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Sombody's gotta do it

A drawing of a good friend of mine and the person who inspired me to make a color version of my Rock Star Wonder Woman which was the first step in helping me out of my recent art block.

Thistle knocked out some amazing colors on this one!

Lines by me, AWESOME COLORS BY :iconcopperthistle:
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Actually this is a picture of a friend of mine, but I like the fact that a lot of people think it's Cassandra.
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I love this picture. Great job. :-)
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i like the coloring of this one too!
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:clap: :clap: :bow: soooooo cooooooollllllll
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Awesome! looks lovely^^
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i lover her earrings
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J'adore Batman :heart:

and she is pretty (;
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This is sweet. You got a great sense of reflection. nice work.
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friiiiiiiiiiiggin awesome
love the lighting
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Nice :D
Who said that hero must be man?
Batman is a woman xD
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Whoa, when i first saw this in your front page, it was still loading the bottom half, and when it finished and saw the batman shirt come out, I was just "wow that was awesome".
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You realize you both (well, really, all three of ya), win at life now, right? :thumbsup:
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Dude, this is sort of crazy how many views this has gotten so far!
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Your friend did some great colours and shadows. Were you blown away when you seen your piece like this?
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