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Kingdom Hearts:Brother complex
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Published: October 12, 2010
warning: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Character Spoiler

ahaha.... vanitas is all bloody -w-;;

tell me if you cant read the dialogue or any grammar mistake i did in it, i'll repair it as soon as i can

who do you think is the eldest brother? well some of you might think cloud or leon would be the eldest brother.... well then i'll change the question.... who do you think the eldest between them and who is the youngest?

who do you think the nobodies killed by vanitas? i cant tell cuz if i do tell you, you might kill me.....

ventus, vanitas, roxas and sora (c) Kingdom Hearts

haha i change the way i color again... just practicin other method of coloring

uhh... since vanitas is all bloody... should i put the mature content warning? comment pls ^^;
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Ven is older the Vanitas so...? Ven would be the oldest plus he was alive during the time of the Keyblade War as revealed in Unchained X making him older then Cloud or Leon frankly.

I can see Vanitas and Zack passing as brothers though as they do look somewhat similar enough to each other.
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older brothers : Ven and Vanitas
Younger brothers: Sora and Roxas
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....It's Vanitas. Him being bloody is kind of a given.
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in a other way i cloud be the oldest Vanitas the darker older brother then Ven Sora and Roxas
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IggyIggyMagic101|Hobbyist General Artist
I feel bad for Roxas XD he had to see that
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Chibi-Pix|Hobbyist Digital Artist
If there was a fanfic for this picture, I would so read it!
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i think the eldest wloud be Ventus And the Vanitas Because Vanitas whas created out of Ventus darkness then Sora And then Roxas
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IdiotsInCosplay008|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
heh :iconamericaomgplz: Ventus over there hiding behind Roxas he looks so sad or scared or something...I dunno but it just looks so sad like this----> :iconamericawhyplz: 
but Awesome work dude I just love your style of art XD
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Maybe Vanitas and Ventus are twins, and Sora and Roxas are twins...
Though...they technically all look like...clones.
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how did I get here from hetalia? :iconalfredconfusedplz:
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I really liked this! I always thought Vanitas would make a rather protective and violent older brother.
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SkyStar12|Hobbyist General Artist
BTW, isn't Vens wristband supposed to have a white border?
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SkyStar12|Hobbyist General Artist
Vanitas: Come here Rox..
Sora: Ven? Let me see! Is it something bad?
Roxas: Mommy, save me!
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omg this was so cute and funny made lol litterly XD
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n-trace|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This made my day. I love this group.
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TwistedRockStar|Student General Artist
Oh my god... XD Sora's just like "Wha?" and Roxas is just cowering behind Ventus.
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artluverperson|Student General Artist
haha I laughed until i fell of my chair!
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Sora: But Nobody is bullying me!
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Bety166|Student General Artist
Apparently the only thing standing between the nobodies and annihilation is an 's'.
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MeshaSunshine|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SwordsOfDracon|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ventus would most likely be the eldest brother because
Vanitas was created from Ven's darkness.

I think Roxas would most likely be the youngest brother
due to the fact that he was created after Sora saved Kairi
in the original and became a heartless.
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