he would never admit it, he had grown somewhat bored of temple life, and took it upon himself to run errands into town. While he never actually interacted much outside of his tasks, even just the change of scenery satisfied him, and he continued to make trips about town when needed. After watching a small force of Kobayakawa troops pass the temple more than once, Tsutao aspired to pick up more varied hobbies, and convinced his father to let him take up the bow. While not truly interested in the art of archery itself, he was more looking for an activity that would hone his focus and steel his mind. He practiced daily after that, even if only for a few minutes.
    Theirs being one of the largest temples in the territory, they were occasionally visited by the Kobayakawa daimyō, or his father would be summoned for various traditional ceremonies. Tsutao took his place by the time he was 29, his father having grown rather feeble in age, which made even short distance travel difficult. Not very interested in the politics, Tsutao kept his emotional distance from the daimyō and his court, simply carrying out rituals and supplying advice when asked for it. He carried out his tasks dutifully regardless of the situation, and remained a neutral party. When her father passed and Yuuka assumed his title, the man thought little of it; it wasn't his concern who led the territory as long as they did nothing to dishonor or damage his work space. Tsutao continues to serve the Kobayakawa clan in any religious needs, although the change in leadership changed his role a little bit. When Yuuka took power, the priest officially entered her employment. 
    He is not married, and hasn't expressed much interest. He doesn't seem to think anyone would be interested in him, and he doesn't make an effort in looking for a wife either. But should the situation come up, he is open to the possibility.

     − Weapon 1: Taishōkyū: "A less common, classical, perfectly symmetrical bow." 140cm  5 Range
     − Weapon 2: Saihai: "Classical baton and signal device, mostly used by Strategists to instruct armies." 45cm  3 Range
     − Helmet: None. 
     − Armour: None. 
     − Banner: None. 
     − Saddle: None. 
     − Trinket 1: None. 
     − Trinket 2: Not unlocked yet.
     − Trinket 3: Not unlocked yet.
     − Trinket 4: Not unlocked yet.

Personal Parameters:
     − Condition: 500 / 500
     − Limitation: 500 / 500
     − Morale: 500 / 500

Battlefield Talents: 
     − Martial Arts: 4 / 10
     − Archery Arts: 7 / 10 
     − Cavalry Arts: 5 / 10
     − Self Defense: 5 / 10
     − Proficiency: 7 / 10
     − Presence: 7 / 10

Personal Skills: 
     − Leadership: 4 / 10
     − Strategy: 7 / 10
     − Charisma: 3 / 10
     − Intrigue: 7 / 10
     − Tradition: 7 / 10
     − Occultism: 2 / 10

Alternate Artworks and Designs:
Tsutao flats by kii-wi

Significant Quotes and Sayings:
     − "The cherry blossom blooms only so long. Dawdle and you will miss it." 
     − "The steady sort of person doesn't need much to get by." 
     − "There is no point in meddling with the affairs of another." 
     − "Perhaps you should pray for better luck..." 
     − "Where you perhaps raised with no manners?" 

Character/Art © kii-wi 
Please don't steal, trace, edit, etc.

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