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A commissioned Spider-man peice I colored

lineart by the Fabulous :iconryanstegman:
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epic pic of my favorite "super-hero"!
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...many have talent in drawing this super're one of it !

Superhero of all age !
...he's helping everyone worldwide here :

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this is amazing

love the the colors
StarShineMB's avatar
That's pretty cool!
rockyoursocks's avatar
Man, I must have missed this one! Great coloring. Nice work with the textures and the color-scheme look very nice. Did you used a texture for the clouds?
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Great colors! How much would you charge, if interested, to color a comic cover or some sequential pages? Thank you!
kieranoats's avatar
my page rate is $100 per
gwdill's avatar
Whoa...too much for me... thanks though!
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Splendid work!

zypherion's avatar
Double thumbs up! Faved!
ginmau's avatar
Greta colors, there's a nice warmth to the pic
britbrakdown's avatar
SWEEEET! Great job dude!
matalangit's avatar
thats simply fantastic
Zwartmetaal's avatar
Nice use of light! Really good!
luvablerogue's avatar
this looks professional! really like it.
Burditt-Photography's avatar
Jeebus that's awesome!!
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fantastic stuff man

that looks great :D
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really good coloring!!!!!!!!!!!
wordmongerer's avatar
Outstanding linework made excellent by what you've done here. It's comic book without being simple and it's detailed without being excessive. What I'm basically saying is: perfect!
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Damn fine work there Kieran! :D
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Awsome color work here
moad's avatar
Fantastic use of directional light!
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