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COMPLETE YCH - Limeheart

Complete YCH for Slimeology . Thank you!

Base by me, check it out if you're interested.
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This is stunning! I'm mesmerised.

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Ahh, thank you so much! c:

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it's look difficult to do in this angle. o-o coool

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Hey, thanks!

Wacky angles are fun.

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yea wacky angles are fun!

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amazing job dude
on an unrelated note do your high school grades or marks matter when trying to apply for an animation school
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Hmm.. most likely, yes? I'm not sure of the specifics about how the higher education system works for you in Iran, but here in the US as well as other places I know grades are definitely considered.

If you're concerned about how grades affect your chances of getting into a specific school,

do some research-

What are the average grades of the people who did get in?

Of those who apply, what percentage of people get in, in general?

Other than grades, what else is considered that you can work on to improve your chances?

Looking at statistics as well as what people looking at applications like to see can help you a fair deal.

Personally I came out of high school with pretty bad grades but still got into a pretty decent college thanks to other qualifications (Studied like hell for this test called the ACT here).

Does that help?

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the way the education system in Iran works is you have three years of high school and in the final year you have a an exam to get your diploma and a test a month later witch determines witch colleges you can get into
and the way your graded is on a score of 1-20
now I'm currently 16 and in the 11th grade and would like to go to sheridan which is in Canada. according to their site your GPA has to between 75 to 80 percent and last year i got a 17 on my finals so do i qualify.but then we have a bunch of curriculum's or studies which are pretty useless like arabic and religious studies and a bunch of other useless stuff so for someone like me do they measure my GPA based on my primary lessons like math and physics
and junk
from what I've looked up about people who got accepted in Sheridan they all talk about their resume of artistic work like thier animations and storyboards and stuff like that and really don't talk about what grade you should get to get accepted so im guessing that has a bigger priority for who gets in
do the ACT and  the sat's function the same way our test does?
do your test scores matter more than you grades in high school?
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Hmm, I see..

17/20 is 85% so if that's how it works then I think you're good.

The "useless" studies are part of your grade, and therefore should count too.. though since you're going for a specific field of study, there may be more emphasis placed on your art-related grades.

A portfolio/"resume" is something you want to have, for sure. I don't know the exact requirements of Sheridan but there's a good chance they'll want to see your work. I had to make a portfolio before, too.

The advice I'll pass on to you is this- you definitely want to pick and choose the best of your works, but you also want some breadth. A good variety in your portfolio shows you can take on different challenges.

To be honest though, keep in mind that art is just naturally more interesting to talk about than grades. Everyone does their best with grades and gets what they get. Ultimately you just wanna give it all you got.

I'm not sure what's the most important thing, honestly. From my experience the grades and ACT seemed on a similar level. I dunno if the ACT is equivalent to your test.

Sorry I don't know tons about this, I never tried applying for a school outside the US to be honest.

If you want someone really knowledgeable, you could try getting in contact with an adviser from that school.

I think this is the right page? You can find some phone numbers and an email on the bottom here. If not maybe they'll be kind enough to direct you to whoever is the right person to talk to.

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Thank you! c:

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Suuuuper dynamic! 

This is NOT an easy angle, so great job!
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Thank you!

Appreciate hearing it. c:

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So smooth! And I really like the angle, I don't often see animations like this. 
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Aww, thank you so much. c:

I like doing wacky angles, hahah.

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wow amazing work! : D

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This gif is smoother than a babies bottom. Nice job!

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Awesome! It's so smooth *_*

And dat angle though! You did an incredible job with this piece!

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Thank you so much!

Really appreciate it. c:

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