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My pal Dane just uploaded a new cartoon over on his new (but awesome) YouTube channel

Go check it out!
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Holy moly! My pal danee313  made an awesome version of the unicorn I drew! 

Check it out    Just a space unicorn- Kid Galactus by danee313 

Also check out the rest of her gallery right here-->  danee313  <- it's this one. This is how you get to it. 
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  • Playing: fast and loose with the rules
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  • Drinking: it in
Hey guys. Just letting you know I'll be tabling at Orlando's illustrious MegaConvention this weekend, along with a new book.

I'll be at Burgundy 12b. Drop by, get a sketch and engage me in a psychic battle for absolute supremacy over these sniveling humans!
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  • Watching: the gossamer strand of sanity wear ever thinner
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  • Drinking: the failures of mine enemies!

Mecha Monday!? How can this be!?

Mon Aug 30, 2010, 8:51 PM

Hey guys,

My pal Dane's drawing a different mech every Monday and what's more, he's taking requests over on his DeviantArt Journal! Stop by and check out King Kitan and Lagann and ask for a robut of your own!   :icondoomami:

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  • Eating: Motoroil. I got a gas tank for a brain
  • Drinking: See above


Thu Jun 3, 2010, 9:54 PM

Will be making a VERY brief appearance and Heroes-Con this weekend. If you're going to be there, give me a shout and I'll drop by and see you!

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  • Reading: your lips
  • Watching: out for Jack Skellington.
  • Playing: That asshole stole Christmas!
  • Eating: every dream and every care
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Wed Mar 10, 2010, 12:48 AM

Hey guys, I'll be at MegaCon this weekend (3/12-3/14)in Burgundy 15B.

Stop by and say hi, challenge me to a footrace or you know... you could buy one of my comics.

Speaking of which CLOCKJUMPERS 4 will be making its debut at that self-same show! That's right! ClockJumpers. The seminal tale of a girl and her uncle, who's a dinosaur, relationship problems and the sanctity of the one true timeline!

"But how do I know ClockJumpers is awesome?", you're saying to yourself. You're a shrewd and discerning customer.

That's why I like you.

The really good news is that you can read the previous THREE chapters of CLOCKJUMPERS for FREE, right here on the good ol' internet!…

Relive the magic all over again, for the first time!

  • Listening to: the calling of the void
  • Reading: The palms of the damned
  • Watching: you people closely
  • Playing: THIS AIN'T NO GAME!
  • Eating: steam and worries
  • Drinking: black blood of the earth
Hey y'all. I've been away for a while yet. Just wanted to let you guys know a couple of things.

ClockJumpers, yes, the seminal tale about a dinosaur, his relationship  problems and the ins and outs of his job as an officer that polices time. Yes, books 1, 2 and 3 of THAT ClockJumpers are available for purchase at INDY…

Get 'em while they're all hot... all hot and... timey.

Also, don't forget that ClockJumpers exists as a webcomic, where it can be read, FREE and CLEAR over at…

Till next we meet, you roustabouts, ya.
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  • Drinking: The fears of my enemies
I just started a sketch-blog over here:


Check it out. Bookmark it. Write it poems, just DO SOMETHING! Updated everyday and only SLIGHTLY radioactive!
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  • Reading: the bumps on your head
  • Watching: the skies
  • Playing: you all for suckers
Hey guys,

I know. Two journal entries in one year. I keep this up and I'm going to spoil you.

Anyhow. The one and only Duke of Duke town (that's me) moseyed the good mosey up to Maryland last month, to the legendary and oh so sexy SPX with his very first commercially available comic.

The show was great. Everybody there was a fucking dream and there were hills! MY GOD HILLS AS FAR AS THE EYE COULD SEE! I'm going to have a conniption just thinking about it.

SAID comic I shall make available to you, my palsies here, via this download:…

... the only caveat here, noble children, is that if you like the comic... if you like ME, then I would beseech you, dash your gallant fanny on over here and purchase the damned thing.


Also, thanks to all y'all that encouraged me to finish the thing and... you know, told me I draw'd all good and stuff.

Also, I might offer caricatures soon... also for cash money. If your interested, send me a note or leave a comment I'll get a list or something going.
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Oh snap!

over four thousand views, this calls for a journal entry... I know... it makes me feel dirty too.

It also calls for a drawing. So, drawing forthcoming!
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