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M.I.A Harley Quinn

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anairbxbriana's avatar
(gasps) Can I draw it? Its so beautiful!!
miremor's avatar
This picture do laugh me, very funny idea! Jajaja

(sorry for my bad english)
OmniaVanitus's avatar
If you don't mind people coloring this, then you mught consider submitting this to the :iconcolor-me-club:
LovaOfAllVincents's avatar
Gorgeous lines! I couldn't help myself...

InAbsentia's avatar
How'd I miss this one? Fixed, now.

KidNotorious's avatar
Hidden in the labyrinth that my gallery has become.
InAbsentia's avatar
Full of secrets and surprises, talking hands and goblin kings! :wow: And even better, fantastic art!! I should really get lost in here more often.
alejaregina's avatar
Ahahaha! So great! The expression is so wonderful!! (:
HalJordan4ever's avatar
Harley's such a Joker...get the pun?
KidNotorious's avatar
Huh?... Oh!..I get it!
sdkfz171's avatar
thats our Harley
tashask's avatar
Very immature, and very much like harley! Good one!
ToddMoniz's avatar
Excellent facial expression! Fits the character perfectly.
strayspoon42's avatar
pure Harley! i love it!
AzurBlueDragon's avatar
Cute and just Harley x3
theEyZmaster's avatar
'gotta love Harley :)
NekoOtaku's avatar
Such a classy lady...
QueenofPyke's avatar
I can definitely see Harles doing this! It's great. Haha
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