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Heyo, it'sa-me. S'been a while since I made a Journal Post about anything, huh?

Y'know, given how Status Updates are just more convenient... 8'D

Anyway, I'm writing this mostly to give an ACTUAL status update about my current state of affairs, since after the latest The Crossroad update I have left the progress bar at just 'Scripting in Progress'. Rest assured, I am still working on the story, however it has not been consistent due to certain events in real life I'm about to detail.

Firstly I've received my A-Level results about two weeks ago and I have been blessed with good results! :D Currently, I am still getting stuff ready for my University applications, and if I get accepted, I will be starting school again in August. Leaves me many months to myself, but I'll be entering a new stage of life, which is always kinda nerve-wracking.

Secondly, while I was waiting for those results, in order to occupy my time, I signed up as a volunteer at a daycare for Primary School students. Dealing with kids is kinda tough, but so far I've warmed up to them and things are going smoothly ^^ I've also been taking driving lessons on alternate days and several of my lessons have been filled with muttering about not ramming into motorcyclists, but otherwise, that's been going well too.

Thirdly, thanks to being egged on by certain people (YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE), I've been trying out Dungeon Fighter Online for the past few weeks too! Despite it being my first MMO and kinda confusing me at first, it's been super fun to play! ^^ So far I've made Alyss Baraen the Spitfire, a.k.a the class that was just designed for an explosives maniac like Alyss, and ARMEDMakoto the Asura.


I make no comments about his name 8'D

Either way it's basically been a blast just steamrolling enemies across all the dungeons and I've clocked a few hours in, though I'm trying to manage my time. Thank goodness for the fatigue system making sure you specifically don't ruin your life xD

...and yeah unfortunately this means I haven't made much progress with Cuphead. I'll get back to that suffering another time 8'D

For those of you who still remember, I also haven't made much progress on the preview for the Wadanohara video I've hinted at before, since that's still a side thing. But I will be sure to let you know how that goes.

So yeah, things have been kinda busy for me despite being off of school, but otherwise I am doing fine ^^ I apologize if I worried anyone with my silence sans any comic updates, since I keep most of my contacts private, but I assure you everything is well. The Crossroad shall continue when it's ready, and in the meantime I will still be as active as I have been.

God bless you all and have a great day ^^
Memes, The Dna Of The Soul by Kigurou-Enkou
(There are many events that warrant this reaction...)

To all readers of The Crossroad, thank you for sticking around for this long. Finally, all my delays and detours and incremental boss battles are going to be worth it. The climax is at hand...

...riiiiiiiiiiiiiight as my 'A' Levels exams approaches. :'D

As such, not only is my update schedule for this comic series going to be slowly grinding to a halt until the 22nd of November, the update batch infometrics is going to be a bit different. I will no longer post a progress stat for Scripting, BUT I will still post a progress stat for the actual individual comics. This is mostly because given my tight time schedules and pace at doing things, my scripting for these last few parts is going to be more erratic and either too fast or too slow.


and also multi-tasking is a thing.

But otherwise, comic strip updates will come as they usually have. Whenever I'm not busy dying amongst my books and notes, I will be sure to keep you guys posted!

Thank you guys so much for keeping up with this, and sit tight!

Because if you thought I was evil for leaving the last comic with a cliffhanger...

You haven't seen NOTHING yet >8D
Commission 16 by hibi-kys
(commission done by hibi-kys )

A bit out of the blue, but given my latest update of The Crossroad, I wanted to thank all of my readers who even after 168 comics and 4 and a half years continue to read my story eagerly :D It's hard to imagine a project I started on a whim and with hype turned into a tale that I hold to my heart so dearly, and that people are still waiting to hear it to the end. Not to mention the fact that out of the almost dozens of characters I've created, my two most popular characters remain, to this day, a girl who is basically my self-insert and a guy who's my clumsy attempt at writing a deconstruction of every idiot hero light novel protagonist ever.

And yet I still receive fanart of these two from time to time! :D


So (as my profile status shows) in the midst of me returning to school and planning out more of what's to come for this story of mine, I'm super grateful to all of you guys who still read my beloved story, and I promise what's to come will not disappoint! Strap yourselves in, because from here on out, it's gonna be a wild ride!

In less mushy things, lemme run down what's been happening to me lately. I've more or less just finished my June Holiday break, so it's back to school for me in a couple days. It's honestly been kinda weirdly tiring, since I spent most of the time cooped up in my house just studying nervously for exams, as well as some...other events which I will talk about at a later time.

and by 'talk about', I mean accidentally CCC

(yes :iconthedarkbreaker: I'm working on it, writing hermit diplomacy is a new experience for me y'know 8'D)

Anyway, I will be a bit busier as a result since my A-Levels draw near, but I will do my best to keep you guys updated on The Crossroad's progress, as well as toss out a few small works on the side. Besides the aforementioned CCC piece in the works, I've been doing a private riffing of some of Mogeko/Deep Sea Prisoner games (which some of you may know I have expressed disgruntled complaints of in the past), and I have a little surprise planned at the end of all that. I've also gotten my hands on Sony Vegas 12, and have been trying out doing a few silly animations for those riffs and other Deep Sea Prisoner works. For now, they are private, but in due time I might show you guys them all just for fun :D

So it's just another busy year for myself, but I'm still here, still alive, still doing the same crazy things I love to do. Hope you guys will continue to stay with me for what's to come! :D I'll see y'all around!
Hey guys, sorry for the late update since my last journal! ^^; A combination of school and...Persona 5 hype threw me for a curveball. But hey, at least it's Easter!

Anyway, last time I asked you guys if you wanted an update system for The Crossroad's progress, the response was almost overwhelmingly in favor. So in a shellnut, I am going to create said system accordingly.

Just refer to my deviantID section (probably) below this very journal and you should be able to find it. I appreciate any feedback and you guys being patient with my shenanigans! XD

P.S. My thoughts on Persona 5 - I have not actually gotten the chance to play the game; only watched about 2 hours of a walkthrough and various cutscenes. Although I can agree with everyone that the overall gameplay, art style and the freaking music God bless you Shoji Meguro are MILES ahead of Persona 4, I'm...not so sure if I can say the same of the story and characters. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible; Makoto not MY Makoto lol is best gril and the tweest about the true Final Boss is actually both really shocking and kinda thought-provoking/fitting of the story's themes, but...said themes are not at all subtle and imo not really as strongly written as 4's.

So I'm kinda conflicted. 4 will always have a special place in my heart, while 5 I appreciate the aesthetics but am really ambivalent about the writing.
EDIT: Apologies, seems like a glitch happened and I somehow uploaded this journal twice. I've deleted the other one.

*slowly lifts head from a pile of books*

i-is the coast clear, is April Fool's over yet


Well whatever then, I'll just get this over with xD

Hey guys, Kigurou-Enkou here again! Trying to ignore all the April Fool's shenanigans while studying and doing other random things is hard, but I'm here to give another quick update...or rather proposal for The Crossroad.

