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A unexpected addition to the October Artist Spotlight at Alternate Reality Comics. I didn't find out that J.H.Williams would be visiting the shop again that month until the very day I dropped of the artwork.
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YlimaFtaB1's avatar
She looks awesome!
Zedrick775's avatar
I love Batwoman and you did a really good job with this artwork! Love the colors and looks of her and the suit.
LadySerraphym's avatar
Other than Barbara Gordon, I have never been a huge fan of the various batgirls. This is an awesome rendition though and I absolutely love it. The color palate is so complimentary. I just love it.
majin88's avatar
This is gorgeous, and I don't even READ American mainstream comics anymore!
ovalportrait's avatar
Fabulous, as always.
guardian304's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
EnemyAlpha's avatar
*BLEEPING* awesome
JobbytheHong's avatar
Wow! This might be the best Batwoman I've seen. :D
SurfTiki's avatar
And they looked at your art...LUCKY YOU!!!
It was a great signing and man you just keep doing such amazing art.
VKlee's avatar
Batgirl beyond !
BJHumphrey's avatar
GeotrixQueen's avatar
So conflicted with Batwoman. Should I like her for being essentially the female incarnation of the Bat? Or should I dislike her for playing into a similar field as Catwoman, a character I admire deeply (which is weird since I tend to hate on most female comic characters.)
BobTheEgg's avatar
Beautiful work! :D The colors are incredible! Love your style!
silvercat17's avatar
Awesome. That hair!
DamonVonBohn's avatar
that was awesome!
StJost's avatar
Oh man, this is gorgeous! Best Batwoman picture I think I've seen. Like, ever.
elKoi's avatar
Its very cool that you fused the cape and the arms, good job.
Jeananas's avatar
Ahaha a friend of mine is impatient to buy the new Batwoman :3
Great artwork
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