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Comedy and Tragedy

By KidNotorious
Drawings For Pretty Girls no.19

They go Hand&Hand.

A brilliant idea from my friend Holly aka ~myspiritswell [link]
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cool mask..

how teatro of opera

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"Yet we're LINKED, you and i! Like Comedy and Tragedy! Two sides, same coin"
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This is cool.  You should do a follow up where she's wearing the joker mask, with the batman mask crushed at her feet.
Awesome! :D

My only nit-pick is the ball between her cleavage: it would look more natural if it fell loosely on top of her right breast instead of being squeezed between the breasts; it's been giving me a physics head-ache. lolz
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Can you please specify what is "Pretty Girls no.19"?

Is this art for print?
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when u cant deside, Harley, take a third option; try drama :D
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If you can decide,why not both(mix them)?
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I suppose, I was just trying to be a smartass ^^;
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I was looking for Comedy and Tragedy masks for my English project and this came up on Google and I got really excited because it's my two favorite things combined and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL ART.
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came across this from a google search. a brilliant idea indeed, props to your friend holly.
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Very brilliant indeed~ :D
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This is a really neat idea, and well well done to boot!
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i love her expression.
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Glad you like it!
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This is great! I love the expression on Harley's face. This even got my 'I-won't-smile-at-anything' brother to crack a grin.
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