Considering how long it usually takes for these uploads to come out, and how irregularly I work on them thanks to studies, I'd like to ask you all: Do you guys want me to make a Progress List for future comic updates?

Y'know like those lists where it says 'Script 50% done, Editing 30% done' or something like that? Something more in-depth for you guys to check and see how much of the new batch I've done in case there's a long hiatus or something.

Do not worry too much about pressuring me, since I probably need the systematic breakdown of what I've done to keep track on this series also xD That being said, exam periods or the days surrounding them will naturally be when I have to focus on my studies, which WILL definitely affect production even if for a little bit.

So if you have any concerns about that, or if you like this idea and want me to give it a shot, post it in the comments below! I'll let you guys know in about a week or less what the final decision will be.

See you guys soon, and stay safe! o/

but seriously dA how are giant eating pear-things a prank
i-is this like a jab at modern art or something i don't get it
Hey guys, Kigurou here again, and a (belated) thank you for all the birthday messages~! :D

Apologies for the otherwise relative silence this February, but I have some good news: the next update batch of The Crossroad is underway! As of now, Part 160 has just been completed, and I am in the process of editing Parts 161 and 162. All three comics will be uploaded together when they are finished.

On the slightly less optimistic side, though, after this update, the subsequent updates will take a little longer than usual. I'm still in the process of planning how to pace the actual battle comics (since I don't want to create massive delays like with the last few battles), so they might take a while.

Otherwise, hope you enjoy them when they come, and thanks again for sticking with this series for so long! ^_^

and TheDarkbreaker you know exactly what I'm waiting on from you :3

Props to :iconsupermario1550: for making that sweet new logo for the comic. And yes, I make these comics on two different monitors.

Greetings, watchers and everyone alike! I am officially back from my unofficial hiatus! And with the New Year long over, I intend to keep the promise I made in my winter Christmas picture to finally give you guys an update on that one series which I haven't gotten back to in a long while!

Yeah...I have to sincerely apologize to all of you who have been waiting. The tail end of 2016 was really not nice to me. Aside from my promotional exams and getting stuck making the Imperator Zim plotbunny fanfic with :iconthedarkbreaker: , I'd also been hit with homework, general busyness, an episode of frustration and moodiness due to not getting anything done, and it's been hard getting my momentum back. But as I've repeated ad naseaum several times in the past, no, I have not abandoned this story. I really hate making you all wait and worry about how this is gonna go, but if you've stuck around determined to finish this story regardless, I appreciate you a lot :D Thank you for being so patient with me, even when I wasn't at my best.

That being said, there is a lot for me to update on what's to come for this story, so I shall initiate lightning-mode list fashion on what's to come:
  • The next batch will be three comics - Part 157, 158 and 159. As of now, Part 157 has just been completed, and the scripts for Part 158 and 159 have been sitting in my hard drive collecting dust. I'll get to them ASAP.
  • As mentioned in an earlier journal, I am going to run the Laurencin fight and the final fight between Alyss and Makoto concurrently. You'll see why when I get there.
  • On the less positive side, I'm starting school again tomorrow on 9th Jan. And oh boy, JC1 has already been tough on me, but JC2 is gonna amp up the pressure for me and my 'A' Levels. Hence, I make no promises on the update rate or my schedule, but I WILL do my best to complete as many comics as I can in my spare time.
  • As the above picture shows, I am using Chika Yurushi's new custom base that I've made. If I could, I would've gone back to older comics and changed her outfit, but unfortunately, like many of you last year when dumb Windows changed EVERYTHING, I lost all my create.swf data and had to switch to :iconrsgmaker:'s create.swf extended. That was another contributing factor to the lull I had last year.
  • For those of you who actually DO read Imperator Zim (thanks so much ^^; ), Part 2 of 'Heads of Ice' is currently being edited by TheDarkbreaker and will be uploaded when it's done. After that, of course, I'll be taking a break from that series and focusing more on The Crossroad...or maybe I might alternate. Who knows.
Again, I sincerely apologize for the tardiness I've shown in regards to making this story in the past and all my empty promises. I've been through many lessons and experiences, but with the new year around, all I can do is do my best as I always have and move forward.

And thank you if you've been patient with me and still continued to stick around for this precious webcomic of mine! ^^ You guys are awesome and the reason I still continue to give this my all! Stay tuned for more! Kigurou-Enkou out!


In the not-too distant future, the 'failed Invader of the Irken Empire' Zim has decided he no longer needs no Tallest to stand in his way no more! Starting with the filthy dirtball known as Earth, he shall carve out his OWN Empire and take over the ENTIRE galaxy! And he's not alone either. J
oining Zim's side of conquest is his mortal nemesis Dib Membrane (albeit very very reluctantly), alongside his scary sister/Imperatrix of the Empire Gaz, the perpetually-angry and fellow Defective-Irken Tak...and of course GIR. Things are going to be just a liiiiiiiittle bit more insane. Humans, Irkens, Vortians, and other weird/creepy aliens of the Universe beware! ALL SHALL BOW BEFORE THE MIGHT OF IMPERATOR ZIIIIIIIM!

An Invader Zim AU project between myself and :iconthedarkbreaker: which resulted from a hype train of watching the original cartoon series over and over again. In this journal, you'll be able to find the continuous story arcs written by me, and character portraits plus concept ideas by the latter. It should be noted that while the original IZ cartoon was very much a sci-fi dark comedy, both fanfic writers here are anime nerds and huge fans of Transformers Prime, Super Robot Wars, Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill.

This can only end well.

Main Arcs (in Chronological Order, updated 25/11/16):
Fun fact: While the initial few stories were written entirely by me, everything from Dib's Apocalypse Log (Part 2) onwards (minus The Dreaded Imperatrix) has been edited/co-written by MagnumPhoenixZX

Character Portraits and other Art Stuff
Hey guys, hope you've been enjoying The Crossroad thus far! I'm just here to tell you guys in (slightly) more detail about what's to come next for the story.

You guys have probably noticed the fights so far have been against Makoto's teammates. Souta's down, Susumu's down, and the sisters Avaron and Hitomi are down. That leaves only Laurencin. Now initially I was gonna make a separate battle where the next team fights him, and then move on to the finale. However, after some planning and re-planning, I realized you guys probably wouldn't want to slog through another battle if it didn't serve a narrative/character purpose in some way, and plus the ideas I had were going to be rather difficult...

So let me hype you guys with this: for the next batch of updates, you'll be treated to both a battle against Laurencin AND the long-awaited showdown between Alyss Baraen and Makoto Yoshio! Yes, these battles are going to be happening concurrently - you'll see why it makes sense and why I decided to do it in due time, but this does mean we are fast approaching the end of our tale! :D

As you can expect, I will be doing a lot of heavy planning and comic-making for this final stretch, so the next few updates will take a while. But until then, keep your pants on. ;P


*deep breath*

Okay...hi guys! If you're reading this far into the journal, you probably know what to expect from this wall of text. Let me first clarify that I'm writing this journal about a week after Season 1 has finished (and Season 2 has been announced imsoexciteewfjlfdkfdfhkjgkjf), as well as after I have watched through the entire series a second time to boot, and I have yet to touch the manga at ALL (but I probably will soon). Let me also clarify that my above statement is something of an exaggeration - I haven't really watched any other anime that's been out like Kabaneri or Kiznavier, despite knowing that I probably should.

