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Long story short (Extended story below), I attended a furry convention in Indianapolis, IndyFurCon to be specific, this past weekend (Aug 9th-11th), and today (Sunday, Aug 11th), a blue accordion folder with all of my originals was stolen.
I really need help spreading word about this, and would ask that folks keep an eye out for any and ALL of my works being sold outside of my FA, Weasel, or DeviantArt accounts (these are the ONLY accounts I actively sell on). Please repost this journal, and let folks know to keep an open eye out for my work, send me a message if you find ANYTHING odd.
I highly doubt I'll ever see this folder again, but I'll take any chance I can get, this stuff is priceless to me.

--Extended Story--

I originally did not intend to post anything about my visit to IFC, I'm not a furry, and haven't delved much into the fandom, mostly I draw werewolves and horror artwork, and I dabble in anthro. It was suggested to me several times that I attend a convention, that I'd likely sell many commissions (which I did).

Before I continue, I want everyone to know that I had a great time at the convention, most folks were very polite and I enjoyed the company of many, I don't blame the furry fandom nor the con for the occurrences below, I just blame the one person who chose to get works of mine the cheap and filthy way.

On Sunday at 3:30pm, after the artist alley closed down, I placed my supplies and my originals (which I had brought to show as an example of the progress in my work) back into my car. I returned to the convention to eat, and work on the commission list I had amounted. I remained in the hotel for the next 3.5 hours, until I needed to grab something from the car, where I found a broken car window and all of my originals and my supplies stolen by a con-goer.
I assume that this was someone who either commissioned me, thought of commissioning me, or simply attended the con and saw my work by chance. There were many other valuables in my car that were left untouched, the window was broken specifically for these two bags.

I worked things out with the hotel, and the Indianapolis police, filed reports, cleaned up the mess, etc. There's not much the city nor the hotel, nor the con staff can do, as this is NOT their fault, nor their responsibility. I don't blame any of these folks for the incident, it's simply one fool among many perfectly fine folks, many of whom have been a great help in spreading the word about the incident.

In hindsight I realize it was a foolish thing to bring my originals, foolish and inconsiderate. Some of those pieces were commissioned by folks a while back, some more recently, (I'll send word out to more recent commissioners whose pieces were stolen, but in general, if I didn't send it to you, and you commissioned me before June of this year, the original was likely stolen).
Again, this was very stupid and irresponsible of me to bring all this work out into the open, I wasn't thinking ahead, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart to those who had their work stolen.
Most of my work that was in that folder was scanned, but many small pieces, scraps here and there, and a lot of my really old work is gone now.

If at all possible, I would like to have the work returned to me somehow. I don't give a damn about right or wrong of the person who took it, I just want it back. As I mentioned above, most likely I'll never see this stuff again, but I'm willing to exhaust every possibility before giving up on it. For that, I'd could really use your help.

Please spread the word and keep your eyes open, repost this journal if possible, tell your friends, keep your eyes open, I NEVER sell originals online, just commissions, and prints now and then, so originals being sold should be a red flag. I'm not too savvy with many of the furry selling ports, so I imagine many others would have a better idea on where to look. Anyone, ANYONE, producing the folder to me, or giving me information that leads to the return of the artwork will have a handsome reward waiting for them.

Again, most of the work I've done in my entire artistic life was in that folder. There's no monetary value to come from keeping it from me. I just want it back.

To those who've commissioned me at the convention, and online, I'm going to get back to work on the commissions as soon as possible, I've just got to get the word out on this quick while there's any sliver of chance that I'll see my work again. I'm really sorry about this, I wish I could have gotten your purchases to you sooner. If you commissioned me at the con, please sent a note and we'll work out shipping arrangements. 


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Unfortunately it would seem you've had to learn this lesson the hard way. Don't blame yourself, after all, this person broke into your car. Sadly, I'd say never leave anything valuable in your car for this reason, and if have to, make sure to hide it from view. I hope you get them back, and I also hope that the police do something about this too.