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Quagga Body Shape Ref - Part 1



Work in progress
(my own art will be added later)

A new project I'm working on
I see a lot of people are not clear on what a quagga is or where they lived or that they are actually zebras and not horse/zebra hybrids

All my research is done with the Quagga Project site - and a little of wikipedia and of course from museums from around the world, the info here are not based of my personal views but on science and facts

Oh and if anyone know any info on the other two photographs please let me know even if they didn't survive till today it will still be great to know what happened to them
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Do you know if Quaggas had a ventral (belly) stripe like the other zebras?

Unfortunately I can't find any images of any of the preserved skins that show the belly clearly. Though I have seen some with what looks like the beginning of a ventral stripe on the chest but without an image of the belly of the animals it's uncertain...

I ask because I'm saving up to get a custom Quagga figure from an artist and I want it to be as accurate as possible.