But then again, I did warn you guys this was a biased review in the title. There's a reason for that too. :D

Boku no Hero Academia has quite possibly become my favourite anime of all time despite its short run. Don't get me wrong, I have had favourite animes (note the plural) for a while. Psycho-Pass has, for the past few years, occupied my spot for best 'objectively' best/highest-quality anime, with Log Horizon and Heartcatch Precure coming in close. My early fans will remember I used to be both a huge Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fan, AND a huge Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan (I still hold both shows as massive inspirations to my childhood, despite kind of leaving the fanbases). And even outside the anime sector, I'm still an immense fan of the Touhou Project and Persona game series which have left me no shortage of Memes and fanfic fuel.

I love so many stories and universes, and they've all given me something great, but I always kind of longed for the day when I could find an anime that was a melting pot of all these things I loved. And if such a story existed, then I could truly call that my favourite anime - not just a show I was an immense fan of, but a show which (like many people) I could IMMEDIATELY and proudly say had kind of consumed me.

Well, as the show's opening goes, THE DAY HAS COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME! 8D

Many people call BnHA stuff like "The next One Punch Man", "Sky High for weebs The Anime", or more commonly, "a really good superhero anime full of hype". I'd have to agree with most of these names, but I do hope people don't just remember this show for its immense hype factor. The whole reason I watched this show twice was so that I could confirm - and I did - that it was so much more than just guts and explosions. From the offset I fell completely in love with this show: the setting, the characters, the animation, the music, but most of all, the fact that this show seems DESIGNED to be the melting pot made of things that I love (or at least 90%)!

But that I'm kind of running out of vague descriptions to describe why I love this show so much and why it's so dear to me despite being a recent work, SO LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! 8D

My first impressions of the show

(My face after I saw the PVs)

Let's rewind a bit to February 2016: I had just finished getting high off of blazing through anime analysis videos by Digibro and I was somewhat cynically lamenting (for the umpteenth time) about how 'anime wasn't what it used to be'. 2015 was kind of a bad year for me because the only new anime I watched through and loved were Overlord and Go! Princess Precure, and One Punch Man never appealed to me even though I thought it was maybe in hindsight I was just being kind of whiny. But as I watched through Digi's "The Asterisk War Sucks" series again a million bunch of times, I decided that even though nothing appealed to me during the Winter season, I could hope for the Spring season, so I headed over to MyAnimeList. My brother had already told me he was excited about Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (or "Medieval Japan Attack on Titan on Trains" as he calls it), and I was curious about Kiznavier because it was done by Studio Trigger, who previously did the super-fun meme-creating Kill la Kill. I already had two promising choices, but I decided to keep looking.

And then I came across a yellow poster for a new show, saying something about superheroes and an idealistic kid who wants to be like his favourite superhero.

B-but you know, I was just purely curious! This premise didn't bait me at all! It's not like I'm also writing a story about heroes and an idealistic teenaged kid wanting to be a hero too or anything!

In all seriousness though, the PVs got me hyped from the get go. Maybe it was because they kept showing scenes of the most precious cinnamon roll in the world (i.e. Deku) with an amazing voice actor behind him, or maybe it was because they were playing the iconic "You Say Run" song in the background that the show subsequently used for EVERY SINGLE EPIC MOMENT. Either way, I was really excited for this show from the beginning even without knowing much! It was also probably when my biasness first started to kick in, since it was presenting me a plot and a main character eerily similar to my own, and I was super curious to find out how it was gonna run with it, so I told myself, "even if the rest of the show sucks, it'll still be worth checking out!"

Now the irony is that when the first episode came out, I thought it was good...but not great. I mean don't get me wrong, it was a strong opening to the show! I loved the OP and ED songs and animation, I fell even more in love with Deku's character and kept comparing him to my Makoto Yoshio all the way, I enjoyed ALLL MIIIIIIGHT's over-the-top design and acting, I enjoyed how well-fleshed out both the setting and the plot was - it was basically a good episode! But I mean, it WAS the introductory episode, so things usually start out slow with not a lot of hype. Still, I was convinced to keep watching, and was hoping the second episode will deliver even more.

...oh, how I vastly underestimated this show.


No joke, after the airing of Episode 2, and during the next week till Episode 3, I watched Episode 2 over and over at least FOUR OR FIVE TIMES. Everything about it just completely blew me away (no pun intended)! I cheered and clapped as loudly as I could during the scene where Deku ran to save Kacchan. I was actually on the verge of tears when he called out to save the one guy who's done nothing but torment him, and then said "You looked like you were asking for help". AND THEN ALL MIGHT CAME IN AND BLEW AWAY THE VILLAIN WITH AN UPDRAFT SO HARD IT STARTED RAINING! And then of course, this episode was the first one to use "You Say Run", a song so epic and amazing that it's basically become this show's version of "Don't Lose Your Way"! And THEN the ending scene came in, when All Might tells a tearful Deku that he can become a hero! I couldn't get EVERYTHING out of my head for days on end! I was thinking to myself, "Holy smokes, that was one of THE best and most emotional 10 minutes of anime I've ever watched in my life!". Or something along those lines.

Either way, this was finally the episode where I started going around to all my friends, gleefully shouting and bugging them to give this show a watch. I was so excited...but I was also kind of worried. I heard other reviewers said that this moment was the high point of the story and from there on out, it just becomes a lot of good fights, but nothing as great as what I just watched. Indeed, part of me was a little worried that maybe Episode 2 used the show's trump card too early.

But no! It gets BETTER! I continued to watch Episode 3 and pushed through the entire series until its final episode, and I can safely say that the entire show is MADE of awesome moments like those. I constantly told my friends throughout the show's run that it was the first anime in a long time that made me squee to every single episode that came out, and I MEANT it. Even though I started out watching this show for the kind of silly reason that it reminded me of my own story and I was wanting to learn from it, I ended this show really loving it for what it was, and for being a show that even if I wasn't writing a story, would still be one that I would definitely declare to be the greatest thing I've seen in a long time!

And by this point you're probably wondering when am I going to actually explain detail for detail the things I love about this show, so enough of the reminiscing and chit-chatting for now...

Okay no really, ACTUALLY stuff about this Anime I love

First, let's get the elephant in the room out of the way.

(Gee, with how many pictures I've used of him, it's almost like he's my favourite character or something...)

