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I can't be the only one that hates when a game/book/movie does that...
No, I don't hate women and no I'm not gay, It's not about feminism or's just that it doesn't make sense for a woman to use revealing outfits in the battlefield ( especially when they aren't as physically strong as men ), I know I shouldn't be complaining about realism in something such as games/movies/books...but just look how silly that is...the same goes for men too ( Hi there, He-man. )


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Yeah I find it kind of silly too at times when it comes to realism. Don't think it's blatant sexism though, it's only bad if it's the only option (which in most cases, it's not). But even then, they're just appealing to the straight guy/gay female demographic. Nothing wrong with that.

However, the idea for sexy armor came from (what else) anime style. It then transitioned into Western culture. But one thing we seem to be ignoring is that a majority of fantasy games don't always go this route. They have conventional armor for females. One big example being Skyrim (though I can't speak for the modders... :3). Sometimes though, there are female characters who are somewhat provocative, though they aren't types that go into head-on combat. Usually its ones that are (for example) mage class (others are assassin, cleric, etc). Now even with conventional, they would still get fucked over with arrows and axes being thrown at them.

Even then, the ones that do have an option for conventional armor as well. Again, going back to Skyrim, and Dragon Age.

Now what some of these "feminists" are actually doing is not really to empower women. It's more of to degrade men. If they were practicing what they preach, they should be praising female gamers at least given the choice for both conventional and sexy armor instead of just trying to get rid of sexy armor entirely. There are plenty of female gamers who like having their characters sexualized.

If anything, we should just have the choice for both, while also putting a little realism in it.

Oh, and PS: If we're going by reality, that purple armor would have crushed him. It's too top-heavy. If we're going with realism, heavy armor should be a topic worth talking about.