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sketchy : Mr.Freeze

I see Mr.Freeze as a frost bitten should-be-a-corpse in a refrigerated life support suit.
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Colored this. Lemme know what you think.
Out of all the Batman villains, Mr. freeze is one of my top ones. Right after the Joker.
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good job ...
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My favorite pic of my favorite Bat villain. Nice work!
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dude! could get aq try and do a coloring rendition of this... you have a lotta art... but I always liked mr. freeze from the show... he's just mis-understood! like us!! lol!! like freezing a coulpa of guards will criminalize the man!! :) X)
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would like to color this too.
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Go for it!
and be sure to tell me when you're done.
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I've coloured this too [link] hope ya like it.
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I like your description of him...And I think you illustrated it very well. He looks creepily cadaverous.
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Great Mr.. Freeze a bit comic nd animated
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I love Mike Mignola's design from the animated series.
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My fav DC villain, awesome work!
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You're style is awesome my friend. Nice Freeze
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The ice man cometh
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[Governor of California not included]
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Freaken sweet! I really really liked him in the BATMAN animated series.
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Nice interpretation, i like. :]
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That's frickin' sweet man!
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Wow that is REALLY sweet. Definately has that mad scientist look about him. :)

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My 2nd all time favorite Bat villan!! Freeze from the Batman: TAS was one of the best tragic heroes in cartoons. :nod:
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