Izuku Midoriya, a.k.a Deku is probably one of the best main characters I've seen in recent time (yes :icongamerxz:, even more than HARUKA from Princess Precure, and that IS saying a lot!). In fact, for those of you who remember how last year I did a Top Ten Favourite Anime Characters list, if I had to redo it, Deku would IMMEDIATELY jump to the Number 2 spot!

..let's also address the other elephant in the room that yes, part of why I love Deku so much is his similarities to Makoto Yoshio, the main character of my own story The Crossroad. The dorkiness, the social awkwardness (even if it's kind of a different flavour in Makoto's case), the massive amounts of idealism, their huge dreams of becoming a hero...the only major difference in their characters are that Deku's circumstances cause him to actually use some of his brain cells, and he's in a story where he actually succeeds, rather than fail because of his flaws. I can't deny the biasness factor here, because it is true that when I see Deku, I see a character I want to write too, and write well like this show.

And see, that's the thing: Deku is an amazing character even on his own! Sure, he follows the archetype of a timid and wimpy kid who eventually overcomes himself and becomes a great superhero, but the show's execution of his character makes him feel so genuine! For one thing, his design is far from a generic anime protagonist - his poofy green hair and wide eyes already make him stand out as a shonen manga protag (and say what you will about shonen manga, at least their protagonists actually LOOK like they have character unlike light novel protags). Then there's the fact that he's not just a wimpy dork - he's a huge fanboy of superheroes (which is pretty clever considering how the original manga is a love letter to American silver age comics), to the point he analyzes his their attacks and features for future use.

There's also the fact that even though his story arc has the rather typical message of "Follow Your Dreams with DETERMINATION", the way the show does it is so good! We see that he really has had a tough life being ostracized for being Quirkless (or basically without any superpowers), and even though he still desperately clings to his dream of becoming a great superhero, people like Kacchan will always be there to tear it down, and even his own mother accidentally hurts him in this regard! Even though Deku is a nice kid, all that hurt does make him bitter and angry inside (that scene in Episode 1 where he gets mad at the fish for eating his notebook, and him calling Kacchan "you idiot" a few times are nice subtle touches to that). I love that the show addresses this, and later his desire to eventually surpass Kacchan to prove himself! It makes him look even more human! And speaking of which, when Deku finally does meet his idol All Might, he does go through a sort of depression moment after his idol tells him his dream isn't realistic (and let's be honest, who can fault All Might, with all the crap he's been put through as a famous superhero?), but that sure as heck doesn't stop him from jumping in to save his schoolyard bully in that AWESOME scene in episode 2, and then later cries tears of joys when All Might retracts his statement and tells him he CAN be a hero.

...yes Episode 2 kind of wrecked me emotionally. DON'T JUDGE ME O^O

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the best thing about Deku's character is how much he develops, even through a short 13-episode anime! We KNOW from the beginning that he's under-confident, but ultimately a nice guy who won't stop chasing his dream and will gladly throw himself into the fray to save others: the perfect hero material. But then we see how he literally works out and trains himself to eventually become a hero (or rather inherit All Might's Quirk). And then we see how he's tested by his own homeroom teacher, when he realizes he has to put in so much more effort besides guts and determination in order to control his powers, And THEN we see him face off with Kacchan where he finally gets the upper-hand in their rivalry. And THEN we see how when true villains attack, he'll do ANYTHING to save his classmates, the hero he admires, and how his actions inspire everyone ELSE to be the best superheroes they can be too! By the end of the show, even though Deku is still kind of awkward and hasn't lost his dorky nice guy charm, it's clear he's a different guy from how he was in Episode 1, and seeing how much he's grown even in such a short time just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Deku has, without a doubt, been the one thing I've enjoyed about this show from the very beginning, and I'm so glad I've finally met another great anime protagonist. But it wouldn't be fair to say he's the ONLY good thing about this show, would it?


I feel like I should also give some credit to the apparently fan-favourite character, and rival of Deku, Katsuki Bakugou, a.k.a Kacchan. Yes, this guy is the typical Arrogant Jerkass Rival-to-the-main-character archetype, and initially the only fun I got out of him was jokingly saying how he's a disgrace to bombers like myself. I mean, seriously, if Deku is so similar to Makoto already, how coincidental is it that BOTH of their rivals are characters who can wield explosives?! (except, of course, the fact that Alyss is a much nicer person than Kacchan ever was...and is a girl.) But then as the show went on, I started to realize maybe he was more like Michi Hakurei? You know, that other character of mine who also used fire and was consumed by an immense ego and jerkassery?

Okay enough of the comparisons - I DO think Kacchan is a good character on his own too, and I also loved what the show did to his character. In most shonen shows like these, they never really go into the true motivations of the jerk rival characters and just keep them as one-dimensional flat...jerks. Or if they DO go into their true motivations, it's usually a sob story that makes the character too sympathetic, and while I do love that kind of character depth, that's getting a little old.

But to my surprise, the show does NEITHER of these. Kacchan is un-apologetically an arrogant jerk to the highest level, and he makes sure everyone KNOWS that. Yet at the same time, Episode 7 (which is when I started jokingly comparing him to Michi) reveals just why he's so arrogant: he's been a talented charismatic kid since young (his 'amazing Quirk' certainly didn't help), and the constant praise from kids and adults alike made him think he's just that amazing. That's it. It's not a backstory that makes us pity him, but the way the show does it just sheds so much humanity on this guy. It shows all too well how people turn kids into massively selfish pricks with the wrong words, but it also shows exactly how this arrogance shapes these kinds of people. I think the part that stuck out to me the most was how as a kid, Kacchan fell into a river, and all the other kids were cheering that he was so cool that he would be fine, but a young Deku is the only one to offer him a helping hand...and all present-day Kacchan angrily thinks is "Don't look at me with those eyes!" It's the classic don't-you-dare-pity-me mindset, and it makes Kacchan really look like a real kid who is so arrogant and angry, he can't comprehend anything else. The whole time, the only reasoning he declares that he wants to crush Deku is because "I'm better than you", and if that doesn't shed light on how empty Kacchan is, I dunno what else will.

Again, I'm really glad that this seemingly simple shonen story took such a simple one-dimensional archetype and turned him into a real character with layers, however subtle (or empty) they may be. I mean heck, we don't even look at our real-life bullies like that, because all we can focus on is how much they want to torment us! Speaking of which, I love how the show also shows the subtle differences in Deku and Kacchan's rivalry. Of course, Deku eventually grows to face up to Kacchan instead of being afraid of him, and Kacchan starts to bitterly realize Deku may in fact be more capable than him (hence he stops the teasing pretty quickly), but then there's also that hilarious moment in episode 9, when the other classmates of 1-A start picking on Kacchan for his awful attitude, and Deku's off in the corner with a mental breakdown like he's going "KACCHAN'S BEING BULLIED?! MY ENTIRE LIFE IS A LIE!".

(Getting a Persona 4 vibe from this...)

