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sketchy : Twisted Love

Didn't quite make it...
I started to draw this about a couple hours ago when I noticed my pageviews were growing closer to the 100,000 mark... then I got hungry half way through inking and it past the mark while I finished inking and eating.

A Dark Knight version of Mad Love...

(I feel that I must say that this pic should not imply that Harley will appear in The Dark Knight)

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love all your joker and harley work
def would like this as a tattoo
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This is amazing. You're seriously talented!

And I'm going to note, I'm currently using this piece as my display picture on my omgpop profile. :)

Well, Optronyx colored version. :)

Mad kudos to you, sir. Hats off.
7disney7's avatar
i love how you used the heath ledger joker look!
KidNotorious's avatar
This was actually a practice piece because I thought I would be drawing a lot of him in the theater when the movie came out.
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Just so you know, I got your shit inked on me. Good work.

rachelkpoulain's avatar
Oh my God. Wow. That's epic.
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That picture shows it a bit scrunched up, it's almost perfect to your drawing in the flesh (as it were)..

Keep on drawing the awesome pictures dude =)
rachelkpoulain's avatar
May I have your permission to get this as a tattoo someday?
KidNotorious's avatar
May I see a picture after it's done?
LuzifersChoice's avatar
I'm not a big Fan of Heath ledger as Joker, nor that a big fan of Harley..
But your picture is just love <:
Had to fave it !
Sidtheodd1's avatar
Love it! I've seen many Harley Quinn and TDK Joker drawings, but this one rocks. :)
KidNotorious's avatar
Honestly, this was just a practice piece.
Sidtheodd1's avatar
You're welcome - it's still awesome. :love: I would like to color it, but my coloring skills are still set at "beginner". :)
KidNotorious's avatar
I'd still like to see!
Note me if you take a crack at it.
Sidtheodd1's avatar
Thanks! I might, once I have some time. :)
Hey I'm so loving this,

is it ok with you if I used this as an inspiration for one of my newest art??
KidNotorious's avatar
Okay... just don't copy.
WhysoSeriousHahAHAhA's avatar
What kinda pen/marker do you use to get that AWESOME detail!?
omg im speechless ....this is like so coool
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