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Over Water YCH

What started as an idea for a quick & cheap YCH, turned into a detailed fur physics experiment, turned into not a quick & cheap YCH.


A few notes:

- No time/slot limit, if I have enough of it I'll close it and make it clear.
- Regardless of base species, I'll take just about any character that can be worked into the lines. Please send your reference first so I see that it is acceptable. Different species/anthro characters can be adapted into the lineart as well.

- Payment accepted in DA points or Paypal.
- Once you get your gif/images you can do whatever you like with them (show them to your friends, stick them in a video, post them, ... )
- Don't claim you made the art. However, credit is appreciated but not required.
- Unless I say otherwise at the start your YCH should be done in under a week.
***** This one's new: - If you say you'll get it in X amount of time I'll follow up after that time. It's not to pressure you, it's for my schedule (it's fine to change your mind!).

YCH (60 USD) *repriced as of 1/15/2022
Point payment link
- Your character is drawn in to the lines.
- Within reason, the lineart can be modified and extra features can be added (Longer claws, scars, jewelry, ... ). UNreasonable modifications would involve getting rid of and redoing significant chunks of what exists (like giving them legs of a different species every frame).
- You pick any color(s) you like for the water (red, white, rainbow, ...). All other effects will be color adjusted accordingly.
- You get a full + medium + thumbnail size gif with the animation + a png of every frame.


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hello!! I'd like to see if my character would be okay for this YCH!! I'm not able to get it immediately but I will in the next month hopefully : ] here's the link:

some notes: the freckles can be simplified/reduced in number to make it more animation friendly!! also, would it be possible for there to be a full moon/stars reflected in the water?