But you know what? It's not just those two guys that make this show so great. Except for Yuga Aoyama the French Jerry, I don't hate a single character so far in this story. EVERYONE is cool. I mean, I could talk about how Uraraka is the second most precious cinnamon roll, or how ORRRUUUU MAITOOOO All Might is an amazing deconstruction on the silver-age-type Great American Heroes, or how dat boi Tsuyu-chan is best frog girl, or how chillingly cool Ice Zuko Todoroki is (pun very much intended), or how my three favourite non-main characters so far are Momo, Kyoka (earplug girl) and Kaminari (or as I like to call him, smug Pikachu Yosuke). But honestly, that would take too much time, and you kinda get the idea. I know I haven't talked much about the villains, but that's just because they haven't had enough scenes yet, and they more terrify the crap out of me than anything...

Many people seem to think that it's always bad if a show, especially a long-running one, always introduces loads and loads of characters, and sometimes I agree it does make things confusing and the story hard to follow. But I think the strength of shows like the Nanoha franchise, Super Robot Wars, Touhou, and, well, THIS show, is that they do their best to genuinely make everyone look awesome. Main characters aside, they reveal just enough about the side characters, and give them all sorts of Quirks (both literally and figuratively) to make sure you at least have a favourite character, and THEN throw at you at least one moment each for each character to shine. So not only do you cheer for your favourite characters, but you're cheering for basically every other character too. Especially in a show like this, which loves Big Damn Heroes moments!

And plus, I genuinely like the students of Class 1-A! Once again, except for French Jerry, I don't hate a single member of the class. As I said, the parts where the class can just relax and goof off together all give me a Persona 4 vibe - as in, a school setting where the characters are all teenagers (but also well-defined characters) who are causing shenanigans and playing off each other. I mean, we all love this show for the high-intensity testorene-filled action scenes and the bombastic music, but I would like more scenes like the bus ride in episode 9!

But most of all, I think the show is able to do this because of this show's amazing style and world-building. I think it's no secret that Kohei Horikoshi drew the original manga as a love letter to silver age American superheroes, and the whole world being basically one where the majority of humanity are X-Men definitely reflects that inspiration. The fact that any superpower imaginable exists, and that the majority of humans can now become superheroes is a crazy awesome world that's just rife with creativity. Yet at the same time, the anime has a distinct Japanese feel to it...I mean, besides the fact that the setting is literally in Japan. I'm more referring to the fact that all the themes the show discusses about superhero-dom, like how All Might forces himself to be a Symbol of Peace to inspire all, or how the show addresses that some superheroes chase after the fame selfishly and yet others are totally fine working undercover and helping the greater good, you get the idea. Like I said earlier, this show seems like a melting pot of things I love! It's an almost magical setting full of colourful characters, it runs on guts and GAR and explosions, and yet it can address the little things about this society in a pretty subtle way.


So now I'm here at almost 4k words, having analyzed this show to hell and back. I guess this is what happens when I love a show so much and have it be filled with things I love :'D

I know this show's been getting popular, and the manga is getting popular too, and that's awesome. But I do hope that my incredibly long review reminds y'all that this show isn't just made of hype and awesome fight scenes, nor is it just a standard superhero comic-turned-anime story. Maybe it isn't the 'deepest' show out there, and considering Season 2 still needs to come out to adapt the rest of the manga, there's still more of this story to come. But hey, that just means there's more amazing characters and awesome developments for this story to offer!

Here's to Boku no Hero Academia, the amazing superhero anime of 2016, and my new favourite anime! :D
*dumps bag on the floor*

*passes out*


I'M BACK GUYS, AND BOY WHAT A TRIP I HAD! This was easily my best trip to Japan yet, just from the sheer insanity that was my shopping and exploration...

And yeah, I know, I didn't make many comics about my Misadventures in Japan this time, but that partly has to do with the fact that I've been documenting them in my photos in the link I provided then:

If you still haven't looked at them despite following my comic, what are you doing? 8'D

Well anyways, this unfortunately leaves me with only one week left of my June break, and after that I have to study for exams again, so this was pretty much the biggest break I had. Thankfully, this break has actually given me plenty of time to work on The Crossroad too, so while it's still taking a backseat, it's coming along at a decent pace! :D


I know what you guys really wanna know: What loot did I get from this one-week insanity?


...Yeah, I've been busy alright 8D

If you guys want more detail, I took three more separate pictures of my different merch, with some snappy description comments to boot right here (click them to access the links!):
2016-06-17 12.06.50 by Kigurou-Enkou
2016-06-17 12.08.49 by Kigurou-Enkou
2016-06-17 12.10.51 by Kigurou-Enkou

So yeah, basically, this was a great trip to the Land of the Rising Sun! Even though I have to return to normal life, I won't be forgetting a lot of the fun I had, and I hope you guys will someday get the chance to be insane in the land of weaboos too! :D
Hey guys, I'm back and on my summer break! :D I hope you guys enjoyed the latest part of The Crossroad, not traumatized by it!

I'm just giving you guys a heads-up that from the 11th to the 18th, I'll be returning to the land of the Rising Sun for an old time family trip! It's been a long time, and I have been hoping to get my hands on Boku no Hero Academia merchandise (THAT SHOW IS AWESOME), so it's gonna be fun!

Of course, this means I won't be working on The Crossroad during this trip, but like my previous trips, I will be making silly comics about my experiences there! And I've got a lot on my list to do this trip! Visiting Alyss and Makoto's respective neighbourhoods (Takanawa and Kanda), going to Ikebukuro a.k.a the land of Durarara, torturing myself by going to a Butler Cafe, following my brother to...

...a Maid Cafe Shooting Range?

...well, Japan certainly knows how to make their money.

Anyway, it's gonna be fun, and I'll make sure to keep you guys posted! :D See you guys in the next update!
Hey guys! Didja know I had a Tumblr blog?

Well it has been a long time since I even mentioned it, and I reworked it quite a bit since the beginning of this year...I generally use it RP occasionally when I feel like it, answer silly anon questions, reblog random things, ramble about subjects, and even more occasionally release important character stuff in between!

So here's a link! Enjoy!



Okay, so I know lately I seemed to have not been on lately. That would be due to many reasons: the fact that JC life is pretty tough, and the fact that for the past week I was working on Rebirth of the Gold Dragon

...and a super huge 10k+ word long countdown list, called Top 10 Favourite OCs that aren't Mine! :'D

If you want to read about me squeeing about some OCs of certain artists on here and why their characters are awesome, you should really go read my list and give them some love, right here!:
Part 1
Part 2

That's all for now! See you guys soon in the next update or something! :D
Tagged by :icondisgaea4everdood: . You just had to choose the spoilery character, didn't you? :P

EDIT (28/3/16): Welp, I got tagged again by both :iconpmiller1: and :iconthermyon-vulcronus: for the same character, so refer to the below!

EDIT (16/4/16): DAGGONE IT, :iconkidowa:! XD Once again, refer to the below

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 (or whoever is on your mind) other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

The first character tagged is Makoto Yoshio. As you can imagine, I have to limit a LOT of spoilery facts on him, so...HERE WE GO!

