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Snapshots 1

A few candid photos.
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Happy Harley, Pouty Harley, Little Psycho Mess, Sarcy Harley Etc etc...
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nice i love it :giggle:
KidNotorious's avatar
I'm glad you like it!
eleskimo's avatar
This is soooo good, I love it :)
Fandre77's avatar
CloudZlight's avatar
Great job! Love the facial expressions! XD
SpectorKnight's avatar
Very funny. And a great range of expressions. I wish I could draw faces like this.
JazzySatinDoll's avatar
Oh so very cool and very Harley :D
ikka-nosferatu's avatar
Heheh, awesome. XD
Xiao-Fury's avatar
harley's really hilarious if only she weren't so evil!
greenapplealexa's avatar
I love how different and unique the facial expressions are. It's really radical that you can come up with so many.
InAbsentia's avatar
I really love the way you draw Harley. Really. And you are just plain masterful with facial expressions. She looks like she did these in a photobooth.
KidNotorious's avatar
Cool! that was kinda the idea... one of these day's I'm gonna have to do more.
InAbsentia's avatar
:) Well you definitely achieved your goal. I've always loved the "photobooth style" expression captures. They are utterly candid, even when you're posing, because it takes shot of life-as-it's-happening. There's no better or more fun way of working out a character's face and range of expression than that.

You should totally do more! You can always do something just a little different with each shot, whether you're only changing the line of the mouth or the slant of a brow, or what have you. :) It's those smallest details that puts the emotion in a face.
Xiao-Fury's avatar
crazy woman lol
JdaStar's avatar
haha...I love this one!
CypherDen's avatar
Faved the two cadids of Harley. ^^
The two are just way too awesome. :D
Love the idea for this one... great job... great art... Love It!!!
tpinchuk's avatar
Charles, you've given Kevin Maguire and Adam Hughes a run for their money with these facial expressions. I think it's especially impressive that you've given Harley such a sexiness here just with her face.
ComfortLove's avatar
fantastic stuff. All around!
SManorArt's avatar
I love the middle two! So awesome!
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