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Marker: Harley Quinn

I guess this is Harley Quinn's "classic look" now.
But I don't think I'm going to stop drawing her in this costume any time soon, I still have a few more in me.
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I actually said :iconewwdisgustingplz:
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Love the expression! :D
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man,great job with the colors. she could have been a bit more menacing but then again she is more the black humor type.
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Just poi-fect! Love the playfulness in her expression, and that you drew her like a human being, not Jessica Rabbit, what with the big breasts, the big booty, and the GLAYVINFLAYVIN~
KidNotorious's avatar
I do have a affinity for the original concept of Harley and all of the Batman characters. I just don't think I have it in me to push the characters to the extremes... Sometimes it works and sometimes it just becomes a ridiculous cliche.
The last character I'd make into your run-of-the-mill super vixen is the unique wacky and tragic character the Harley Quinn started out as.
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Ooh, I love this. The style totally makes her look like a spunky little brat with that grin and tongue action. A very welcome and different take on Jokers hench wench.
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I like to think this may be a little closer to her original personality from the Batman animated series.
I've seen her drawn plenty of times in a sexy pin-up style or with a extreme dangerous look and they tend to lack the tragic & humorous side that the character started off with.
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BEAUTIFUL! I love that look of playful malice. It's a fave!!!
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I'm glad you like it!
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I pefer this look and this is really an awesome version of it.
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Harley's classic colors look a lot more vibrant now, and that psychotic expression of hers is damn near perfect. :D Something tells me a boxing glove is going to come out if that pistol. Ah, comedic violence! :XD:
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I know the wide head thing has been pointed out, but .. With it being so.. and her nose being as like boxy/square as it is.. It makes me imagine that head as how she'd look if she was you know, a bigger gal. Like a big angry lunch lady. Which to me is hilarious to think about. Ladling out sloppy-joes..

Anyway. Loving this recent batch of stuff.. Especially the way you're kind of changing your.. blending a little it seems? Or something.. The whites in this one look more like watercolors than marker.. It's gorgeous.
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lol i love her expression
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The new costume isn't great. Would love to see you draw a new design, I bet you have a great idea for how she could look.
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"classic look"? No, man. I don't know who this skank claiming to be Harley in the reboot is, but "classic" Harley is the ONLY Harley in my eyes! And you make such awesome art of her, too. Your marker work has been off the hook lately!
your the best out there man
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Looks great man. You are rocking those markers lately! The colors on this look great.
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Trying my best to get back into the swing of doing work like this after being in a funk for close to a year now.
WonderDookie's avatar
Well it looks great man! And I can't agree more about not wanting to draw that new Harley version (even though I recently did... but that was to prove a point).
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