1. As mentioned in this comic, he has an older brother, Masayuki Yoshio, and an older sister, Madoka Yoshio. He's closer to the latter but nevertheless looks up to the former. (And yes, he is completely aware of the joke surrounding his sister's name)
2. In fact, the reason he hung around Alyss more before the incident was largely because her general caring-yet-strict attitude towards him reminded him of Madoka, his sister. That, and she was one of the few characters who, you know, treated him with attitudes other than condescension.
3. He lives in Kanda, a district of Chiyoda, Tokyo. He could actually visit Alyss via a short train ride if he wanted to (she lives in Takanawa in the Minato ward), but of course he doesn't know this (yet).
4. He's 15 at the start of The Crossroad, and his birthday is 26 March.
5. Also as mentioned in this comic, thanks to this 'heroic' antics back home in the Outside World, many of his friends (both jokingly and seriously) suggested he should just join the Student Council. His response in the comic is his long-winded way of him saying he just prefers the personal freedom and lack of restraint.
6. His favorite anime is Gurren Lagann. Try and guess why.
7. He actually really likes eggs GO AWAY HAZAMA!. He is also underweight, and there are many reasons for this...
8. He is very claustrophobic (you'll find out why soon enough), but he tries his darndest to hide his fears.

Hey, I managed to avoid spoilers after all! :D

The second character tagged is Alyss Baraen (real name Kazuko Nakamae), and considering she's my main and my self insert, I can be more liberal with facts!

1. She also has an older brother in the Outside World, Keitaro Nakamae. He has appeared occasionally both in canon and non-canon, and his sister's descriptions of him often vary, so he hasn't made much prominence yet.
2. She is in fact half-Chinese thanks to her mother Wu/Nakamae Hexin (she didn't want to change to a Japanese name, but if she did her name would be Kazumi). You could probably barely tell, since Alyss acts and talks full-on Japanese. But then again, considering the fact that she dresses in red, uses gunpowder and is very close to her family... This fact is now non-canon
3. Her favorite Chinese food is Siu Yuk, despite the fact she's not really Cantonese...
4. She is obsessed with ice-cream and is more than willing to splurge her money on expensive ones.
5. Her VR alias (and the name we all call her), Alyss Baraen, was chosen by Elyse, her old friend and former VR President. This was briefly mentioned here. Elyse obviously knew her friend's interests very well :P
6. Her favorite anime is a toss-up between Log Horizon and Psycho-Pass (totally no author appeal here lol)
7. Despite her fire motif, she actually enjoys swimming and is decent at it. However, she's a little scared of diving.
8. Although she's been President of VR for a decent amount of time, she can still be apprehensive about talking to most clients (Youkai or not), usually out of fear of being looked down upon for being a human child. Hence, she rarely travels alone when on the job.

The third character is Chika (formerly known as Zainin) Yurushi, the former villain of Asylum of Souls, turned sweet but strong-willed librarian and Magical Girl of Visionary Requiem! Important note, though: She was originally designed with elements from the Lyrical Nanoha franchise in her debut story, but since then I've tried to make her an original character. I've yet to release a story that 'reboots' these elements, but I'll be explaining them in this list.

1. Her name is COMPLETELY unsubtle. Her surname Yurushi means 'to forgive', and that ties into what she is eventually faced with. Her alias Zainin (imposed onto her by her family cult) means 'sinner'. Her actual name, Chika, has a double significance. In Japanese, her specific kanji 散花 means 'scattered flowers', but it incidentally is also an African Igbo name meaning 'God is Supreme'. DOESN'T GET ANY MORE OBVIOUS THAN THAT, FOLKS! :dummy:
2. She's not actually Japanese, but was raised as one. Her name was given to her by the Temple family that adopted her when she got sent across dimensions (this by the way contradicts what she originally said in AoS, but I don't care~). She actually comes from a distant planet that was [ERROR ERROR INFORMATION REDACTED].
3. As of the reboot, she started out as a self-taught magician during the AoS incident, but then afterwards became a contracted Magical Girl to :iconkrawkley:'s KB. I'll eventually write a short story on how this happened. Speaking of which, remember her Superpowered Evil/Despair-filled Side? She can no longer use that form, and that will also be explained in the short story. I do however plan to hint at it in The Crossroad...
4. All her attacks are named after very specific musical terms. Also, being a flutist, she doesn't have much in terms of real combat skills, but her projectile attacks and enhancement magics are something fierce!
5. Why did she become such good friends with Alice Margatroid, following the AoS incident? Because I thought it would be cool/cute :P In all seriousness, I hand-waved it to be because of Alice's interests in her specific type of magic, and because in a kinda-canon extra story (Redemption - 500 SC), Chika did help her track down a rare artifact. The current canonity of this story is debatable, but I still think I'll keep them as good friends.
6. If you check the old Embrace the Darkness comics, Chika was actually gonna be an important character in that story (especially considering EtD originally started RIGHT after AoS) who indirectly led Christine to join VR. In the NaNoWriMo (and now canonical) version, she was cut from the story save for a cameo, but Alyss still makes reference to her outside that scene, if more for the sake of Alyss's own character than Chika's...
7. Amongst the Requiem Heralds, and despite her mostly green clothes, she represents the Human Desire of 'Contribution'. This is gonna be a fun thing to explore in the Wishes Shops arcs to come! :D
8. In contrast to Christine, she has a secretly immense sweet tooth. Her favorite desserts are chocolate cornets and dango (ESPECIALLY with caramel sauce).

Now for tagging and... re-tagging I guess.








Enjoy the funzies, gaiz : D
Welp, I've been tagged by :iconmariosonichq:. I guess I gotta do the done thing.

1. Choose 13 people!
2. Tag-backs are allowed
3. You have to post All the Rules!
4. You can’t say you don’t do tags!
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people!
6. Be creative with the title. No titles like: “I got tagged”!
7. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves!
8. You must make a journal entry! No comments! Unless you’re talking about the entry!
9. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer!
10. You have to finish within a week. If you don’t finish in time, you have to do what-ever the creator tells you!
11. EXTRA RULE: Of course: Be honest - No troll answers!

