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Characters from the game my friend is developing.
First time drawing so many people and it took me so much time. I'm still not satisfied with it though. A painful experience for me, hopefully I will be better at the layout (sigh...)
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Great color variation and distinct characterizations for each character depicted.
kkht311's avatar
Nice artwork. Great job.
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Brilliant scene! Love the movie poses, the colours, but most of all the faces. You're really good at that.
NvLdai's avatar
wow.. amazing... nice colour combination... ^^
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The piece is good interms of structure and such. I think the reason you don't like it is because the colors seem a bit off. maybe a bit too bright?
Nice work. Every thing looks amazing.

All the characters look pretty interesting. What's the game going to be called btw?
Crystal-Artist's avatar
Wow... just wow... this deserves way more views than it has.
LIL-PINK's avatar
ohh i loved this one
your characters look so cool and beautiful :o
roseopal69's avatar
i like the scary purple guy on the left 0.0
namunamu's avatar
WOAH!! i'm speechless....
Saiges's avatar
Seeing as how you are so damned popular, and as well as you being a prodigy at art-
you probably don't even check your comments any longer ;p
which honestly, if i was you, i'd do the same-
but all i can say is you make me want to give up, haha...
My goodness i could never get as good as you...

But for never drawing that many people, why hell you have done a mighty fine job!
They seem to fit in the spots you chosed for them perfectly, as well as it's just..
I wish i was just as amazing as you are :'D
Dark-Spectrum's avatar
I-I think it IS awesome!
SuperMichaelMan's avatar
wow, what wonderful work, what kind of brush did you use to color it?
kidkidkidkid's avatar
The default Photoshop brushes.
Moru-sama's avatar
who is the guy to the left with the purple stripe over his eye w/ the white hair? he's cool looking!
ElctricButrfli's avatar
I luv the colors! Excellent job!
FoolyKoolyxalchemist's avatar
i love how you color the whole piece. =D the colors work out so nicely and ....... it's shiny xD
Sora-kuro's avatar
You are an extremely talented artist. O_o I wish I was at your level, but I'll have to work for it... >_> *lazy*
Amatsu1614's avatar
i have no words!! i LOVE IT!!
could you make some tutorial? XD
meols's avatar
Wow wow wow!!! Amazing!!!
kittyphobia's avatar
I'd play it. :D This poster is pretty incredible, I also missed the red woman in the middle. XD Just.... wow.
Isikaru's avatar
The details are amazing. :D Lovely.
SephirothxIshu's avatar
I think it's amazing T.T
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