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The BIG question is "To edit or not to edit" unsure or confident, bad or good, worth the time or a waste of time, quantity or quality. Do I need to edit my photos? Are they worth editing? Do I believe in and stand by my work?

If this monologue has played in your head the answer is a big fat ""YEESS!!! Edit Your Work. It's worth it. Your Worth It.""

I used to post pictures without giving them any real attention, I didn't think they were worth all the time and effort. I thought it would be better to unload hundreds of pictures and if I were good at taking pictures I'd get likes.

Kicking myself in the ass I revamped my approach and enjoy my own work so much more now that I give them more and more respect and spend time letting them tell me what they want to be. (I know, "corny" right?)

Thought I'd share my feelings on the matter of editing. I made a movie showing the before and afters of this whole batch of photos. You can watch it here -

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I have discussed with one artist on DA, who is proud to never edit her (usually black and white) photographs and actually, she is often doing really nice pictures. Some people also say that editing pictures is not natural (not conform to reality), but there is actually nothing conform to "reality". However I disagree with them. After all what is reality? At best, unedited pictures can be considered as conform to the inter-subjective visual representation of humans, as different animal species have quite different kinds of color vision (when they have color vision). So, for me, there is nothing wrong or unnatural in editing photographs. This is a creative work I really enjoy. Edited photographs are some kind of products of the interaction between the object and the observer, if the artist projects his/her inner feeling on the image in editing it. There is also an infinite number of ways to edit a photograph. This experimental aspect is something I really enjoy. I always try to find new ideas and tricks for editing pictures. In the most extreme cases, it is even possible to create an artistically interesting picture in editing a bad photograph. So, yes, let's edit our photographs, let's be creative.

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I hear you. After the 5th or 6th documentary following camera persons around the world and they ALL edit their photos, I stopped listening to classicists. All pro video is color corrected as well. Fundamentals are important, but genuflecting to tradition is not what art is about. Watch and learn from the forerunners who push the envelope of a field and the giants from history that give us the wellspring of known knowns.

Mozart was told he had... "too many notes"... in his music. I say approach all endeavours like Mozart in a modern studio with all the wondrous modern tools at his disposal. He would produce the craziest stuff we couldn't imagine. So yeah, let's get out there, kick ass and do our friggin' best!!!!!!!!

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Yep! I respect classicists, but that's not my style. As you say, we should use all the tools available to us. I would also say that taking pictures is only half of the fun. The other half of the fun is editing them. And I feel more the artistic vibe in editing pictures than in taking photographs.

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True photo or video captures are just the materials we're going to use to tell the story we want to tell.