13 facts about meself!:
1. I have an older brother, which you might have occasionally noticed making cameos in my Author comics. He's in the army now.
2. Despite me speaking Chinese being a running gag amongst my Walfaser friends, I'm actually pretty bad at the language :'D I got a C5 for that for my O Levels.
3. My favorite subject in school is English Literature. I'm actually something of a teacher's pet in Lit classes ^^;
4. My favorite food is SALMON SASHIMI! Actually, older fans might remember me making a stupid picture about this once xD
5. My favorite dessert food is ice cream, specifically Belgian Chocolate :D
6. I've been to Japan 5 times. You all jelly? :iconparseerapefaceplz:
7. On the flipside, I really want to go to Germany, or some other place in Europe, but there's never been an opportunity yet. Maybe when my brother is, you know, not busy...
8. When I was in Primary (elementary) school, I used to play the Angklung
(9). I HATE MATH!!!!!! And sadly, not even Cirno's Perfect Math Class can help me with that.
10. I actually like kids ^^ At gatherings or dinners, I like talking to, playing with and generally just messing around with kids younger than me. I draw the line if they raise their voices too much, though.
11. My parents are youth bible class teachers. So if you ever wonder why I can sometimes go on a tangent about facts of the Bible, now you know! :D
12. Similar to :iconkrawkley:, I have a fear of cockroaches. But unlike most of you, I've seen flying cockroaches before that come DANGEROUSLY close to my face. Ask :iconthedarkbreaker:, he knows my pain.
13. I am actually an auntie :P Thanks to bizarre age differences, my cousin is way older than me, is married and has two sons, who are by all technicality, my nephews (in fact they used to call me Auntie). They're only 10 and 6.

MarioSonicHQ's questions!

1. If you have been to Touhoucon, how was it, and what were some highlights for you? If not, would you like to go at some point or another, and is there anything in particular you'd like to do there?
Was not at Touhoucon sadly, but yes I'd love to go ^^ All I really wanna do is be in the Walfas panel and speak too because I am a raging egomaniac

2. You're all Create.swf users, or have at least used the program before, yes? What got you into the program initially?
In a very specific order, :iconlikethisrlymatters:, :iconkimikomuffin: (famous for Touhou Nekokayou and Create.swf Adventures) and :iconswervestar: respectively (that last awesome dude's comics convinced me to join the Walfas Club actually!)

3. Who is your favorite Touhou Character and why? I think I know pretty well who they are for some of you, but I'm quite interested in knowing why you like them so much. owo
No one else but the Daughter of Heaven herself, Tenshi Hinanai! And I already wrote a super long comment about why I like her here xD

4. Sort of following up from the last question, what is your favorite Touhou game and why? Spinoffs like DS and SWR are included.
Hopeless Masquerade, simply for the fact that a) I suck at the main danmaku games and b) HM is a FUN fighting game :D

5. What do you think you would find interesting as a career and, once again, why?
I'd like to preferably be a scriptwriter, because that means I can actually make money off of what I love to do.

6. What kind of stories would you say you're into? Perhaps you like something fun and upbeat? Or perhaps you prefer something a bit more on the dark side?
First and foremost, I'm a sucker for fantasy magitek stories, so having either elements is fair game. As for tone, I prefer a balance of both upbeat heartwarming stuff and dark and serious stuff. This is coming from the girl who simultaneously loves Pretty Cure and Psycho-Pass :D Honestly the tone doesn't matter too much as long as the story, themes and characters are awesome.

7. What kind of music do you listen to?
Mostly anime/movie/videogame soundtracks, but I'm trying to branch out into mainstream music. FALLOUT BOY FOR BEST!!!!

8. If you could live anywhere in Gensokyo, where would it be and why?
The Hakurei Shrine, just because I like the rustic quiet location it has :D I'd careful to bring more money/food.

9. Thoughts on us birbs?

10. At this point, I'm running out of legit questions...Um...What sort of videos do you watch on Youtube, and why do you enjoy them?
I watch anything that catches my interest xD Either they're plain funny, analyze anime/video games/any form of media in a certain way, or both.

11. Hmm...If you've read any of the official Touhou manga, which would you say is your favorite?
Probably Forbidden Scrollery. :iconceej39:'s "FS in a nutshell" video explains fully why xD

12. What would you say your favorite Touhou fanwork is?
Memories of Phantasm. I just love how they can retell the story of the games in such an anime-esque way, complete with rather coherent story telling and awesome visuals and music! ^^

13. Finally, how would you describe your relationship with me? Some of you I don't really talk to that much just due to the fact that I'm poor when it comes to starting conversations...I am curious none the less, however, especially for those of you who know me better. Feel free to skip this one if you don't think you know me well enough to answer. Mainly curious is all. ^^
We're kinda friends I guess? o3o; I know I don't talk much to ya since I'm quite an introvert (SHUT UP I AM) and therefore have a limited social battery, but if you ever need a listening ear, I'm usually up for it.

Okay, now time for my other questions which I most definitely did not take from an old tagging post I also did and nobody answered to... :'D

1. How's your life been so far?
2. What do you like most about your favorite story? (be it from a movie, game, book etc.)
3. What do you hate most about your least favorite story?
4. Do you burst into evil laughter sometimes when writing a story or a character? (Be honest, 75% of us have)
5. What kind of stories make you cry?
6. Action-Adventure or Slice of Life?
7. Fantasy or Sci-Fi?
8. Your thoughts on shipping?
9. If you were in Disney, what would you suggest to be the next movie?
10. Favourite fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood(s)?
11. If you could learn any language, which one?
12. Do you like Magical Girls? :D
13. How do you type with boxing gloves on?
Well how about that? The Year of Jubilee has come, flew and gone, and now we're in a New Year. Actually the Hebrew Year of Jubilee ends this year in October, so maybe it's still 2015???? Normally I'd make some big speech about the New Year, or make a planned list of all the various comics and stories I'd like to do, but honestly I got nothing for both this time xD

I will...regretfully have to admit that I'm kinda down from the fact that I never got to finish The Crossroad in 2015, despite me being all hyped about it. I'm not sure if I have an excuse for that or not. I mean, 'O' Levels was tough, but my lack of progress on that story obviously also ties in to me being distracted with EVERY SINGLE OTHER STORY I TRIED TO START THAT YEAR >_< I said it before and I'll say it again so I don't make the mistake: I'm reaaaallly not disciplined with focusing on a single story.

So yeah, no lists and no New Year Resolution-type lists of my planned stories this year. I don't want to make another promise I can't keep. The Crossroad will eventually return, and the other stories are subject to individual basis, but the only other promise I want to make is that you will know when they come back when you see them.

And speaking of which, now that my 'O' Levels are over, all that's done is to wait for two weeks for my posting results, and another two weeks till I probably start Junior College for REAL. Yay, studies have come back to haunt me from the grave @_@

...but gaddangit, why all this depressing negativity from me?! I swear, Winter-Period 'Depression' and Undertale seemed to have put me into a really somber mood over December last year xD I need to put my chin up and look forward, right?!

Oh and speaking of looking forward, MY COPY OF 'A MAID STORY' BY :iconkeikokup: HAS FINALLY ARRIVED IN THE MAIL WOOOOOOOOOOO! :happybounce:  Once I pick it up from the office, I'm gonna READ THAT MANGA SO HARD! And I will eventually make a short Walfas-comic review of it too!

