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Published: August 23, 2004
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God of all things, heaven and earth
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[..I'm not that good.. & I'm not that bad..  I'm not perfect..  that is why He is here..  to help..  'cause He is the only perfect..]
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CrownedDracuStudent Traditional Artist
the higher being.
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-CHristian kid I know
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its amazing coulndnt have put it in a better image 
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ojiekinsProfessional Filmographer
wow AMEN
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Religion. Some side effects may include: Ignorance, Sheep Syndrome, Chronic Gullibility and death followed by nothing.
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oh shit... i've already been here XD lol
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KoesamaHobbyist General Artist
love it to pieces!
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NaesthielHobbyist General Artist
A watchful guardian :) Beautiful image!
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BlueMoonScorpioHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love God.
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Good work, one who is All, all that is one. ,a Person, the mass, a spec, the universe.
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Religion. Some side effects may include: Ignorance, Sheep Syndrome, Chronic Gullibility and death followed by nothing.
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After--LifeStudent Digital Artist
Isn't that supposed to be for the non-religious part mostly?
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Do I really have to say yes to that? Kinda the point don't you think? I just point out the flaws in religion (which is all about flaws).
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After--LifeStudent Digital Artist
It's not religion. People just blame religion for all the problems in their world. If there was no such thing as religion, these problems will still exist, and people will just blame it on something else.

Religion is just an excuse for the world's problems, that most Atheist claim.

Religion is actually there to do the complete opposite, to stop these problems and world issues.
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ojiekinsProfessional Filmographer
you are right :)
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After--LifeStudent Digital Artist
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That is half true... it is true that man will just find a scapegoat no matter what, religion or not, but religion still causes a lot of harm in this world (mostly through ignorance, stupidity and brainwashing) and without a doubt the world would be a better place without it.

That is also true to some extent, people use religion as an excuse but doesn't that only justify even more so what I say? that the world would be better off without religion? it kinda does...

Yup, but it failed, thanks to the boundless ignorance and stupidity that is man. but ending religion would go a long way towards a goal of improving mankind as a whole.

Perfection is impossible... but improving isn't and killing off all religions would greatly improve the world.
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After--LifeStudent Digital Artist
That is just an opinion. I, and billions of others actually think that religion is the only solution to the problems in this world.

Religion does more good than bad in this world.

There are always ignorant selfish people in this world, whether there will be religion or not. Religion is basically your belief in a state of mind and soul, and it teaches you to love, be non-violent, etc etc.

ANY religion, that does not teach any basic fundamentals of human characteristics, is no religion at all.
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Then my dear sir you are incorrect, unless we speak of an ideal and not religion... unity is where the answer lies, and it can be achieved through lies and brainwashing (like religion and politic) but why is such a thing even needed in the first place? because people are idiots, that is why, rid the world of all ignorance, its really that "simple".

LOL? You really are an idiot... you really need to read some history books and get some facts straight you bleeding moron!

“Religion has caused more harm than any other idea since the beginning of time. There's nothing good I can say about it. People use it as a crutch.”

Just a few I can think of:
- The religious wars in Europe
- The war in the Balkans in the 1990′s
- The Rwandan genocide
- The Holocaust
- The Crusades
- Most of the deaths under the Black Plague (believing they could just prey to save them instead of doing something about it)
and there are a million more examples, more people have died in the name of religion than anything else! you sir are an ignorant bigot! blind by religion, the very thing that you so feebly try to defend.

Religion breeds ignorance so and 80% of the world believes in some kind of god(s)... so yeah... most people are selfish and ignorant (and stupid), and don't tell me you religious fucktards aren't selfish because you are! you only do "good" because you idiots thinks/hopes that you'll be rewarded after you die, you people sicken me! you are a disgrace to the human race!

So that is why they are all like "omg my religion is better than yours because i'm just as much of an idiot as you are!" i see... makes sense...
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After--LifeStudent Digital Artist
You can go ahead and state your opinion. I am still firm in my belief, and so are the '80%' of the people in the world who share my opinion.

There will be a day in this world when the Earth will have complete harmony, and people like you will not exist at all.
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Akuma-TheRedTyphoonHobbyist Interface Designer
This is brilliant, I love it.
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