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Hm... wow um......


I see a lot of people thinking that I strictly draw this thing called ecchi or whatever I haven't really heard of it but I think I got the jist of what it is actually... ew.Emoji42

Thing is, only two of my Oc's  of the 5 and others in creation have a big bust.

The rest have normal cup size reaching nowhere near DD or J G whatever... only up to A,B,C. And yes flat chested.
So here's the not so short but kinda long story :iconpapcryplz: 

In Creation on Kiddy/Kizi and Mina I was strolling around in my head and them boom. NEW CHARACTERS!

I wonder what I should do with them...
I mainly focused on the clothing and back stories and stuff because its all together in the future its going to be a Anime
( If it will be called one...)

So it was tough since those two were the most complicated characters and that the stories have a lot to them.Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1]

I made them Aliens.

Sooo... I had to think here for a moment....

I mean like I want to keep the body type and the style but, don't want to ruin the story neither the character itself because there may have to be a reason behind that and, that would mess it up and stuff like that so, i had to be careful.

I made where the more farther away they are from earth since that's the planet with like the only source of life form, the more weirder and wacky things get. (And yes Kizi/Kiddy And Mina are very far away)
So, I needed something to fit that without messing up the story or anything because I just liked it so much~~Emoji26

I looked at my options and they were horrible...Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1]

Everything else would have been aesthetically weird and mess up the style like for example giving Mina extremely long arms. She cant since she handles guns and that would really mess up the style since its Aliens and, most of the time Aliens are extremely foreign and "out of this world" so I cant just do that out of the blue.

And someone actually told me: "What about giving them really long noses"?
I thought to myself "why would I do that"? O.o I'm trying to keep a certain style here so that would look REALLY weird and make no sense and possibly ruin the story also.

So I was stuck. For Months.

I kept on thinking and thinking for days on end.... looking at a lot of different things untill I really really got stuck.

I could NOT do anything....So I looked over at some Anatomy to see for any last resorts and got nothing...
But, then I thought to myself when I looked in the mirror "what about the chest area"?

At first I was like" ew no thats discusting" and that would so totally not look pretty.
But I first glance that looked like my last resort...poop.Bunny Emoji-15 (Whistling) [V1] 
I thought about it for a couple months and started drawing it on Kizi and Mina. Well yeah, I felt better but still pretty weird.

I looked on the bright side and was like "Hey, I think looks ok now..." 
Whew~ Finally that, that's over with~ :icontuzkisweatdropplz:

I don't want to spoil too much about my Oc's so I think I'll just end it right here~Emoji32

Personally: Kiddy-Tan <333333333333Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2] :iconsaysplz:Stay Awesome Deviants!



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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Lazy,Golf nighty, Couch Potatoee, Spaztic, but most of all...lazy

Yep that's me Kiddy.

I never really wanted to get into this drawing thing untill that weird thing happened in kindergarten when I was six years old. :(

(I actually started drawing at 6 years old)

Long story short, the teacher ended up calling my mom.

Was it a good or bad call? You decide :iconsothereplz:

Ever since then I wanted to become an artist! :iconyooyayplz:

Every day for me is a whole bunch of fun with my sister!
.... Yeah she's not here .-.

I don't know what else to say...I like puppies? o.o
Nice seeing you? (I get bored easily?)


Eh, I'll think of something later. :D I love to cuddle a lot >w<~~<3


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