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KidKaiserX's Profile Picture
Colton Pense
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Real Name: Colton Pense

Likes: Video Games, Anime, Ladies, and Soda
Hey guys, my name is Colton, but most of my friends call me by my upcoming indie game character, Kaiser, But anyways, I am a high functioning Autistic Dude that is pretty chill, I made alot of friends here on deviantart that have some awesome talent, whether it be making comics, to making some nicely drawn OCs, I like to be the very best, just like my friends!

Also, I dunno is this worth mentioning, but I am a HUGE pervert towards chicks with tits, I don't draw them, but i do tend to favorite alot of pictures that involve anime chicks with some nice pair of knockers, but other than that, I just favorite alot of things that look cool as well.

I mentioned earlier that I am making an Upcoming indie game, and the indie game is called Kaiser and the Chaos Clockworks, A fun 2.5d Metroidvanian Platformer reminiscent to games like Super Smash Bros and Devil May Cry, as well a variety of other games i grew up with, I hope this game will be a great game of the year, just like undertale, but hopefully not the community that Undertale is known for doing...

Friends and People worth Mentioning:
My best friend, he is a sonic fan, but he has gave me some inspiration for Kaiser's Main Design, He also kind of made me prove that not all sonic fans are cringeworthy little recolors, and hes no exception, Hes a cool guy and he made some nice art from time to time...

A Polish friend of mine, He's also into rayman (Did I mention he makes some good animations from time to time)

*announcer voice* Fighting Polygon Team!~
My Deviant Friend of the Art of Doodles, and a gaming buddy on the game, Spiral Knights

A cartoon artist who happens to like the good ol shows (Like tom and Jerry)

My otaku friend from the magical land of Malaysia, Hes perverted, just like me!

A Deviant Friend who just happens to draw some really nice girls, and did I mention Tits?, Because he makes some breast pictures i can think of!

A distant friend from the magical land of Luxembourg, Europe's Rhode Island, anyways, He has a rather twisted mind, But thats what makes him likeable!

A decent pixel artist, he made my Profile Icon, so props to him!

A decent artist and my acquaintance in Game Development, He is even making an indie game himself called Project Bronze, So you should take a quick peek at his work!

A Friend of mine who can mimic the exact art style of Alex Ahad (The Main and one and only Artist for Skullgirls and the upcoming Indivisible)

she draws some rather cute stuff, so go see what she has in her gallery

:icontokketsu: Another Deviant friend which he made this awesome headshot icon of Kaiser. You should also see his work!

:iconsternschwarz: a good artist and friend who is also the artist for my upcoming project, Kaiser: The Chaos Clockworks!

:iconinnovator123: An amazing artist who used to work for Toei Animations, and his art style shows Toei written all over it!


If anyone here is a 3D model artist, i've been looking to see if anyone here is interested to become one for my team

Recruiting Character Artist/Animator and Environmental Artist

Payment Methods: Compensation is through revenue share based on how determined each members puts into this project & fulfilling their roles in the group

(1) Be able to create characters/objects that are based off 2000s era of Anime, also majority of the characters are anthro in design as well

(2) Be able to prove your skills, Portfolio or Work you have done, you will also be given a test that must be fulfilled in a week

(3) Blender is recommended

Description: The game is a 2.5D Platformer that is reminiscent to games like Kirby and Megaman, it has a complicated story The game will be done using the Unity3D Game Engine and the art style is to reflect japanese anime You will be responsible for working with other people in a similar role to create characters or environments

If you wish to talk more please add me on discord: KaiserLeospike#5001
or note me your discord name so i can add you 

Hey guys, I want to say that im more active on discord, so if you guys want to see me or to see more on my game project, feel free to join
i know this seems too early to announce, but ill be going to Texas around august 13th to help my mother with a financial problem, also to hang out with her for the whole season. I wont be back til early January, maybe before the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III to show up, which ill stream the heck out of that game when that time comes... So for now, I'm not going anywhere soon, but as usual, may your hearts be your guiding key!

Also on other news, I'm very sorry for not drawing lately, this is because i wanted to take a break from drawing and to also work on my drawing skills, mostly because after drawing my OC nonstop for so long, i am currently in a state of an art block, trying to draw something more "original" or fan art for once... I'm not going anywhere, so y'all stay calm til i post something interesting, which may be soon, who knows!
Advertising my youtube channel again, but i made a cover of Utada Hikaru's "dont think twice" aka the main theme of kingdom hearts 3 along with a help from a friend 
Happy Independence Day
Today we celebrate america, land of the free and home of the brave.... Also, To launch illegal chinese fireworks in the night sky and eat some delicious barbeque while drinking beer!

Ain't 'merica a wonderful place?, i mean besides the libtards and people with strange fetishes (*cough* deviantart *cough*) its still a wonderful place to call home!

Also, an excuse today to draw kaiser with uncle sam's hat i guess...


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Uh thanks?, but ummm, you do realize Kaiser has nothing to do with sonic right?
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I know that. I just wanted spread the word.
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Here's a petition about replacing of the Sonic comics, after they're finished with the Archie Comics series, and the freedom fighters were stay tuned by ShanahaT, and you know I'm very autistic.…
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Dude, IDW hasn't done shit to sonic yet... And i really dont care about the sonic comics anyways, i dont read them
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Wanna join?
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Inklings confirmed!!!!!

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already know, man, inklings are fighters for the switch smash bros
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