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Immobilized and Helpless

"You know, sometimes I like giving my girls a little slack in the ropes, let them fight a little. On the other hand, nothing like a totally helpless piece of pussy."

Jennifer groaned, knowing the truth of her captor's words: She couldn't budge an inch, and her frantic attempts only made her thick rear end jiggle enticingly. It wouldn't be long before he mounted her.

I do not own this image, it is from a fetish site.
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God I want to mount her, milk her, shove my dick in her mouth

With her butt sticking in the air like that, who can resist mounting her like an animal?


Thank you for finding and posting this image

the young lady is truly helpless , unable to move the least little bit

She is completely exposed and completely vulnerable

Every inch and every aspect of her lush fleshy frame is on display

She can do nothing to protect or defend herself And thank s to the ring gag he can not even protest or proclaim defiance

She take only "take it "

And thanks to that hellish blindfolded she won't even se it coming

I thought your text really underlined Jenifer's helplessness and really added to the picture

As an aside I think I do prefer there to be a bit of slack in the binding to allow the captive to struggle until she is forced to realize her helplessness her helplessness and the futility of resistance This conclusion would be especially de moralizing for strong willed prisoner ( like General Roberta Strock - who appeared in your excellent Prisoner of the Asylum - of course she would be compelled to resist until she was truly broken - which would make her torment all the more acute

Any way

Thank you for posting