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A common MYO I 'murchased'. First girl Annie I designed too! + round 2 attempt at water.
Heart Sheep bullet 
Blessing: Romney lamb
Rarity: Common
Eyes: common round.

Tama is the daughter of a boisterous shark man and a loving healer . She loves floofy things. More to add later if I remember lol.
:eyes: revamp 

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Her outfit is so adorable! I really adore all the pieces of wool and the scrunchies. She's super pretty.
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Thank you! I tried to get the wooly bits real fluffy looking!
b-Eggot's avatar
They do,, I want to protect her cuz she's so cute ToT
softely's avatar
she's so adorable kieh!! ;o;
i looove simple designs so i adore her outfit so much!
she looks so soft and fluffy and cuddly 
drawnwithlove's avatar
so adorable!!!! <3 love her soft and cute look!
Milavana's avatar
Aww she's really adorable!!
Love all the fluffy parts of her outfit and the way you colored the water looks really good!!
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara kieh~!
she is just so cute! :heart:
i love her sweet expression!
her outfit looks so comfy!
Kiehran's avatar
Thank you Tippi! I tried to match her cuteness with her 'sisters' (ohohoho)
and yus comfiness is very important to her!
shelselle's avatar
omg kieh shes so CUTE (;*△*; ) <333 a lil LAMB!!
Kiehran's avatar
Thank you Shel! And YUS LIL LAMB!
white lamb love 
Aspintacular's avatar
I love her! And the water looks so good!!
Kiehran's avatar
Epp! I love her too! 
Gotta practice water more! Make it more splashy! (ง'̀-‘́)ง
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Awww she is so adorable I wanna hug her! Such a fluffy babe! Also the composition looks really dynamic!
Avi Commish - CapnSarah by Renciel Spinning Heart Pixel F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
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Hugging her would be like hugging a fluffy cozy blanket! X'D
and thank you!
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The flow of water is really well made!!!
She is so floofy and cute!!! 
Adorbs face as well (/////)
Kiehran's avatar
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