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MP - Visions

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My best dev since a very long time. It shows a Chozo with his son looking at the lake of the 'Frigate Crash Site'. They sit near the big rock, but suddenly a flash goes through the elder's head. He sees a reflection of what it will become: A giant ship has crashed upon one of their temples and hostile creatures search the planet.

The things in the pic that will remind you of the 'Frigate Crash Site' are the trees and 2 branches, the rock, the cloudy sky and the lake off course. The sneaky thing in this pic is that if you turn it around, the flash through the Chozo's head turns out to be the meteor coming down on the planet.

At the highest point of our city lies the fountain, a wellspring of pure water that flows throughout our civilization. It is the jewel of the Chozo, the life-giver, and yet its waters speak of a clouded future. As we come to understand the paths of time and space more clearly, we have begun to glimpse rough tatters of past and future, glittering behind reality like soft lights behind a curtain. We have seen the fountain in these glimpses, pouring darkness instead of water, and we cannot guess what the visions mean.
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Ok so I want to get this right. This is supposed to be a vision that takes place years/decades/centuries before the leviathan, at the location in Tallon Overworld where the Frigate crashes. Right?

If so, I also appreciate how the ruins are in that direction, because not too far from there are the ruins where the x-ray visor would later be.
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Hmm, haven't thought about that. Pretty cool idea, but the only problem is that the two ruins have nothing alike. Maybe the X-Ray part is just an extension of the ruins I drew, while the rest was crushed by Orpheon. Thanks for commenting anyways, much appreciated :D
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Jester-RaceHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is definitely a very interesting picture, but I must admit that it wasn't until after I read your description that I understood it.

So they are looking at the crashed Space Pirate ship when the elder has a vision of another impending crash that turns out to be the meteor? Not to nit-pick, but I think the meteor came first and the pirates followed the intense energy signals or something. I could be wrong, but I guess it doesn't really matter that much.

I really like how you've given this multiple layers both literally and in terms of levels of depth. Very nice work.
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The Leviathan came way before the Pirates, 50 years or something. But I definitly wanted to not only to show the thread of the Pirates (which is minimal), but the Phazon too, and so I added the impact to it.

Thanks a lot for commenting again :D
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SesakaTHStudent General Artist
Wow. You depicted the visions in the make really well! I have to do a illustration like that sometime.
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Thanks, you're done with your MP3 pics right, maybe you can start making more of another Metroid (Prime).

Thanks for the Fave too :D
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alienorbHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome work, buddy! Very much detail on both the pic and the background story for it! Great to see such enthusiasm and devotion! Also, very beautiful shading and coloring on the Thardus pic! :D
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Thanks for the great comment man, Yeh, I alwayz check if it's correct with the story first, than I start drawing, thanks a lot for commenting =)
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It's brilliant, I love the aero troopers. You did a great job. :)
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They were hard because there were no detailed pictures of em on the internet =( Anywayz, thanks for commenting and faving :D
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kritkenProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, the coloring the detailing and the reflection effect looks amazing buddy :O
I like your view point from the history :D
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Usually, the Chozo had visions near the Fountain, but I wanted to reflect something of Phazon or Pirates in water so I needed a bigger lake. So I chose this area.
Glad you like it and thanks for Faving :D
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the question is why did it have to crash there why not somewhere else on tallon IV <:/ but besides that good colors :P
KiHunter's avatar
It was in orbit around Tallon IV, but closest to the place where the Space Pirates get the Phazon: around the Great Temple. So it crashed near the Temple. Thanks tho' :D
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ah, I guess it just self destructs auto. when samus's kills the parasite queen and crashes near that temple? :confused:
KiHunter's avatar
It destroyed because the Parasite fell into the core, ya know, where the power at the station comes from.
Zebrahead1's avatar
Ohhh :XD: sorry bout the questions but one more XP so what was the parasite queen doing in the station core in the first place? :/
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The Pirates tested Phazon, but were not ready to test it on theirselves yet. This experiment only led to a slaughter :D
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:P okie doke thanks! =D
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