Well, either way, it seems like 2016 isn't gonna be as hyped-packed or whatever as 2015, but I'm okay with that. It's a New Year, which means everything gets a fresh start ^^ I'll face it head on no matter what I'm feeling. You guys too, okay? Have a Happy New Year! I am a dummy! 
Gensokyo Falls ideas, Part 2!
So thanks to :iconspaztique:'s awesome animation of a Gensokyo Falls intro, I've got more ideas for if this crossover was a real thing! Specifically, on the enigmatic Yukari Yakumo. Now, most of the people who contributed to the silly ideas usually cast her as Bill Cipher, Gravity Falls' maniacal and diabolical villain.

The problem is that if this were to stay Touhou-canon, this would make no sense. Unlike Bill Cipher, Yukari's not Chaotic Evil (despite what Fanon might tell you) - in canon, she wants to keep Gensokyo safe and in order, though not all her plans are popular. So how would she be able to fit into the story without compromising her canonical character? I've come up with a compromise here:
Firstly, Yukari will not be the 'True Villain' of Gensokyo Falls. How about instead, Hieda no Are, Akyuu's ancestor, fit the malicious role of Bill Cipher, trying to cause apocalypse in Gensokyo? And somewhat unlike canon, maybe Gensokyo Falls' iteration of Yukari is one who almost never showed her face in the past? Maybe Ran and Chen might show their face, but otherwise Yukari Yakumo herself is much lazier and thus never comes out...or does she?

My idea is that Are, in order to make her plans work, purposely attacked Yukari YEARS prior to the story and tried to get her out of the picture. Of course, she only succeeded in, let's say, preventing Yukari from leaving Mayohiga, her home. Then during the time Reimu's Sister (The Author of the Journals) was trying to figure out the mysteries, Are disguised herself as Yukari, and began feeding her a lot of lies.

Everything from here on out is show-accurate: Not-Yukari convinces The Author and Yumemi (McGucket) to make the portal, Yumemi ends up becoming twamautiiiiized, and thus the Author writes in her Journal that Yukari can't be trusted. And then the fight between her and Reimu ensues, and the Author I guess ends up in another apocalypse universe for 30 years, where she eventually realizes something is fishy. During those 30 years, Ran and Chen slowly work at breaking Are's barrier, but this is far from easy. That is until Renko and Maribel show up to Gensokyo. How does this affect the main 'episodes'?

Dreamescaperers: Again like the original, Orange (Gideon - I still think having two Alices would be weird) makes a deal with Are!Yukari in order to destroy the Hakurei Shrine. But remember that deleted scene of GF where Bill appears to Dipper in a dream and, for some reason, explains his evil plan? This will be intentional here: the REAL Yukari appears to Renko in a dream and, after a lot of trolling, goads Renko by saying, "Try to stop me if you can". The episode then follows as normal, where Are!Yukari tries to invade Reimu's mind and Renko, Maribel and Nitori have to stop her. There's the fight scene, Are!Yukari throwing the fight, and cryptically telling them that everything they care about will change. However, smarter folks will be able to tell that the Yukari that appears to Renko and the Yukari that fights them act somewhat differently. This is only reinforced when, just before the end after Orange dynamites the Hakurei Shrine, we see Are!Yukari commenting over what just happened, and for some reason, a very sinister-looking Ran and Chen looking over her and saying they'll have to "force her back home". This could also be a red herring that Ran and Chen are trying to betray the real Yukari or something.

Sock Opera: Again at first, it seems largely unchanged. Are!Yukari is the one who appears to Renko in a dream, and then later steals her body. However, before Renko finds out what to do, she runs into Ran and Chen, who can see her even in spirit form, and they leave some cryptic comments about Yukari, and likewise goad her into trying to stop 'Yukari'. Later when Maribel helps in trying to stop 'Yuko' and blows up her sock puppets, Ran and Chen are looking on again and commenting cryptically, but this time one of those comments includes "She does such a bad job at acting". Most people will take this to mean that they think Yukari's bad at acting as Renko, when they actually mean Are as the real Yukari. It might also show then actually destroying Yukari's seal, even though again the audience doesn't know exactly what this is.

From the appearance of Reimu's sister/The Author onwards, I'm not sure how things will go, but The Author will eventually reveal what she found out - that the real Yukari is not malevolent at all, has been sealed, and that the Yukari they've all known is nothing but an imposter. Maybe after an episode or two, Ran and Chen finally come clean to the heroes and explain what they've been doing, and everything is a race against time to unseal the real Yukari before 
Are gets her hands on the Dimensional Rift (or heck, maybe Akyuu herself) to cause Armageddon. They will of course fail to do so in time, but the real Yukari will eventually return and wreck some bones for all the trouble caused in her land.

Again, these are just my crazy ideas. I've never liked the idea of Yukari being a villain, so tell me what you guys think. Besides, I think this is a nice de/reconstruction of the original show's theme of trusting no one, since the real Yukari is benevolent, if nutty and unorthodox, but to the point you have to try hard to differentiate from the comparatively more insane Hieda no Are.
Keibey's Angels by TheDarkbreaker

Well, in light of the return of :iconkrawkley:, I felt like this was in order. The two of us have, as part of being members of Division Omega, been collaborating with each other on a set of story arcs we call The Wishes Shop! These arcs detail the stories of the Magical Girls of Sethera, both from the enigmatic Wishes Shop, and the similarly mysterious Ethereal Protection Organization known as Visionary Requiem! Both teams are allied with each other and the Division of crazy heroes and anti-heroes, and have vowed to take down the sinister forces of System-M - an Eldritch Abomination-esque technological system of Magical Girls, who have invaded several entire planets in their conquest of possibly the universe itself. What tales and terrible foes await our girls? There's only one way for you to find out!

Note: Yes, the stories are recent in my stories' timeline. As a reference, they begin after Embrace the Darkness, and begin at about around the start of The Crossroad. This explains why Christine von Wettin is now part of Visionary Requiem (why she changed her mind will be revealed in Embrace the Darkness), and why Alyss and know, don't hate each other so much anymore.

Main Arcs (in Chronological Order, updated 28/1/16):
Supplementary Materials

Welp, we did it, guys. :iconsethb1: and I have officially finished National Novel Writing Month 2015. It was a long marathon, but in the end, we made it through! The bad news is, we haven't finished Embrace the Darkness as a story yet. There are still a few more chapters and parts to go and finish. The good news is, it's incredibly likely we'll get back to it in the "Now What?" months - i.e. next January and February to finish it. I apologize to anyone who was hoping to read it very soon, but trust me that unlike The Signpost, I WANT to finish this story! :D

But speaking of which, now that December is here, now what? Well first important bit of news is that I'll be away from the 7th to 10th of December for my Church camp. Yes, I'm not entirely free from camps just yet xD And considering that I'm actually gonna be an (assistant) group leader during this, I'll be busy this whole week preparing for it too.

Thankfully, after that, I'll properly be able to relax, and I have quite a few projects to get back to as well. But the first of these will definitely be, after a long hiatus, an update to :iconkrawkley: and I's Magical Girl Arcs for Division Omega! Wish the guy Happy Birthday by the way! :D

And then, perhaps after that, I will need to get back to the tale of crossroads and a fallen hero...