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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2009, 2:37 PM
Hey there, something to mention: With my "maskworld" I catched my fist DD ... thats a GREAT thing! :)
I want to thank all of you guys that gave me a watch in the last days, you are great and I hope I will be able to enrich your deviation watch-boxes with some stuff you like. ;)

The other thing is that I did create one of this great "new" portfolio pages that DA offers now.
So check it out:

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  • Reading: your thoughts
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  • Playing: with my son
Hey all. This is my second DA account. So dont wonder, if you think you saw some of my art before. Sadly its not possible to just change a username. My former username was "da-K". I have the plan to get me some free time to create me a website, and i think its important that the DA-adress and my personal fit together.
So far so good. But here in good old Germany is one of our biggest health insurance funds  called "DAK". So nobody whould ever be able to find me through searching the net.  I wont go on, writing all the reason, why i choose to switch to a new account, but that one was the most important.

I hope some of u great guys, that supportet me here before, did find their way to this new site.

So, everyone ... FELL FREE TO STEP IN, look around a bit, sit down for a while if you want and take a cup of coffe.
I hope u feel comfortable and always appreciate your feedback.
  • Listening to: very loud music, becouse of beeing alone ;)
  • Reading: your thoughts
  • Watching: out of the window
  • Playing: with my son
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