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My myo I got from the last MYO shop, I was fortunate to get it. I've had this boy planned for a while. I struggle with colouring his wings, spending hours trying to get it how I wanted to in my head. It still isn't exactly how I wanted but I'll just practice more I guess.
I will draw up a reference for him without his hood later, but for now I kinda need a break from him, his darker colour scheme is something I'm not used to working with, drove me a bit crazy. 
So who is this boy?
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Amadeus's Notes
black  F2U pixel dot Current name: Tristram of the dark wings
black  F2U pixel dot Birth name: Unknown
black  F2U pixel dot Blessing: Wedge Tail Eagle
black  F2U pixel dot Rarity: Common
black  F2U pixel dot Birthplace: Unknown
black  F2U pixel dot Previous affiliation: Assassin/Thief of Verletzen
black  F2U pixel dot Current residence: My home???
black  F2U pixel dot Crime: Stole a book on ancient spells
black  F2U pixel dot Extra notes: Is somewhat illiterate
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You cannot make an Annie unless you have an myo slot
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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara kieh, i honestly am loving getting to see your art so much~! :heart:
this boy is beautiful!
i hope to see more development with him!
will he and chae know one another?
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Thank you always for your kind words!
Yus! He will know Chaelyn!
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Thank you Aspin <3