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MP - Meta Ridley

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The rebirth of Space Pirate general Ridley on frigate Orpheon. His heavily wounded tail is just cut off, by the Pirate with the scythe, standing next to Ridley. The tail is still struggling (you can see a Space Pirate that has been tackled by it). Ridley's in pain but he's chained. You can't really see that it's frigate Orpheon, so I added the signs on the floor, left. You can see some Space Pirates working on his tail and leg parts and you can see some of 'em talking. Download to see the Space Pirates better.

Meta Ridley:
The reconstruction of geo-form 187, code-named Ridley, was recently completed. After his defeat on Zebes, Command ordered a number of meta-genetic improvements for him. Though aggressive, we were able to implement these changes in a cycle. The metamorphosis was painful, but quite successful in the end. Early tests indicate a drastic increase in strength, mobility, and offensive capability. Cybernetic modules and armour plating have been added as well. We believe our creation, now called Meta Ridley, will become the mainstay of our security force, a job he will certainly relish...
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Creepy. I like it. It shows a good representation on how Meta Ridley was created. I love this kinda stuff.
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spyrolinkgameHobbyist Digital Artist
Do not fuck me, so much technology you have and no anesthesia ... Waaaaaaaa, Logica so rare, W;
Jejejejeje, I like your drawing, Always with Metroids I love most is fight against Ridley
Sorry for my English
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Thank you. Maybe he is tranquilized :D. He's not so tranquil though.
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Thank you :D
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This is really COOL! I like how you show his surgery in progress. Reall neat idea for a drawing.
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Wow, thanks a lot man, and thanks for all of the Favez too :D
BioniFREAK's avatar
no problem, Your welcome for all the :+fav:s
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Tanooki128Hobbyist Digital Artist
I take it this is the pic you were talking about :o

Wow, there's such a big contrast between the treatment Samus gets (in my surgery pic) and the kind Ridley has to go through... I mean, they have to tie him down to the friggin' table :laughing:

There's just a ton of detail in this pic (from the little men putting together a new tail, to the claw marks throughout the room). You did a great job with it, KiHunter :)
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Thanks for the great comment. Yeah, I wanted this pic to be very 'bizzy' =) with a lot of detail. I really like your pic a lot too, because it's very original, cuz you don't get to see it in the game :D
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GetaroHobbyist General Artist
Very interesting!
I thought tried to imagine too how they may "repaired" Ridley...
Nice one!
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Thanks, yeah, I was thinking about that myself =)
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The all the surgury,blood,and the equipment & body parts look pretty cool :+fav:
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Thanks =) I wanted to make something with a little more detail in it.
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TheRidgeMasterHobbyist Photographer
WOW!!! OMG Ridley!!


Poor Ridley....

Freakin' awesome man! :#1: I love the info added too. =]
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Thanks, you liked the info last time, thanks for that too :D
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kritkenProfessional Digital Artist
Hey that's an excelent work :XD:

Hey how'd think Ridley recovered his lost body parts, he seems normal at super metroid
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Thank you very much =) Yeh... That's one of the most mysterious parts of Metroid. Metroid 1, almost killed, Metroid Prime, exploded, Metroid Prime 3, fallen into the depths of Norion and later, exploded into a million Phazon pieces, and in Super Metroid, he's completely organic -.- I don't get it =(
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kritkenProfessional Digital Artist
Well this is my theory.
Metroid 1, he's normal but, as you said, he was almost killed.
Metroid prime: Revived as as a cyborg half organic, half mechanic, he exploded but that does't killed him.

Prime 3: meta ridley returns but he looks somewhat diferent, maybe he's now less organic than prime 1, he fell into the depths of the planet but hardly something like that would have killed him
OMEGA RIDLEY: Check the scan info, it says at the top, 'revived and REGENERATED thanks to phazon exposure' maybe the phazon exposure restored his lost body parts, if you check the enemy, he's not wearing too much armor , and when you defeat him, maybe he just released the phazon energy and escaped, but we couldn't see that.
Well thats my theory, what do you think?
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I think that the theory that he's differnent on Norion because of more metalic parts could be right. You could be right with the MP3 - SM story, but it could be a race, and the Space Pirates could have discovered more of 'em. I think we will find out, as soon as they make a Metroid-game, that continues from the Metroid Fusion ending. I think they will explain the many ´deaths´ of Ridley then.
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kritkenProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah there are many unexplained things for example:
What was ridley doing at the metroid fussion station?
What happened to the tallon IV (there's an empty crater) and Aether leviatans?
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Actualy from what I've heard, only Ridley's remains where at the station. They were found floating in space after his most recent defeat (on Zebes?), and were frozen for further examination, without the risk of his vessel being used again. The X-Parasites, however, where able to reach his remains, and consume them. so the ridley that was later seen was the result of the parasite's recreation of Ridley.
KiHunter's avatar
Huh, wjat happened to them? If you want to know what happened, the Leviathan attracted a Metroid and began to corrupt it. Now the Metroid had become big (Metroid Prime) and it served as Leviathan Guardian. The Leviathan died, and further Phazon spread across the planet stopped. But Metroid Prime stayed alive...

The same happened with Echoes, but not with a Metroid, but with an Inglet.
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kritkenProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, I know that, but what I wanted to know is, what happened to the leviatan organisms from those planets, not the leviatan guardians.
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